Simple face masks made from natural products

Masks have been and remain excellent skin care products. They act faster than creams, a positive result after their application is visible immediately. Masks are good because they are fairly quick and easy to make at home, which is a guarantee that it is made from quality ingredients and will not cause any harm to the skin.

Knowing about the effect of a certain product on the skin of the face, you can select and prepare masks that are suitable for the type of skin that is unique to you, without fear of consequences.

There are different types of masks: some have a softening effect, others have a tonic, soothing or nourishing effect.

A mask, after using which, you will immediately feel comfortable and will be surprised by a pleasant pale pink complexion. To prepare it, you need to prepare an infusion of calendula flowers, which must be filtered. 4 tsp should be added to it. flaxseed, which will swell, forming a jelly-like mass. You need to add a little light honey and one tablespoon of starch to it. After applying to the skin of the face, keep it for about 15 minutes, then remove with a damp cotton swab, then wash with cold water.

The following mask is useful for loss of skin elasticity, it restores its former freshness, tones and cleanses. To make it, you need to take whole oats, grind it in a coffee grinder. You will need two teaspoons of finished oatmeal, to which add 2 yolks, grated carrots. Then take a fresh lemon and squeeze a few drops of juice into the resulting mass. The mask should be a creamy consistency, with excess liquid, add more oatmeal. The finished mask, after applying to the skin of the face, keep for twenty minutes, then rinse.

And this mask is often used by French women, as it gives amazing results immediately after application. In order to cook it, you need to grate an apple, add a little sauerkraut and olive oil. After that, the mask is ready for application to the skin of the face, after twenty minutes, wash your face with a warm decoction of yarrow.

A mask that gives the skin youth and freshness. She needs dried herbs – parsley, mint, linden, chamomile, oregano, lavender flowers, rose petals (if any). Grind all herbs thoroughly in a mortar to a powder state. Add fresh cream to this powder, which must first be beaten with an egg. This mask is applied twice a week, shortly before bedtime. During the procedure, circles of fresh cucumber can be put on the eyes.

Many women are oppressed by the problem of yellow (pigmented) spots on the face. The following mask will help solve it with shine, the skin of the face will become light, smooth and tender. To prepare it, you need carrots (it is better if it is orange), which you need to grate on a fine grater, add chopped roots and parsley leaves (it has a whitening effect), chopped ripe gooseberries. Keep on face for about 20 minutes.

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