Short haircuts with long bangs

Many owners of short strands prefer to create short haircuts, combined with long bangs. This is due to their versatility, a hairstyle supplemented with such an element will emphasize certain facial features and hide its flaws. Haircuts are presented in both classic and extremely creative variations.


Who is the hairstyle for?

To make the haircut look as harmonious as possible, it is important to know the features of your appearance, this will help you choose the right option. The recommendations of stylists are as follows.

  • Hair structure. A prerequisite is the presence of straight strands. Slightly curly curls are also allowed, but pronounced curls are an absolute taboo for short lengths. Depending on the thickness of the hair, they are cut evenly, which is typical for sparse strands, or using thinning, which is preferable for thick, lush hair.

  • face type. A haircut for short hair, combined with a long bang, is perfect for owners of a regular oval, thin, elongated, triangular face. It will help correct certain imperfections, such as a very high forehead or a large nose. However, chubby young ladies and women with a heavy chin should refrain from it.

Benefits of a short haircut with long bangs

Bold fashionistas who chose this option to create a stylish look will undoubtedly win. Regardless of which type of hairstyle is chosen, they have the following advantages:

  • Ease of installation. A haircut does not require standing in front of a mirror for many hours to make it look beautiful, just run the comb through the hair several times and, if necessary, beat the strands with your hands.

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Important! Despite the fact that the hairstyle can be easily styled, it requires regular updating. The hairdresser will have to visit at least once a month.


  • Ability to change images. Bangs can be styled in all sorts of ways, making up a variety of bows. For a daily exit, it is enough just to comb it to the side. To create a stylish evening look, long bangs can be curled and laid up in the form of a wave. Another option would be to leave it flat, but still resort to laying on top with mousse.

Varieties of haircuts

In our review, we present to your attention photos of different variations of short haircuts with long bangs. Many of them are suitable for both young fashionistas and women of more mature age. Among the most popular hairstyles are the following.

  • pixie. This is a haircut, which is characterized by a torn crown and the shortest temples and nape. In combination with an elongated bang, it looks very organic. This element gives it an original contrast due to a significant difference in length compared to the rest of the strands. Hairstyle is ideal for girls with a beautiful long neck.

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  • Bean. This is a win-win option that will suit any type of appearance and face. The presence of an elongated bang will be an additional advantage, especially when you need to hide a massive forehead or divert attention from asymmetrical facial features.

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  • Garson. This kind of haircut will be a real find for fragile petite girls. Despite her boyish appearance, she is able to maximize the femininity and sophistication of the fair sex. Long bangs in combination with this hairstyle will emphasize the depth of the look.

  • Shag. It is a very creative haircut, in which the effect of some negligence is intentionally created. The strands are cut in sections, they can be laid in any order, in any case, the hairstyle will look unsurpassed. The elongated bangs create a spectacular contrast with the shortened length of the rest of the strands and acts as a stylish highlight of the haircut.

Very original and stylish haircut

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Shag with long bangs is ideal for young fashionistas who prefer to make eye-catching extraordinary bows. Older ladies and office workers are advised to refrain from this option.


  • Beanie. The haircut got its name due to its special shape. It has almost the same look in front and back, and long bangs are a harmonious component of this hairstyle. A feature of the haircut is that it requires careful styling, the ends of the hair must be twisted inward. Otherwise, it will look messy.

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The hairstyle is perfect for both young girls and mature women. It will organically fit into any office bow.


  • Asymmetry. This is one of the most original hairstyles that can bring fresh notes to the image. On the one hand, the haircut may look like a bob, and on the other, contain a shorn temple. The bangs in such a hairstyle descend to the elongated side.

  • Haircut with shaved temples. It belongs to the main fashion trends of recent seasons. As a rule, girls who are characterized by a certain extravagance decide to create such a hairstyle. Whiskey can be simply cut short or contain shaved intricate patterns.

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The elongated bangs act as an extremely effective contrasting element. It can even be dyed a different color if desired.


How to choosethe shape of the bangs?

In 2019, a trendy haircut for short hair, combined with a long bang, can be created using its different shape. Bangs can be straight or oblique, depending on this, it will suit one or another type of haircut and type of appearance.

  • Straight long bangs looks very neat, so it is recommended to use it for even hair. On curly strands, it can look messy, which will spoil the whole overall impression. Straight long bangs will blend perfectly with the caret.

  • Oblique long bangs is able to make the oval of the face narrower and more elegant, this should definitely be taken into account when choosing it. It is recommended to refuse it for girls with a thin, elongated face. As for haircuts, squeaks and bob will be a win-win solution.

  • asymmetrical long bangs. It can be shortened on one side and matched in length with a hairstyle on the other side. This is a universal option that will suit any type of appearance and hairstyle. Such bangs look especially impressive with thinning.

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In our review, we presented photos of examples of how a stylish haircut for short hair combined with long bangs can look like. Many options will allow you to fully express your imagination when choosing …

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