Short hairstyles with bangs

For short haircuts with bangs, you can do different hairstyles to be in a new role every day. It doesn’t matter what kind of haircut a fashionista has, you can always try to change something. And we will show you the best options!

Short hair and makeover

Some fashionistas believe that a short haircut is something permanent that cannot be changed and styled differently. This is not so: even on short hair, you can experiment and create new looks for different occasions.

Any haircut allows:

  • pull out the hair and style it with even straight strands;
  • curl your hair with a light wave and style it in different styles;
  • play with bangs and style them in a variety of ways
  • make large luxurious curls – on elongated haircuts;
  • make different styling – from elegant and neat, strand to strand, to “creative chaos”.

It is enough in the morning (or when going to an event) to set aside a little time and get another masterpiece. See options for stunning hairstyles in the photo.

In retro style

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Advice. Be sure to wash your hair before styling. Hair will be more obedient, and styling will look fresher and more beautiful. Especially with short hair, it won’t take long.[/stextbox]Interesting: Fashionable women’s short haircuts 2019

Stylish hairstyles for short hair

There are many options to make a hairstyle, you can choose the right one, depending on the haircut and the length of the strands.

Very short haircuts with long bangs

If a girl has cut her hair in a trendy way – very short hair, a short nape, and with a long bang falling over her eye, you can easily change her looks due to the various styling of the bangs:

  • stretch the hair to a state of perfect evenness and lay the bangs on the face or along the oblique line a little to the side;

  • in retro style – you can carefully make a “turn” (raise the strands of the bangs, leaving a circle on the temple) and stab the ends of the bangs;

  • if you slightly curl the strands, you can get an interesting and fashionable hairstyle: a combination of short-cut main hair and wavy front. You can make a light bouffant, creating volume, or lay the waves neatly in a romantic hairstyle using wax or mousse;

  • bangs lift up and stacked: in the form of a comb, mohawk, just a wave. It can be a sharp, bold shape or soft waves. You can’t do without funds.

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In the photo – options for the best short hairstyles with bangs.

By the way, all styling options for bangs look very good when the entire bang is dyed in a contrasting color, or several strands are dyed in bright shades that are different from the main hair color.

Options for such a haircut and styling are more suitable for young girls and young women under 30 years old. Solid ladies are better off choosing other options, more elegant and not so “youthful”.

Fashionable short haircuts with bangs

Pixie, Garcon, Bob, Gavroche haircuts have their own shape and characteristics, but this does not mean that you need to style them the same way every time. Moreover, the hairstyle for every day should be different from the evening styling:

  • you can give splendor and volume in different ways – a little twist, comb, apply funds. The best styling option for owners of fine hair. This hairstyle refreshes and softens facial features;

  • curly hair, on the contrary, can be pulled out a little, leaving volume on the crown, and lay the strands along the temples carefully and neatly. At the same time, we advise you to twist the bangs onto large curlers or a curling iron to make an intriguing wave;

  • comb all the hair back, along with the bangs, helping them lie down as needed by means. Perhaps this option will not fit the type of face, but you can always try to make such a strict hairstyle, for example, on the way out. With a laconic evening dress, she will be just right;

  • make a “hedgehog” – suitable for very short haircuts. Apply the product and make sharp “needles” out of the strands;

  • bangs are laid in neat straight strands using wax or gel, or on their side. And the rest of the hair is given a slight negligence and splendor. It looks interesting and elegant and with a touch of personality.

To make an interesting styling, you just need to wash your hair, apply products and style with your hands, curling iron or brush with a hairdryer as you like. Hairstyles that have been conjured, spent time and effort, look dignified and luxurious for any celebration. As if just from the salon, but in fact – just filigree work at home.

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Short asymmetrical and cascading haircuts

The hair itself with such haircuts already looks interesting and well-groomed in itself: strands of different lengths do not need special styling even after a normal hair wash.

But you want variety and a change of hairstyle, so we try:

  • slightly twist the strands, making light waves. Do not forget about the bangs – it also needs to be slightly curled and laid, slightly raised. This is how we create glamorous retro looks in the Vintage style – for corporate parties and celebrations;

  • we make “Hollywood curls” – do not forget to sprinkle with varnish after the formation of curls so that the hairstyle remains perfect throughout the evening. At the same time, we can also slightly twist the bangs, stab them or lay them in strands;

  • “Greek styling” – put on an elastic band around your head and gently tuck the strands in a circle behind it, making beautiful curls. Such styling options go like festive hairstyles, they are made for a wedding, other special occasions;

  • owners of curly hair can be pulled out and made an even, straight hairstyle – acquaintances and friends may not recognize;

  • weaves and pigtails – whatever the length of the hair, you can partially grab the strands and braid. You can weave bangs or make a pigtail near the forehead;

Weave bangs into a pigtail

  • a careless bun or shell – collect the back hair as far as possible and stab it with an elegant hairpin or inconspicuous hairpins;
  • grunge styling – artistic mess and carelessness in 2019 are in trends. The easiest way to create such a hairstyle is to apply wax or gel and ruffle the hair with your fingers;

  • lovers of avant-garde style and punk images can safely put their hair in Iroquois, “chubs”, combs. Use good, high-quality styling products to keep the hairstyle as long as necessary;

  • with a “wet effect” – use the gel (a lot of gel) and style the hair as we wish.

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Clue. All hairstyles can be easily and simply done with your own hands, without visiting specialists. Therefore, do not be afraid of experiments, but you must try and everything will work out.


You can use the proposed options to create everyday, evening and holiday hairstyles for short hair with bangs. Get inspired and change, because being different is…

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