Shoulder length haircuts 2019

Girls who want to change something in their appearance should cut their hair to shoulder level. This is a comfortable length that every second fashionista chooses. Let’s look at the main rules for performing such haircuts together.


Main trends

In 2019, various types of bob or bob haircuts have become popular again. Many girls choose short hair because it is more convenient: they are easier to style, easier to care for. How to choose a shoulder length hairstyle? It is worth remembering that bangs, graduated cascades, voluminous haircuts are relevant this year. This trend helps many to compensate for the lack of basal volume or hair density. You can also choose completely smooth, calm hairstyles – a bob with an even parting or ladders.

Classic bob with bangs

In the next seasons, hair accessories will be popular, which can be successfully added to haircuts for shoulder-length hair without bangs. Massive hairpins, headbands or hoops can be combined with a square, if you choose the right style of jewelry. Then the image will turn out to be very feminine, sweet and romantic. To create a more daring bow, you should look at bandanas or headbands.

Strands stabbed with invisible

messy hairstyles

trendy hairstyles

Fashionable shoulder-length haircuts look relevant this year, so let’s look at the most popular ones.

  • Short bangs

In the next seasons, a bob hairstyle with bangs of a few centimeters will be very popular. The forehead remains completely open, the eyebrows are visible, so they should be neatly styled. The haircut looks stylish and unusual, so it is suitable for brave, self-confident ladies. The main length of the hair should be just below the earlobe, otherwise the image will look ridiculous.

Short bangs

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Fashion styling for loose hair to the shoulders

Styling such a haircut is not difficult, in the arsenal it is worth having only a hairdryer and several types of combs for styling. You should not make short bangs asymmetrical, because then the bow may look too careless.

  • Asymmetrical elongated bob

An asymmetrical bob for straight shoulder-length hair without bangs is the perfect choice if you don’t know how to transform for the next seasons. This is a proven method that will appeal to many girls for its simplicity and elegance. You don’t need to style such a haircut for a long time – the elongated strands will fall where you need them, you can see the photo in our review. Options with bangs are not so successful, since all attention should be drawn to the unusual length.

With such a haircut, you can safely experiment: try adding a few bright strands, highlight the back of the head or highlight the front. If you don’t want to change anything drastically, then for everyday life you can leave a side parting and well-shaped tips.

careless waves

  • Medium length bob

The bob hairstyle is somewhat similar to an elongated bob. But the main difference between such a hairstyle is a clear contour, a pronounced cut, the absence of graduation of the main length, the presence of a bang of medium length. To emphasize the correctness of the features of the haircut, shorter strands are made in the back of the head, and elongated strands in the front. Some hairdressers like to mill the ends, but this is more suitable for thick hair. Then the haircut looks visually lighter, and it is easier for the owner of heavy hair to take care of the hair.

This haircut is very strict, while perfectly emphasizing facial features, suitable for women after 40 years. For hairstyles, it is best to choose dark, solid colors that will give the bow a classic look.

Beautiful evening styling

Evening careless styling option

  • Middle cascade

Cascading hairstyle is the new trend of next year. It looks simple and interesting, while it does not require much time for styling and care. The strands are cut unevenly, the lower ones are always longer, and the higher, the shorter the hair becomes. The difference between such a haircut is that you need to mill the tips well. Then each strand stands out, the hairstyle itself turns out to be more voluminous.

Retro styling option. Haircut cascade

A cascading hairstyle goes well with such trendy coloring techniques as ombre or balayage. Then, due to the play of light, transfusion into several tones, the haircut becomes even more beautiful.

Hairstyle for every day

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  • Shag

A shag haircut is another format for a voluminous, slightly shaggy hairstyle that will suit owners of fine hair. Such a women’s haircut for shoulder-length hair in 2019 looks great in romantic, feminine bows. Hairstyle features – the main length is up to the middle of the neck, then the hair is cut in a cascade higher and higher, stacked in different directions. The step is complemented most often with oblique bangs. It does not have to be airy, for balance it is left calm, smoothed.

The advantage of this haircut is that it looks good on curly hair, you do not need to go to the hairdresser often to keep in shape. Many girls like to combine shag and curls, so for a special occasion, you should use a curling iron.

  • Shaved hairstyles

A bob or bob with shaved areas is suitable for bold girls who want to show their individuality. At the same time, hair is not shaved bald and not everywhere, but most often in the occipital or temporal zone under a few millimeters. This contrast looks stylish, while you can create various geometric strict shapes. Many people like zigzags, circles or arrows. The most popular lately option is three upward-pointing triangles on the back of the head. Then you get a 2 in 1 look: according to your mood, you can open shaved areas, or you can leave the bow classic.

[stextbox id=’imfo’]Note! Plus such a hairstyle that it is ideal for summer, because then it is not so hot, if you put your hair in a ponytail, you get an interesting youth look.[/stextbox]

  • Ladder

Ladder is a unique classic that will never go out of fashion. A distinctive feature of the hairstyle is that the front strands near the face are as short as possible, then each next one is several millimeters longer. The haircut perfectly frames the face, allows you to hide too protruding ears, suitable for weakened hair. Many girls prefer a ladder with thick bangs, then the transition from short to long strands does not look so sharp.

If the ladder seems too boring or uninteresting to you, then do not rush to conclusions. This shoulder-length haircut is an excellent base that can be supplemented with popular headbands, hairpins, photos are in our review. For this hairstyle, you can try any known types of coloring.

Smooth strands wrapped inside and curls

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  • Page

Page hairstyle is a retro option that is again relevant in 2019. Feel free to cut your bangs, wrap the ends inward,…

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