Shoes that should not be worn with jeans

At first glance, it seems that there are many answers to the question of what shoes to pair jeans with. In practice, some combinations look disastrous and old-fashioned. Stylists confirm that even basic denim has enemies. We will find them and neutralize them in this article!

Ballet shoes

Models of flat-soled ballet flats with a round cape have hopelessly lost their relevance. Previously, such shoes were combined with skinny jeans, without even suspecting that such a tandem visually enlarged the foot and added bulkiness to the figure.

Stylists advise forgetting about the image with ballet flats and jeans, not only because of the insidious corrective properties – such a bow has long been out of trend. Among light models paired with denim trousers, stylists advise to take a closer look at the mules with a pointed toe and a small heel.

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Sneakers are an obvious assumption in the discussion of what shoes to wear jeans with. However, in such an ordinary combination, everything is not so simple. For example, flat sneakers visually ground the silhouette and simplify the look.

We advise you to look for suitable shoes for jeans among sports novelties with tangible soles. Stylists pay attention to high-platform sneakers or boots with a raised border.

An important nuance! It is not recommended to choose sports shoes for tight-fitting jeans. Free and slightly casual styles of clothing are suitable for such models.

Ankle Boots

Half boots are shoes that categorically do not combine with jeans in winter. The combination visually shortens the legs and looks obsolete. The maximum mauvais ton is a duet of denim and patent leather shoes.


When choosing what shoes to wear with jeans in the winter of 2023, ignore the over the knee boots – this combination is hopelessly outdated. Even at the peak of popularity, such an image could decorate only tall and slender girls.

If you want to combine denim and boots, take a look at the fresh tandem of pipes and jeans. Moreover, the latter can be used in a free cut. When choosing skinny, stylists recommend compensating for a narrow bottom with a loose top – for example, an oversized sweater or an elongated jacket.

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There are two criteria that count old-fashioned shoes – a hidden platform and a stiletto heel. If you add such a pair of jeans, you get a doubly unsuccessful look. This combination looks irrelevant and defiant – definitely “no”.


Many years ago, fashion bloggers tried to combine jeans and pumps in one look – then the whole world picked up the trend, but today it’s time to forget about such an image. The fact is that the components represent different seasons and styles, so they look strange together.

Jeans suggest an ally from the corresponding season. For example, in autumn looks, a mix with universal lace-up boots looks cool. In summer, it is recommended to replace jeans with light trousers, or pick up light loose denim that goes well with sports shoes or laconic mules.

Ankle boots

Stylists cite trendy ankle boots as an example when answering the question of what jeans are worn with in winter. However, the list does not include the outdated ankle-length model due to the resulting disharmony of proportion. This combo visually shortens the legs and makes them fuller. It is better if the edge of the shoe is hidden behind the loose hem of the trousers.

An undesirable effect of fullness will also be provided by ankle boots that contrast with denim. Such shoes will visually shorten the lower part of the silhouette. To visually lengthen the silhouette, heeled ankle boots, matched in a similar shade to the trousers, will help.

Properly selected shoes for women’s jeans are an important touch of an up-to-date and harmonious look. Follow simple tips from stylists, and the mistake will be eliminated!

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