Short haircuts for women 60 years and older are anti-aging, no styling and fashionable in 2023 are varied. It can be a pixie, square or bob, with a length that does not extend beyond the collarbone. The perfect haircut for older ladies offers versatility and ease of styling.

Over the years, hair begins to thin and lose volume. A short haircut will restore their density and elasticity.

Short lengths can look soft and feminine. Messy bangs and layers that frame the face add softness to the look.

A visit to the hairdresser for correction is required every 4-8 weeks to make the haircut look perfect. Otherwise, it will look flat, bulky, or may turn into a mushroom shape.

Keep reading to see more photos of beautiful and trendy short haircuts for women over 60. Enjoy!

The main goal of a new haircut is to perfectly match your face shape, complexion, hair texture and type, as well as personality. Only then, you are guaranteed to get a comfortable and modern hairstyle that you can wear with pleasure.

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asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs are suitable for most face shapes and the finest hair. It helps soften facial features and create a feminine style.

graduated bob

Inverted shape – with a shortened nape and elongation at the face, creates density. This shape suits more mature women, giving a more youthful look. Can make your curls more voluminous, like you don’t have a problem with lack of volume. Strands framing the face and bangs favorably hide wrinkles.

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Garcon without styling

A hairstyle that has been in fashion for many years and looks great on both young and older women is the garcon hairstyle. It reflects the elegance, impeccable style and sophistication of French charm.

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Round bob with ripped bangs

Ragged, light bangs reaching to the eyebrows add youthfulness to the image. The rounded shape of the hairstyle favorably corrects the shape of the face.

torn pixie

A textured pixie cut is a great option for mature women who
want to add zest to their image. These texture layers help fine hair appear thicker and fuller.

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pixie bob

Layers and voluminous shape can make a 60 year old short hair look more defined and textured. The classic pixie bob with volume on top is easy to maintain and looks stylish.

Kare for curly hair

A short bob with bangs is the perfect face-framing curly haircut for women over 60. The layered shape perfectly emphasizes the curls.

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Layering is in fashion. Shaggy is great for thin curls. Sharp layers add volume, making the hairstyle visually more voluminous.

Straight caret

Straight bob is a classic hairstyle for women over 60 years old. An even cut ends at the chin line or just below the jaw. Looks amazing and very stylish.


The mullet is a very popular timeless hairstyle. The mullet is often complemented with bangs that look like a thin frame. Bangs effectively hide forehead wrinkles, automatically giving the face a younger look, which is an excellent choice for women over sixty.

Classic bob with bangs

Try a classic bob with bangs for a sophisticated look. This hairstyle will make any woman attractive and add style.

Anti-aging haircuts for women 60 years old – photo

Ideas for your inspiration.