This selection of photos will tell you how to choose short haircuts for thin hair so that there is volume and it looks thicker.

  short haircuts for thin hair to make them look thicker and have volume
Short haircuts for thin hair to make it look thicker and have volume – ideas 2023.

To give more volume to thin hair, cutting plays a fundamental role. It can actually optically make hair thicker and denser.

Stylish bob 2023

Fine hair has an enviable soft and silky texture and is much easier to style and maintain. And there are countless trendy short hairstyles for fine hair that can easily create stunning volume for anyone with this hair type.

Classic straight bob

A classic bob, strictly even, will suit you if you have thin hair. The shorter the bob, the better the final optical effect will be.

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Cup or Cap

The bowl haircut is making a comeback because with the right approach, it can be extremely glamorous and feminine. And that’s not all. This haircut does not require special care and is able to give the hair shape and volume.

Layered haircuts for fine hair

If you are looking for a stylish shape, you should consider layered options. Graduation gives the same bob beautiful lines that are emphasized by styling. Light layers will bring movement to the hairstyle. Don’t forget to spray the volumizer into the root zone before drying.

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pixie haircut

The pixie cut is especially loved by celebrities from all over the world, who show it off in thousands of ways. So choose a pixie cut that will accentuate your facial features. According to your tastes and your facial features, those with thin hair are best suited for a pixie that creates volume on the head, with more length at the ears to make the hair appear thicker.

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Who is the pixie cut for?

The pixie cut is versatile, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for all face types. The pixie has a “flaw” in that it accentuates any lack of harmony in the facial features, which should be correct, cute, and preferably quite small.

Pixie for density and volume.

The most suitable face shapes for pixies are hearts and ovals. For those with a square face, it is better to focus on a rather wavy version, even if there is a risk of emphasizing the proportions of the jaw. Even those with a round face will need to study the situation well before embarking on a pixie cut. There is a risk of emphasizing the roundness of the face.

Do you have a long, oblong face? The bangs should be large and graduated to give the face width, or end with a bang that visually makes the forehead less long.

There are so many stars who have opted for this haircut over the years to enhance the shape and features of their faces. Among them, we can certainly mention Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lawrence and many more!

french bob

This is a short haircut with bangs inspired by the atmosphere of the 1920s. With some customization, it suits everyone. Its length usually varies from the cheekbone to the chin. It ends with a smooth and full bang. Whether short or long, straight or wavy, ideally it should be full and voluminous, with an artfully tousled effect.

Bixie or pixie bob

One of the latest hairstyles. She is sassy or elegant. The bixie is shorter than the bob, but longer than the pixie cut. Immediately reminiscent of hairstyles that were popular in the 90s: we saw how many celebrities wore it with ease, including, for example, Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry.

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For those who love short haircuts in retro style. Perfect for those who want a vintage look. The mullet can be customized with an individual color. This hairstyle has gained a “second youth”, thanks also to the return to the aesthetics of the 80s.”

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Asymmetrical short haircuts

The asymmetrical shape allows you to play with length, movement and volume. She always makes the image not banal and very glamorous. These haircuts are long in front and short in the back, or very short, almost shaved, on one side and long on the other. Let your imagination run wild, but always taking into account the features of your face.

Short haircuts with bangs that add volume

You can opt for mini bangs combined with a pixie, symmetrical bangs with a short bob, especially if you have the right features. And the classic curtain, like all classics, never goes out of style and has the advantage that it suits everyone and with any type of haircut.


Undercut will give you a strict and possibly stern look, especially when combined with an ultra short length. Undercuts are much more versatile than you might think. You can style the long part of the hairstyle as you wish, depending on the occasion or mood. With gel or wax for a bold look, with romantic waves.

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Graduated caret

If the curls are thin, but not rare, make a graduated caret. It has many layers on the back of the head. Light layers and texture all over the head make this hairstyle stand out.


Singer Billie Eilish styled her short shaggy haircut, giving her look a real ’70s vibe. One of the added benefits of this haircut is that it does not require much maintenance.

For a round face

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish, the same goes for a round face, which can also be balanced out with the right haircut. A soft asymmetrical bob, oblique bangs, pixie with long side bangs will suit you.

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For thin and sparse hair

Short hairstyles are not just chic; they have special benefits for those of us with fine hair, whether you’ve always had thin hair or have recently noticed that your hair is thinning.

If the hair is sparse, layers should be discarded. A blunt bob will always make thin hair appear thicker. A common mistake people make when considering a haircut for fine hair is to think that adding more layers will create more volume. But this can often have the opposite effect. The pixie cut is also a great hairstyle for fine hair. Adding bangs will create the appearance of density.

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