Shellac nails: top best designs

Photos of nail design with shellac manicure immediately make it clear: the new season will not be boring. The novelties of 2018-2019 surprisingly combine the trend for naturalness and creativity. One thing is clear – even the most demanding fashionista will choose an option that you will certainly want to try on on your nails.

Shellac or regular lacquer – what do you choose?

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Color palette

This season, colors are ruled by naturalness and naturalness, and that’s great! Discover a wonderful palette of pastel shades, combine them with each other and create incredibly delicate designs.

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Among the soft tones at the peak of popularity were the following colors:

  • powdery pink;
  • purple;
  • Gray;
  • Creme brulee;
  • beige;
  • dirty blue.

Delicate light manicure

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We’ll tell you a secret that the muted palette trend plans to remain just as popular in 2019.



It is quite capable of competing with pastel shades of khaki. It is noteworthy that it is famous for the variety of its shades.

Variations with khaki manicure

You can use all the tones from brown-green to pale sand in your stylish nail art. The tandem of olive color and metallic accents, as well as camouflage in manicure, looks especially fashionable.

However, do not think that in the list of fashion trends there was no place for juicy saturated shades. How else did you find it!

Bright colored manicure

Top colors include:

  • Orange;
  • red pear color;
  • burgundy;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • light green;
  • gold;
  • yellow.

Why shellac?

Shellac is a type of gel polish that has proven itself in the nail art market. This name has long become a household name and has been used to refer to a separate manicure technique.

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The main difference between shellac and other types of gel polishes will be the result of the final coating. It lays down more evenly and thinner, and the process of removing varnish is faster. It is also noteworthy that the nail plate remains intact and intact.

Perfectly smooth varnish surface

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Shellac boasts several other advantages:

  • it is hypoallergenic;
  • characterized by perfect pigmentation, which provides a clean and juicy shade on the nails;
  • distributing it over the nail plate is a pleasure;
  • he does not require the use of an oxygen primer, respectively, the nails are much less dry;
  • shellac is an ambulance for brittle and weakened nails;
  • and, finally, the excellent durability of the coating cannot but rejoice – it reaches 3 weeks.

Permanent and flawless shellac manicure

Well, are you ready to be inspired by the photo works of famous masters using shellac? Then rather study our selection of the most trendy ideas for such a manicure!

Options for short nails

Fashion trends of the season 2018-2019 prefer short nails of natural length. This trend is definitely in the hands of many fashionistas, because this length is very practical, neat and comfortable. We offer readers design ideas in different styles. Get inspired and embody them on your nails!

  • Winter is a great occasion to create a warm and cozy design. On a short length, typical tones for this time of year will look great – blue, white, red, green and blue.

New Year’s manicure for short nails

If you add miniature drawings with symbols of the New Year (Christmas tree, toys, Santa Claus, deer), you can already create a sense of celebration. Cute winter patterns in red and white would also be appropriate.


  • Shellac manicure on short nails welcomes the presence of rhinestones, but with one condition: they must be medium-sized and used in moderation. The addition of the pattern with shiny stones on 1-2 nails looks great.

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  • Sensual red color will create the basis for a spectacular manicure. The main trump card of this shade is that it goes well with various techniques and decor.

Various design of red manicure

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  • Mirror manicure with a hint of futurism is beautiful on short nails in trendy metallic shades.

In addition to the fact that this effect is ultra-stylish, it contributes to the visual lengthening of the nail plates.

  • Shellac and French manicure are the perfect pair. With such a light and even coating, you can create many beautiful designs that look elegant on short nails. A great idea would be not only a classic jacket in beige and white, but also the use of bold colors – red, pink, black or blue.

Delicate classic french

  • Bold combinations are also welcome in the moon manicure. Play not only with colors, but also with textures. This is easy to do with combinations of gloss and matte top, as well as using powder, shimmer or metallic. Also, a combination with the “negative space” technique will be a fashionable chip.

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  • To achieve the depth of color and interesting manicure, you can use the “cat’s eye” technique, which looks harmonious on nails of any length. Try a trendy combination of this design with stained glass lacquer.

Manicure in the technique of “cat’s eye”

  • Matte manicure for short nails is easy to do with shellac. Such a cozy nail art can be supplemented with craquelure using foil and get a spectacular design. Also popular is the combination of a velvet top with rhinestones, sparkles, acrylic powder and adhesive tape.

Delicate matte manicure

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Note! All of the listed manicure options will look no less wonderful and longer on the nails.


Medium and long nails for beautiful designs

The embodiment of these ideas looks best on spectacular medium or long nails.

Beautiful shellac manicure

  • Your nail length allows you to create incredible designs using lace motifs. Very feminine and elegant!

Lace motifs

  • Create a truly luxurious nail art under the power of liquid stones. This novelty looks amazing on long nails. For framing rubies, emeralds and sapphires, foil casting is now relevant. You can not worry about the durability of nail art – when compared with the same rhinestones, liquid stones surpass them in durability.

  • Shellac on medium or long nails can be done with traditional autumn patterns – leaves, raindrops and even whole thematic landscapes. The classic colors for such a manicure are cozy shades of brown, orange and yellow with splashes of…

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