Short bob haircut: photo

A short bob haircut with a light hand of fashion trends has become the leading trend of the 2019 season. In our photo selection you will see all the stylish options for this bold haircut, which, perhaps, will be the reason for going to the hairdresser and fashion changes.


Who suits

  • A short bob looks amazing on even and smooth hair. If you have just such, why not demonstrate it in a fashionable haircut?
  • Ideally oval or slightly elongated – on these face shapes, a short bob looks best.

Styling with and without a hoop

  • A short bob is suitable for all types of hair, and fashionistas with sparse hair can additionally count on a visual increase in volume.
  • If you have a thin neck and aristocratic features, there is no doubt that you will be beautiful with any variation of the square.
  • It turns out that such a stylish haircut has no age restrictions, and with the right approach, it can inadvertently lose a dozen years.

You don’t suit us

A short square is not an option for everyone, and it is very selective to the appearance of the owner. There is a category of girls who should choose a different haircut.

Fashion straight cut

  • The fullness and disproportion of the figure are serious obstacles for such a haircut, because short hair can visually reduce the face and head.
  • Kare always creates an emphasis on the face and, accordingly, imposes additional responsibility for self-care. If you have problem skin, it makes sense to choose a more classic hairstyle.
  • A massive and small neck will once again be emphasized by extravagant hair length.
  • The appearance of tall girls with a too thin face and excessive thinness is completely incompatible with a square. For them, the best choice would be more feminine haircuts on long hair.

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The hottest idea

The palm among all current types of bob belongs to an ultra-short haircut with a smooth cut line and a bonus in the form of bangs, which emphasizes the beauty of the eyes. The length of the hair, as a rule, hardly reaches the earlobe and opens the neck. If you want to soften the strict lines of a short square, the hairdresser can supplement it with light thinning.

Careless haircut styling

Look at the photo below, how a short bob haircut is suitable for women over 50 and for young fashionistas. Its transforming properties are simply amazing!

A short bob paired with bangs should only be trusted by a true professional, because in this haircut, taking into account the individual characteristics of the haircut is of great importance. The main advantage of this hairstyle is to create additional volume at the back of the head, crown or cheekbones. The correct selection of a haircut will allow you to model the oval of the face and emphasize the dignity.

Fashion trends suggest choosing one of the current types of bangs in addition to a short bob.

  • Straight bangs will support flawless bob lines and look stylish. She also has a significant trump card – she makes her eyes and eyebrows more expressive. This option is perfect for a slightly elongated oval face.

Straight thick bangs

  • The version for the more conservative is the oblique bangs, which skillfully corrects plump cheeks and roundness of the face.
  • Ragged shortened bangs can visually lengthen a narrow forehead, as well as soften irregular features. Usually such a haircut is preferred by women of fashion with a non-standard appearance.

Short haircut without bangs

This stylish option allows you to correct prominent cheekbones or a wide face. More recently, such a haircut suggested an even parting, but the fashion of the 2019 season suggests shifting it to the side. Due to this technique, the effect of a long bang falling on the face is created – this is very stylish!

Kare with darkened roots

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This photo shows a front and back view of a short bob haircut without cutting the bangs.

Short caret: view from different sides

Kare with bangs on curly curls

There is a stereotype that short haircuts are not the best choice for owners of curly hair. However, the square is a fashionable exception to this rule. Due to the natural volume of the hair, the hairstyle looks amazing and acquires a unique charm that makes the image unforgettable.

For girls with such hair, we recommend keeping up with fashion trends and experimenting with actual curls and messy curls. Also in the trend is styling, in which straight bangs and roots smoothly turn into curls at the tips.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Elastic and too small curls will not succumb to a square with a level above the ear, because they simply cannot maintain a given shape.[/stextbox]

Short haircut with bangs

Kare on the leg

This option looks very stylish, and at the same time lengthens the neck and makes the image more elegant. The most fashionable look of such a square reaches the middle of the ear, and thus creates a creative contrast of length with the back of the head. Fashionistas choose not only cut strands at the back, but also their shaving with various patterns.

Leg haircut

Graduated variant

Graduated short caret meets all the requirements of fashion. It has a stylish cut at an angle, slight negligence and multi-tiered. This option looks great with oblique or milled bangs. But the straight and perfect bangs are not combined with graduation.

torn bangs

[stextbox id=’warning’]The huge advantage of grading is that the technique gives you the opportunity to experiment with the image. Various styling variations will allow you to place accents as you like and look beautiful in a new way every day.[/stextbox]

Before and after

A graduated bob is a godsend for chubby beauties who want to opt for a short haircut. The main secret is the volume in the crown area and longer strands in front. If you have a wide forehead, long bangs will cleverly disguise it. However, if the forehead is narrow, it is better to do without bangs at all.

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Fashion styling

  • Today, at the peak of popularity, grunge style is the choice of daring and daring fashionistas. Laying in this spirit should be spectacular and deliberately careless. An easy way to achieve this is to emphasize the ends of the strand with modeling gel and tousle the hair.

Imitation of “chemistry”. One of the trends of 2019

  • Romantic styling with wavy curls will never go out of fashion, because girls in any season want to look feminine and gentle. On a short bob, you can curl chaotic curls and create basal volume by blow-drying with your head down.

Classic curls and beach waves

  • An impeccable image for any occasion of life will turn out if you straighten the strands with an iron along with a bang. You can also additionally use a tool to give shine and shine, so that the result is truly spectacular.

original wave

  • Fashionable styling will turn out if you comb your hair to one side or create an asymmetric …

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