Siberian fiber: how to take for weight loss

For a long time, bran has been used to reduce weight and cleanse the body. In the modern world, this product can be purchased at pharmacies under the name – “Siberian fiber for weight loss.” This is a natural way to lose weight, which, if used correctly, cannot cause even the slightest harm to a person.

Siberian fiber is also used to improve the health of the whole body and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. After all, most of the health disorders are the result of poor nutrition and slagging of the body. The daily diet of a person should contain dietary fiber in the required amount. A rich source of those is Siberian fiber.

What is this product

Ordinary fiber is coarse fibers of plant origin, the gastrointestinal tract cannot digest them, and they are not absorbed by the body. Such fibers are indispensable for the regulation of digestive processes. Sources of fiber are: cereals, herbs, fruits, berries, vegetables. Despite the seemingly wide distribution of the fiber so necessary for a person, it is often very lacking, which contributes to the disruption of many functions in the body.

The composition of Siberian fiber is slightly different from traditional bran. This makes the product even more useful. It includes not only cereal fiber, but also fruit and berry. Siberian fiber contains the following natural substances:

  • Shell of wheat grain;
  • Small pieces of dried fruit;
  • Small parts of dried berries;
  • Collection of herbs.

The manufacturer guarantees the absence of preservatives, dyes and any harmful elements in its product.

How fiber works for weight loss

A huge advantage of this method for weight loss over other various debilitating diets is the lack of hunger. This supplement works in a different way. Penetrating into the digestive system, its particles increase, having absorbed the liquid. After that, the stomach is noticeably filled, and digested, in turn, for a long period, due to which there is a deceptive feeling of satiety.

What benefit does

This product has a positive effect on various areas of the human body.

  • Normalizes blood sugar;
  • Lowers cholesterol levels and contributes to its normalization;
  • Removes toxins and other harmful substances from the body;
  • It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, it becomes more elastic;
  • Cleanses and improves the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • Reduces the risk of various allergic reactions;
  • Improves complexion;
  • It acts as a prevention of oncology for the organs of the digestive tract.

Surprisingly, Siberian fiber can even help you gain the missing pounds.

How to take

The product is different in composition. Everyone can choose for themselves, something suitable. And along with losing weight, solve another problem. For example:

  • Purposefully for weight loss, there are such supplements: “Light Weight”, “Stop Appetite”, “Lady Slim” and “Figured Nutrition”;
  • Fiber “Healthy Liver” is ideal for people suffering from diseases not only of the liver itself, but also of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • “Vitamin Glade” for people whose body needs missing vitamins;
  • There are supplements containing components necessary for the female body. There are other interesting options in the range.

Siberian fiber is available in granules and powder form. For weight loss, you need to take an exclusively powdered version, since, according to nutritionists, the granules are quickly absorbed and can contribute, albeit not significantly, to weight gain.

Basic principles of fiber intake:

  • You need to take Siberian fiber a maximum of four times a day;
  • The maximum daily dose is up to eight tablespoons;
  • You need to eat fiber half an hour before eating, drinking plenty of water;
  • For different types of fiber, there are rules and contraindications, you need to get acquainted with them in the instructions for use;
  • You need to start with one tablespoon and gradually increase the volume over time;
  • The bioadditive can be mixed with any liquid (yogurt, juice, kefir);
  • It can also be added to ready meals just before a meal;
  • Those wishing to cleanse the body should take a seven-day course of fiber intake, after which they take a two-week break, and drink the supplement for another week.

The product acts individually on each organism, since each person is unique. For some, beneficial properties are manifested in a larger volume, and for someone in a smaller one.

For those who really want to say goodbye to extra pounds, you need not only to drink Siberian fiber correctly, but also carefully monitor your diet. It is necessary to reduce calorie content, for this, such foods are minimized or completely excluded: sweet, fatty, baked, carbonated, white bread. Ideally, adding a little exercise will help the skin stay in good shape and not sag as a result. You can also combine fiber with a diet or arrange fasting days on it.

According to the review, you can lose weight from three to seven kilograms in a month. It all depends on the initial weight, the higher this figure, the more you can lose, respectively. Someone loses three to four kilograms in the first days at once, it all depends on how a person ate before starting to use fiber.

Diet on Siberian fiber

The diet is designed for two weeks. Every day it is necessary to divide a bag of kefir into four doses, you can replace it with low-fat yogurt. Each time, add two tablespoons of fiber, then mix everything thoroughly and drink.

In addition, you can eat:

  • The first day – any cereals (buckwheat, brown rice);
  • The second day – any vegetables;
  • Third day – boiled chicken or steamed fish;
  • Fourth day – any fruit.

Then repeat everything in a cycle for two weeks. You can consume no more than 400 grams of the product per day. You also need to do morning exercises. Fiber saturates the body well, so you can not be afraid of the feeling of hunger.

Fasting day

With a frequency of 2.5 or three hours, you need to drink a glass of kefir with an admixture of two tablespoons of Siberian fiber. No more than five times a day.

Do not forget about light physical activity. Such days will add cheerfulness and lightness to life. Biologically active substances, vitamins and minerals will charge the body with energy.

Repeat no more than once a week.


Pay attention to this list, because fiber can significantly exacerbate these diseases.

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