Shorts for obese women for summer 2020

Do you want to know which trendy shorts are suitable for obese women for the summer of 2020? In the latest review, we will tell you about the most trendy new products!



The fashion of the 2020 season is a real holiday for obese women! To create an actual summer outfit, you should first get acquainted with the trendy colors of clothes. Fortunately, among fashion trends there are many great new products that have no contraindications in the form of a figure type.

Among the fashionable novelties, the basic dark tones, which are known for their slimming properties, come to the fore. In the summer of 2020, you can take note of the relevance of black, blue and emerald tones. Bordeaux colors will also be a stylish solution – it reveals its nobility and beauty not only in everyday, but also in evening sets.

White, beige and brown shades also correspond to modern trends – if desired, shorts in this design can be entered into a stylish bow with a pronounced safari mood.

A hot hit of the 2020 season are azure tones that harmonize perfectly with any skin tone. In addition, clothes in such a fashionable color will make an ideal tandem with light accents – the resulting image will remarkably refresh your appearance.

Perhaps this summer you will want to decorate your look with a juicy accent. In this case, you can decide on fashionable coral, red, orange, green or yellow shorts.

Pastel colors are also considered a fashionable idea in the 2020 season, which harmonize beautifully with tanned skin.

The most winning print for a full figure is undoubtedly a vertical stripe. The best option would be thin lines that are not too contrasting with the background. This color in combination with a successful style will visually stretch the silhouette.

You can also not ignore the relevance of the cell. In order for such a motif to look favorably on a full figure, it must adhere to the vertical direction. The desired effect is easily achieved if you prefer a stylish houndstooth print or a check with contrasting straight lines.

Fat women should adopt one interesting trend that is great for the summer season. We mean monochrome outfit, which involves a combination of similar shades in one image. A single color vertical (which should ideally include shoes) perfectly slims the silhouette. For hot weather, you can prefer a light range and prove from your own experience that such shades are suitable for any figure.

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With belt

Many obese women can state that they have an hourglass figure type, which implies approximately the same volume of the chest and hips and a clearly defined waist. With such natural data, you should not hide your dignity – it is better to boldly emphasize it with the help of well-chosen clothes. For example, trendy high-waisted shorts with a belt or belt would be a great choice.

This style has retained its position of popularity for a long time, and all because it perfectly “draws” the feminine silhouette of the figure. In addition, this model is famous for its ability to make legs longer and slender.

from denim

Among the actual summer shorts for full ladies, denim variations stand out especially. Such a dense texture a priori will look advantageous, as it perfectly masks the imperfections of the figure. The main hit of this summer is elongated denim shorts with a trendy raw edge. But twists on such a model should be avoided – extra horizontal lines are useless with plus-size parameters.

[stextbox id=’info’]In the summer of 2020, shorts with a contrasting front seam will also be a fashionable solution. Such a decorative element imitates the front arrows, which means it effectively slims the silhouette.[/stextbox]


An unconditional must-have for full girls is an elongated cut of Bermuda shorts. In the 2020 season, these shorts are presented mainly in a loose style with an oversized fit. The presence of vertical arrows is also allowed – a tricky trick that advantageously thins the figure.

It should be borne in mind that with full parameters, it is worth abandoning too tight-fitting and tight styles. A clear trend in the summer of 2020 will be free Bermuda shorts. From materials it is better to prefer denim, thick cotton or linen.

Stylists assure that any fashionista can easily figure out what to combine a fashionable novelty with. Depending on the chosen top, you can choose sandals, sneakers, mules, clogs, flip flops, shoes or sneakers as shoes. With full parameters, nude shoes will be a win-win option, which almost merges with the skin tone. It’s great if the matched pair is characterized by a pointed cape or a V-neck.

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Safari style

If you follow the current trends, you can find that the safari style will gain popularity in the new season. This is great news for full fashionistas, because the characteristic muted palette for this trend has masking and slimming properties. If you like the safari style, you can safely create summer outfits with a predominance of brown, beige, olive or mustard shades.

We draw your attention to the fact that fashionable shorts for overweight women for the summer should not have large patch pockets that visually add volume to the figure. It is better to prefer a laconic cut without unnecessary decor – such novelties in the right color also fit perfectly into the safari style. As a top, you can choose a plain T-shirt, top or shirt. Of course, you should not forget about accessories that will create the right mood in the image.


The absolute trend of the 2020 season is leather shorts, which, due to the dense texture, perfectly mask the imperfections of the figure. These models are perfect for cool weather. In order not to miscalculate with a trendy style, you can bet on discreet Bermuda shorts, which you can safely continue to wear in the fall.

Loose fit

The owners of the figure “inverted triangle” are perfect for wide styles of shorts. Stylists suggest that such current models will look great with T-shirts, shirts and tops. The main thing is to tuck the selected top into shorts so that the waist line is not lost in the image.

Jumpsuit with shorts

A trendy jumpsuit with shorts can serve as a ready-made stylish outfit for the summer for a full lady. In the new season, stylists recommend betting on a loose cut in combination with a solid color – such models perfectly adapt to a wide variety of outfits. At the same time, the top of the jumpsuit can be designed in the form of a shirt, top with buttons or a style with bare shoulders. The choice should be based on what problem areas it would do well to hide and what advantages should be emphasized.

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