Short nails – fashion ideas of the season

Many people think that in 2018, short nails are not beautiful, not relevant, and it is almost impossible to implement fashionable manicure ideas on them. But, we will prove to you that this is not so by showing the best of the design novelties of this season. Short nails can also be attractive and add sexuality to the image. The main thing is to choose the right picture. This is what we will talk about today.

Fashionable manicure for short nails

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The main advantages of a short manicure

Before completely immersing yourself in the topic of nail art, it will not be superfluous to appreciate all the advantages of short nails.

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Trendy manicure for short nails

  • In the first place, of course, we highlight convenience. After all, you must admit that if nothing interferes with your hands, doing any work will become much easier and more pleasant. Of course, someone may object now, saying that he does an excellent job with long nails. We will not argue with this statement either. But, do not forget one thing: short nails break less often.
  • This immediately follows the second plus – efficiency. Quality nail extensions are not cheap. In addition, do not forget about regular corrections. And with short nails, you can easily avoid these extra expenses.


  • In third place, we will indicate universality. After all, it is hardly worth explaining that a short manicure is relevant for any clothing and situation.
  • And this parade of benefits will be completed by ease of care. It is much easier to give the desired shape to a short nail plate than to a long one.

Stylish metallic nail art

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! If you think that short nails do not attract attention, then you are deeply mistaken. So, be sure to watch your hands so that they are always well-groomed and beautiful. [/stextbox]

TOP best ideas for a short manicure

What will look best on short nails in 2018-2019? What fashion ideas can be brought to life without thinking that they are outdated? Let’s find out right now!

Beautiful matte manicure


This novelty takes its place in our selection absolutely by right. After all, iridescent nail art looks amazing on nails of any length. It is based on a unique technology that allows the applied gel polish to stay on the nails for a very long time, change color depending on temperature or lighting and, at the same time, create a unique 3D effect. And most importantly, you can recreate this hologram at home. The necessary gel coatings are easy to buy at any specialized store.

Chameleon for short nails

cat eye

Another fashion trend that will perfectly transform your short nails. This season, as well as the next, the cat’s eye will be considered the best technique for creating a unique pattern on the nails. As in the previous case, it will be possible to perform such a manicure at home, on your own. To do this, you will need a special varnish with metal particles and a magnet, which will help you set the desired pattern.

Original and interesting cat eye manicure

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Important! In the coming season, the main emphasis is on naturalness. Therefore, the length of the free nail should not exceed a few millimeters. As for the shape, it is definitely oval or almond-shaped.


cat eye manicure


Manicure with rhinestones looks great on both long and short nails. And since the diamond is considered the talisman of the upcoming 2019, this decor will also be insanely relevant. So, if you have not yet decided on nail art for the New Year, then be sure to consider this option. Shiny pebbles and rhinestones, in addition to beauty, will also bring good luck to your life.

Manicure for short nails with rhinestones

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Broken glass

The broken glass effect is just perfect for short nails. Take a look at the photos we have prepared for you. See how much lightness and light in this design. It does not burden the image at all, but gives it shine and sophistication. The most relevant time of the year for applying “broken glass” is winter. And you can recreate it using ordinary foil or a special thermal film.

Broken glass effect manicure

Geometric figures

The fashion for using geometric shapes when creating nail decor will last the whole next season. And this means that it is simply impossible not to include them in our today’s review. There are a lot of options for creating geometry. It can be either simple stripes intersecting with each other, or full-fledged figures. You can recreate them using stickers and manually, if your eye does not let you down. The color scheme can also be chosen at your discretion. But the emphasis is better on contrast. That is, cover the nail first with one color, and the geometric patterns are radically different.

Fashionable geometry for short nails

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Of course, geometry can hardly be called festive nail art, especially on short nails, but it will definitely add neatness and aesthetics to the image. Just remember one important rule: vertical stripes will visually lengthen the nail plate, and horizontal stripes will expand. Therefore, if your nails are already wide enough, avoid transverse patterns. [/stextbox]

Stylish geometry for short nails

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Velvet coating

Flock is another fashionable trend that takes on special relevance in autumn and winter. Despite the velvety, such a manicure looks quite easy, even on short nails. And if you choose pastel colors as the main color, then the feeling of comfort will not leave you throughout the entire period while the flock will decorate your nails.

Trendy flock


We have already said more than once that silver and gold colors this and the coming season will be very relevant for clothes and shoes. They should also be noted as an excellent design option for short nails in 2018-2019. This novelty will look great both in a monophonic version and as a design element. You can successfully combine these two colors both with each other and with other fashionable shades. After all, metallic luster is universal and will suit literally everything.

Metallic manicure

Airbrush on nails

Something new, right? And by the way, this is a great opportunity to bring diversity to your image. Currently, the airbrush technique is still gaining momentum, but it already has plenty of fans. Its huge plus is that it looks equally good on both long and short nails. Do you want to make sure? Check out the photo below.

Fashion airbrush

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Important! Perform airbrushing…

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