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Shoe trend 2020 that isn’t to everyone’s taste: the square toe

It seems that anything can be fashionable. Incredible things in the most unusual performance become popular, albeit not always for a long time. Fashion doesn’t like to cut corners and stay in the middle for too long, so don’t be surprised that the square nose is back in style.

square toe shoes

Why is it trendy

High thin stilettos are replaced by ballet shoes and sneakers, a long and narrow nose is forgotten, and something else comes to replace it. Square-toe shoes are back on the runway now, a trend that last hit the spot in the 1990s and is now making a comeback.

However, he was popular much earlier – back in the sixties, girls wore such shoes, but only with low heels. If we turn to the history of fashion, we can find that such a nose was popular in the first half of the 19th century. It seems that this fashion trend will return more than once.

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Heel height

The low heel of the sixties still remained forgotten. Now in the new collections you can see a variety of shoes. For example, the Italian brand Bottega Veneta introduced a very wide square toe that goes well with an elegant, thin mid-heel.

square toe shoes

Some designers preferred models with a platform or with an original sole. Virtually no one returned to low heels, but otherwise opinions were divided. Some brands opted for elegant stilettos, while others preferred heavy, often curved and almost rough heels.

rough heels

It is possible that most designers associate this style with punk or rocker shoes rather than with something elegant. Looking at these shoes, you might think that they were definitely not inspired by those models that were once worn by ordinary women. No, these shoes would rather appeal to outrageous stars of the 60s.

curved heels

In some places, the design still went the other way. For example, on the catwalks you can see very strict ballet flats, which are more likely to remind you of school, and not of high fashion.

square toe ballet flats

What to wear

If you do not want to repeat the style of the sixties or nineties, then it is better to wear something neutral. Classic jeans and T-shirts, a trouser suit or long skirts are also suitable for the ensemble.

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retro wardrobe

However, many people love retro style – so why not try to repeat the fashion of some era? Fortunately, in the new collections of fashion designers there are many things that perfectly complement or correct the image.

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