Shoes for autumn 2019: trends and novelties

Autumn is on its way and it’s time to start getting acquainted with the latest fashion trends of 2019, not only in the clothing segment, but also in women’s shoes. Therefore, further in the article we will talk about those models of shoes, boots and boots that will be especially in demand in the coming season.


Fresh trends

At the latest shows, designers presented a variety of shoe models, among which the following products will be the most popular.

  • Military style. Rough shoes with massive soles are back in fashion. Basically, these are bulky lace-up boots made of matte or patent leather.

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As for the decor, the spotted print characteristic of this style direction, as well as voluminous patch pockets, are now welcome.

  • Animal embossed. Animal coloring has long been a trend that wanders from season to season.

This fall, shoes will be relevant not only with spotted or striped coloring, but also with embossing that repeats the natural texture of the skin. The colors of such products can be different, ranging from natural colors to acid palettes.

  • With fur trim. If earlier this design was characteristic only of winter shoes, now it is also used as a finish for autumn shoes and boots.

Moreover, fur can be present on the product, both in the form of a small decor, and as the main material.

  • In masculine style. Shoes borrowed from the men’s wardrobe are the novelty of the latest shows.

According to the designers, it is rough derbies, cowboy boots and oxfords that will become an integral part of a stylish women’s bow.

  • Combined. The peculiarity of such shoes is that for the manufacture of one pair several different materials are used at once, which differ in color, texture and method of manufacture.

Both classic combinations of leather and suede, and combinations with textiles, plastic or silicone are welcome.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Stylists recommend paying special attention to the styles of shoes, decorated in patchwork technique.[/stextbox]

  • WITH trapezoidal heel. Models in which the heel goes down to expand look very stylish and catchy. In addition, such shoes are comfortable and do not cause discomfort, which is very important in the rainy season.

  • In a cell. The checkered print gradually moved from clothing to the segment of women’s shoes. As for the cell itself, the usual plaid, “goose foot” and other varieties of this pattern are allowed.

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This also applies to colors. In the autumn wardrobe, shoes will be appropriate not only in black and white, but also in brighter color combinations.

  • With buckles. If earlier this accessory performed more of a practical function, now it is a fashionable decor that can be present on one model in unlimited quantities.

  • With chains. The top of the fashion trends of the upcoming season was taken by rather brutal shoes with chains. The jewelry itself can be small, rough, multi-layered, and even with pendants that, in size, reach almost to the floor.

  • With feathers. Another informal trend that is actively gaining popularity. Feathers in shoes can be present, both in the form of a small decor, and completely cover the entire product. Colors can also be different, ranging from black or beige to freaky acid ensembles.

  • With a narrow toe. Shoes with an elongated narrow toe are the undisputed leader. Moreover, the style and style may be different.

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Both basic duets with square heels or stilettos are allowed, as well as more unusual options in cowboy, masculine and even military style.

  • Platform. At the same time comfortable and at the same time stylish shoes, which have long been preferred by women of all ages.

This year, the designers delighted fashionistas and offered them not only models with a wedge or heeled platform, but also with a solid, even sole, which can vary in height from 4 cm to 11 and even higher.

  • Bright colors. Multicolored shoes are a must have this fall. It is allowed, both monophonic products of red, blue, blue, yellow and green, and decorated with all kinds of stains, abstract patterns and prints.

  • “From the future”. In the fall of 2019, very eccentric models of women’s shoes will be fashionable, which are hardly suitable for everyday wear. And all because heels of unusual shapes, hypertrophied platforms, an abundant amount of decor and “pull out your eyes” colors will be more appropriate to create a stylish evening look.

  • Metallic colors. Exquisite shoes, a characteristic feature of which is a classic style and material, in color and texture, imitating a metallized surface.

What shoes will be fashionable?

As for the styles of women’s autumn shoes, below we have identified the most relevant models for the coming season.

  • Boots. These can be options for heels, platforms or high wedges. There are no restrictions here. But in height they must necessarily reach the knee line and even higher.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! High boots and over the knee boots are ideal for overweight women, as such shoes visually stretch the silhouette and make the figure more slender.[/stextbox]

  • Sneakers. Sports shoes will continue to be in demand, which cannot but please fans of sport-chic style. In fashion there will be options in a standard design, as well as with inscriptions, fringe and stripes. The color palette can also be different and vary from basic monophonic models to combined ones.

  • Boots. In the coming autumn, you really can’t do without them. Models with heels or platforms, wedges, or even low-speed ones will become an organic addition to any look, including evening ones.

  • Shoes. Models with high or medium stable heels, as well as a miniature “glass” will be trendy. The design of these products can be minimalistic, and with decor in the form of buckles, bows, brooches, feathers and lacing.

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The photos presented in our selection show that in the fall of 2019, both classic models of women’s shoes and eccentric freaky products will be fashionable. Therefore, in the coming season, no representative of the fair sex will be left without trendy shoes or boots.


And what shoes will you buy for yourself this fall?

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