Shoes and dress: fashionable images for autumn 2020

In this article, we break down information on what shoes to wear with dresses in the fall of 2020. Meet stylish win-win combinations for all occasions!

Stylish tandems


The classic formula with a knitted dress in the lead role is its combination with stocking boots or over the knee boots. Girls who are used to looking seductive and spectacular can sleep peacefully – such a tandem is invariably in trend. True, in order for it to acquire a modern interpretation, it makes sense to bet on a loose short dress and match it with an elongated coat – such a contrast in length looks very interesting.

Midi-length jerseys reveal themselves perfectly and in combination with high boots. Ideally, if the dress at the same time has a vertical cut, which does not allow you to hide the beauty of the shoes. The best option for outerwear in such an elegant stylish bow is a classic coat.

Straight and concise knitted dresses in the 2020 season can make friends even with an inflated jacket or an oversized down jacket. The most daring fashionistas will complement the existing ensemble with square-heeled ankle boots. If classic and predictable combinations are closer to you, bet on lace-up boots.

With voluminous sleeves

Modern fashion trends are still not indifferent to accent sleeves. Only if in the summer such a decorative technique appeared on tops and blouses, by autumn it gradually moved to dresses.

If your wardrobe has such a novelty with moderately voluminous sleeves, combine it with rough boots – such an unobvious union will look very interesting. Let’s tell a secret that such a tandem is the most fashionable embodiment of the autumn game of contrasts!

If you hope that such a dress will slim the silhouette and adjust the figure, use an army of stylistic tricks. For example, focus on the waist to balance the silhouette. You can also choose tights and heels in the same color to look even taller and fit.

Does the dress with accent sleeves come in a short length? In this case, do not miss the opportunity to try it on in combination with over the knee boots or other high boots! A sheepskin coat or a raincoat from outerwear is perfect for such duets.


The shirt dress is so comfortable and versatile that it has been an absolute favorite of many fashionistas for many years. This style is famous for its excellent practicality, so it can easily make friends with various models of shoes.

Since the cut of the shirt hints at a sporty style, it can look organic in combination with rough boots or sneakers.

If a fashionista decides to add elegance and femininity to a shirt dress, she can complete the look with high boots or heeled ankle boots.

Does the soul require more extraordinary combinations? In this case, complement the shirt dress with cowboy boots – it will turn out very cool!


Many readers are also interested in what shoes to wear with short dresses in the fall of 2020, because with the advent of cold weather, flirty and feminine outfits should not go into the shadows. When the weather is favorable, you can put into practice an interesting tandem – a combination of a short dress with printed tights and flat shoes. For example, a dark translucent nylon with polka dots will look cool with rough boots.

In general, a short dress in combination with stilettos can look vulgar, so women of fashion prefer to choose a deliberately rough pair for this look. For example, models with tractor soles, sneakers, rubber boots, lace-up boots, voluminous over the knee boots or ankle boots with a square cape can be an excellent option.

A short dress looks great in a duet with various trendy boots. A win-win option for outerwear in this case is a leather jacket or a sheepskin coat.

If your outfit emphasizes elements of boho style, you can complement it with appropriate shoes. For example, a short dress with the indicated mood (for example, an outfit with a floral or ethnic print) will look spectacular in a duet with Cossacks or cowboy boots. Such images are perfectly complemented by a denim or suede sheepskin coat, as well as ethno-style jewelry.

Ankle boots promise to look advantageous with a short dress. However, stylists emphasize that loose styles are best combined with such shoes. For example, a fashionista’s choice may fall on an A-line, a-line, a knitted tunic, a hoodie dress, an oversized model, or a style with a high waistline.

midi length

Another important question on the agenda is what shoes to wear with midi length dresses in autumn 2020? If you are in an elegant and sophisticated mood today, you can complement this outfit with high heeled boots – this is a classic duet that always looks advantageous. Do you want to look taller and slimmer in such a bow? In this case, keep the monochrome technique when compiling the image.

When creating a winning outfit, you can also draw inspiration from trendy shows. For example, Versace stylists in the 2020 season suggest combining a midi dress with a tight silhouette along with chunky-soled ankle boots and a miniature handbag. If at the same time the choice falls on a trendy black dress, you can complement it with accessories with golden details – we are sure you will like the created effect!

The midi length in theory and in practice also goes well with low boots, ankle boots or ankle boots. Only if you do not want such combinations to visually “cut” the silhouette, you can choose tights to match the shoes, thereby creating a color vertical.

Non-obvious tandems with Cossacks also deserve your attention in the fall of 2020!


We also offer to figure out what kind of shoes it is customary to wear long dresses in the fall of 2020. Stylists suggest that the height of a fashionista will be the decisive factor in choosing. That is, stately and tall beauties can afford low-speed shoes. Depending on the style of the outfit, the choice may fall on loafers, boots, ankle boots or sneakers. By the way, the latter look the coolest in a duet with flying long dresses with a slit or wrap, as well as with printed models.

For girls with a short stature or a full figure, stylists recommend choosing a model of shoes with heels to visually lengthen the silhouette. For example, boots with steady heels, which effectively hide behind the hem of the outfit, will be a win-win option. Ankle boots or short boots with a high instep are also great.

Sundress dresses

We just cannot fail to mention the real must-have of autumn 2020 – leather, tweed and denim dresses, which, with the help of fashionistas, turn into full-fledged sundresses and are combined with various bottom options.

For example, a classic technique is the selection of a black turtleneck …

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