Simple drawings on the nails

Simple and uncomplicated in execution, the drawings on the nails look very gentle and neat, therefore, today they are widely used in various designs, both by beginners and already established manicure masters. In addition, such drawings can be easily created at home. The main thing is to approach the matter creatively and with knowledge of the basic nail art techniques, which we will tell you about in our article.

Drawing on the nails

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Tool you may need

If you decide to start painting on your nails on your own, you need to prepare the necessary tools and cosmetics in advance, without which a novice master cannot do without. These include:

  • base for decorative coating;
  • top coat;
  • colored varnishes;

Bright varnishes for colorful manicure

  • nail file;
  • manicure scissors or tweezers;
  • cotton buds;
  • lint-free wipes;
  • nail polish remover;

Manicure tool kit

  • orange sticks;
  • decorative accessories;
  • UV lamp (if you work with gel polish).

A lamp for drying gel polish is an indispensable assistant when creating a manicure

How to draw simple patterns on nails: tips for beginners

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Simple in execution, but no less spectacular drawings on the nails at home can be created without much effort and in a matter of minutes. To do this, you just need to use the following nail art techniques and previously prepared inventory.

beautiful drawings

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Point technique

Thanks to dots of different sizes, you can create beautiful and uncomplicated drawings that even a beginner can do. Most often, masters use dots, but if one is not at hand, an orange stick or a needle will go into action. And for wider points, you can use a pencil or a ballpoint pen.

Dots and stripes

As for the drawings themselves, in addition to randomly spaced dots around the perimeter of the nail plate, you can also draw flowers, animals, various figures and ornaments in this way.

Variations on the Theme of Polka Dots

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A novelty of this season is drop painting, where a drop of transparent gel is placed on top of a colored dot and dried in a lamp. Thus, the design acquires a certain texture.



Drawings with a needle

For beginners, this method is one of the basic ones, because with the help of such an improvised tool as a needle and several colored varnishes, you can create many simple and original drawings on your nails. It is very important that the varnishes are contrasting and not similar to each other, so that the finished composition does not merge into a single spot.

Drawing with a needle

As for the drawing technique itself, its essence lies in the fact that several drops of colored varnishes are applied in the desired sequence on a ready and dried substrate, over which a needle is pulled, thereby forming a pattern. This can be done both in a chaotic direction, and guided by special schemes that can be found on the Internet.

Simple drawings with a needle

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In order for such a pattern to have clear boundaries and beautiful outlines, after each movement, the needle must be wiped on a clean, lint-free cloth.



Performing various drawings and patterns on nails with a thin or wide brush is possible not only for an experienced master, but also for a beginner. You should start drawing with straight lines, which today are also very relevant in nail design. And already gradually, with gaining experience, move on to various curls, monograms and other more complex patterns.

simple brush drawing

Tulle drawings

This method can rather be called a life hack than a nail art technique. However, thanks to such an original method, the nails acquire a delicate lace design that cannot be achieved using conventional brush painting. Its meaning is that a piece of tulle is applied to the already prepared, covered with a decorative layer and not completely dried, and pressed tightly. After a certain time, the tulle is removed, and as a result, the nail acquires an interesting openwork texture.

Lace pattern

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To create such a design, you can use different types of fabrics, including velvet.


Acrylic paints

This is just an ideal option for those who want to create a beautiful manicure design on their own and plan to do nail art using a brush in the future. After all, the main advantage of acrylic paints is the ability to create drawings of various subjects on nails with any type of coating, including shellac, which can be seen in the photo examples in our selection. In addition, in case of a blot, a damaged pattern can be easily removed with a damp, lint-free cloth, while not harming the previously applied decorative coating.

Stylish acrylic drawing

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Drawing with tape

Regular stationery tape can be a great help for a beginner manicurist in creating many different patterns in the form of geometric patterns consisting of triangles, rhombuses and stripes. To do this, you only need to glue pieces of adhesive tape of the desired shape on the surface of the nail previously prepared with a layer of decorative coating that has already dried up and apply one or more layers of varnish with a contrasting color. After complete drying, the adhesive tape is removed, and a top coat is applied to the nails.

Drawings with special tape

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By the same principle, you can draw a “smile” of a French manicure or create a negative space design with unpainted areas inside the picture.


Some tips for newbies

Even simple nail designs require some skill, so beginners should follow these rules when working with a coating in the form of a regular or gel polish:

  • The nail plate must be prepared before applying the decorative substrate. Degreasing and a layer of base coat will not only protect the nail, but also create an excellent basis for a beautiful and durable manicure.

Preparation of the nail plate

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  • When working with regular varnish, do not rush to layer layers on top of each other and let each one dry for at least 5 minutes. As for gel polish, in this case, each layer must be dried in a UV lamp.

Drying nails in a UV lamp

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The drying time of the gel polish in the lamp depends solely on its type and power and varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.



  • Do not take complex compositions at once. Start with simple lines and…

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