Silver nail design 2020

Silver nail design in 2020 year will be incredibly fashionable. Therefore, many nail art masters have already presented examples of such a manicure in their portfolios. We will consider the most interesting of them in our article.


Why is silver manicure so popular?

Manicure, aged in silver color, is now very much in demand. And all because it has a considerable number of advantages. We have listed the main ones below.

  • Gives nails an unusual look.
  • Has no age restrictions. Therefore, both young girls and older beauties can acquire silver nail art.
  • Perfectly combined not only with evening looks, but also everyday.
  • Thanks to a large assortment of various coatings, even an office worker can become the owner of silver nail art.
  • Silver coatings look great not only on long plates, but also on very short ones.

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[tds_warning]Important! Choosing silver decorative coatings is based on the color of your skin. Light shades are the best for snow whites. But swarthy beauties can stop their choice on dark graphite tones.[/tds_warning]

The only drawback of a silver manicure is that it focuses on the unevenness of the nail plate.

What color can be combined with?

Another advantage of silver finishes is their versatility, as they can be easily combined with different palettes.

  • Nail designaged in black and silver gamma, will be appropriate in any case. The most popular option is a design with a dark substrate, on top of which a silver decor is applied. But you can also find options when the base is light, and only small accents are placed in black.

  • The snow-white gamma looks no less impressive with the silver color. Based on it, you can create many designs in which several types of silver coatings can alternate at once. An example of such a design is nail art, in which a rhinestone and kamifubuk layout is placed on top of a white substrate with a pearl rub. You can also find options in which one finger is decorated with a gradient of sparkles, and the second with silver patterns.

  • Rose Silver The design is perfect for everyday wear. You can simply place the silver decor on top of the pink backing, thereby focusing on one or two fingers. You can also create a manicure using the color block technique, in which these two shades will be present in the same amount.

  • With gray, silver decorative coatings result in a very stylish monochrome nail art. It is only necessary to choose the most similar shades to each other, so that they harmonize as best as possible with each other.

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  • Red-silver the combination has already become a kind of classic of the genre. In this case, a red palette is used as the basis, which can vary from coral shades to rich burgundy tones. As for silver, often in such a manicure it is present on the surface of the nails in the form of chaotic foil prints, gradient stretching or a scattering of rhinestones.

  • The silver color goes well with the green scale. In this case, light shades of green should be used. And so that the finished design does not turn out too faded, it can be supplemented with elements of black or white. For example, dots, stripes or curls.

  • The most winning on our list is blue-silver combination. Because with it you can recreate a wide variety of designs. You can simply place a shimmery stripe over a blue base or create a stunning gradient. It will also be interesting to look at nail art with silver drawings made using stamping.

Deciding on a silver finish

And now let’s look at the silvery decorative coatings that are most often used by nail art masters today.

  • Rubbing. With this aluminum powder, you can make a silver-colored mirror manicure. This can be a simple plain nail art, which can be diversified with cast foil ornaments. Also, rubbing can highlight several fingers at once, while others will be covered with gel polish in a contrasting color. For example, pink or red.

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  • Sequins. Glitter and shimmer coatings are true leaders in the modern nail art industry. And all because with them you can create many designs. It might be classic french with silvery smile line or gradient stretch. You can also draw stripes with sparkles. They can be thin or wide, straight or ornate, vertical or horizontal. Fans of artistic painting can also show their imagination by depicting openwork ornaments on the nails with sparkles.

[tds_note]Important! Spring 2020 marble will be fashionable manicure designin which, in addition to black, there will also be silvery veins.[/tds_note]

  • Bouillons. Small silver balls will help to place accents, and give texture to the manicure as a whole. Basically, they are complemented by various patterns and drawings. But you can also find designs in which one finger is completely covered with broths.

  • Scotch tape. Manicure with silver adhesive stripes has been active for more than one season. In fashion, as before, there will be a minimalistic design in which one finger is highlighted with a horizontal or vertical stripe. But do not give up on more complex designs, in which there are several stripes at once. They may differ in width, location and direction.

  • Thermal film. The peculiarity of this coating is that it should first be heated in a lamp, and only then applied to the surface of the plate. The process is quite labor intensive. Since the film should lie flat and without creases. As for the nail art itself, there are no special restrictions. You can cover with a film, both all fingers, and select only one nail.

  • Foil. The most easy-to-use decor that allows you to create in seconds trendy manicure. Many girls now give the main preference to foil, which is re-shot. The result is chaotic silver prints, located on top of a solid base. Foil cut into small pieces will also be appropriate. With its help, you can create a design that imitates a scattering of broken glass on the nails.

  • Rhinestones. Rhinestones can also be placed on top of a colored monophonic substrate. They can be laid out in a chaotic manner or in the form of ornaments. Entire compositions on the nail, created from rhinestones of different sizes and shapes, will also look stylish. You can supplement this design with broths or scotch tape.

  • Stickers. Today…

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