Shoes for autumn-winter 2021-2022 that are no longer in fashion

When updating your wardrobe, it is important to know which shoes for autumn-winter are already out of fashion in 2021. After all, fashion trends are one of the most fragile things. And it is important to regularly follow the latest in order to always look stylish. But it is just as important to be able to say goodbye to outdated, even if beloved, elements of the wardrobe.

Getting rid of excess: the main rules for clearing the wardrobe

With the onset of the autumn-winter season, all self-respecting ladies sort out and put their “fashion arsenal” in order. Especially a total update should concern shoes. First, you need to repair or send to the trash can all the pairs that have become unusable. Secondly, say goodbye to the models that you have not worn for several seasons and kept for a “special occasion” – with a high probability they will continue to gather dust in the closet. And, of course, it is worth checking how fashionable your shoes are: things that are out of trend – put aside and, if necessary, go shopping to feel at the top of style again.

Autumn antitrends

Following fashion trends, you should definitely follow the “anti-trends” – models that have left the world catwalks for a long time, or even forever. To help true fashionistas, we have created the following ranking of boots and boots that are no longer in fashion in 2021:

Ankle boots with an open toe. Quite an interesting and worthy option, but not the most practical for autumn weather. If back in the spring it was cool to show off your pedicure even before putting on any sandals, then for the upcoming season such an “outfit” is not at all suitable. It is better to replace it with a pair of square-toed ankle boots.

Treads. High leather boots with a narrow shaft were at the height of fashion along with stockings for several years. Yes, this bow looks very sexy and attractive. But only the main trend of the coming season is comfort. And you must admit that over the knee boots are very uncomfortable both during putting on and while wearing. Moreover, they look good only on impeccable legs and with the right outerwear.

Flat boots. It doesn’t matter if it’s high or low. In this case, world designers have finally come to a compromise with orthopedists. After all, doctors strongly do not recommend an absolutely flat sole: in this case, the load is not distributed correctly, the ankle and calf muscles are overstrained, and the spine also suffers. The best option for daily wear is a 3-5 cm heel or platform.

Leather and fur shoes. Yes, it is very pretty. Yes, it’s practical. But it just categorically contradicts the fashion trends for the fall-winter 2021-2022. After all, the main idea of ​​this year is the harmony of man with the environment. Therefore, Chanel, D&G and many other masters of the fashion industry do not use materials of animal origin for their collections, but quality substitutes. Modern leatherette and faux fur are in no way inferior in softness and comfort.

“Cowboy boots. This is one of the most unusual trends that has been on the world stage for quite some time. They are outdated, most likely due to the fact that this kind of narrowed, but not pointed toe is now out of fashion. But now this model with beveled heels is being replaced by Cossack boots: also quite a worthy option.

fashionable Cossack boots

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Winter shoes that are out of fashion

When you have already figured out the boots, it’s time to get acquainted with the anti-trends of winter shoes in 2021. There are also many new products and it is worth saying goodbye to old models.

Uggs. At first glance, these shoes are quite consistent with modern trends: they are both comfortable and made of textiles, which is fully consistent with the principles of “eco” fashion. The only thing you can find fault with is the flat sole. The situation is saved a little by the fact that fur boots come into fashion – they are just as warm and practical.

Fashion high boots

Boots-accordions. High models that are gathered in folds in the shaft area were mega-popular. But today they are also included in the list of boots that went out of fashion in 2021. But you shouldn’t be too upset about this: after all, such shoes were extremely impractical and difficult to care for. Dirt accumulated in the folds of the skin, and it was problematic to clean it out.

wedge sneakers. Last year, designer Isabelle Maran brought them to the fashion catwalks, but today they can no longer be found in the collections of fashion designers. Now it’s better to opt for just massive ugly sneakers or classic boots.

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“Puffer boots. They were also called “lunar rovers”. This model was very warm, as it was created on the principle of quilted down jackets, but very impractical: the textile quickly became dirty and torn.

stocking boots. This variation of over the knee boots should also leave your closet. They fit snugly around the leg, helping to create rather daring bows. But they could only be worn with miniskirts. Oh, how uncomfortable it is in winter!

As you can see in the photo, quite a few shoes for autumn-winter fell out of fashion in 2021. But if you have a few pairs in good condition, we do not recommend throwing them away: they will most likely be popular again in a few seasons.

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