Single-phase gel polish: what is it

Single-phase gel polish is not just a novelty, but a whole breakthrough in the segment of the nail industry. After all, such a coating allows not only to save time on the design of a manicure, which is very important for modern girls, but also to create a spectacular design. Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at the features of single-phase gel polish, its advantages and the nuances of applying this coating to the nail.


Features of a single-phase decorative coating

Single-phase gel polish is a decorative product that simultaneously combines the functions of a base coat, color pigment and finish. In this regard, the need to use three products at once, as is done when applying conventional gel polish or shellac, is simply absent. In addition, single-phase gel polish also has other advantages.

  • A simplified technique for applying this coating allows you to make a neat manicure even for a novice master.
  • Due to the fact that the number of layers is reduced to one, the nails get the opportunity to “breathe”. Yes, and this manicure looks much more natural.
  • Significant budget savings, since instead of three, only one tool is purchased.

[stextbox id=’info’]Much stronger than regular gel polish, due to which the durability of the manicure is much higher, which allows you to wear it for more than 4-5 weeks.[/stextbox]

  • It does not require special conditions for polymerization, as it dries perfectly even in a standard UV or LED lamp.
  • Suitable for use on both natural nail plates and gel extensions.
  • The ability to combine with other similar decorative products, even if they are from different brands.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Single-phase gel polish has become an undeniable favorite among professional nail artists, as this coating can significantly save space in the workplace. [/stextbox]

As for the disadvantages, single-phase gel polish is a rather expensive coating, which, unfortunately, is not available to everyone. Therefore, now there are a lot of fakes that sometimes even professionals cannot distinguish.

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Despite the fact that in 2018 the range of single-phase gel polishes simply rolls over, they are still divided into only two conditional groups.

  • Colored. They are the most popular, since on their basis you can create many manicure designs, including even quite complex options with elements of artistic painting.
  • Transparent. These coatings are designed for lovers of natural manicure, as they give the nails a neat appearance. In addition, they can also be used as a base for strengthening the nail plate.

Palette of single-phase gel polishes

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Application technique

Today you can find a lot of video tutorials on the Internet with a detailed description of how to properly apply single-phase gel polish to the nail plate. However, the basic technique remains indestructible and consists of literally several stages.

  • Stage 1. Prepare the plate for applying a decorative coating: remove the cuticle, give the nail the desired shape and polish the surface with a special buff.
  • Stage 2. Degrease the surface of the nail. This can be done either with a special degreaser or with various means that have this function.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Some masters claim that the usual nail polish remover is ideal for degreasing the nail plate.[/stextbox]

  • Stage 3. Cover the nail plate with a special primer or primer. This provides better adhesion between the nail and the decorative tool, due to which the durability of the manicure increases.
  • Stage 4. Apply a decorative agent in one layer, which must be very thin. Next, the nails need to be dried in a UV lamp for about 120 seconds or in a LED 30-60. If desired, you can also apply another layer of coating in order to achieve a deeper color. However, it should be remembered that in this case, the durability of the manicure will be much less.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Always carefully study the step-by-step instructions from the manufacturer about the application technique, as well as the gel polish polymerization time, as these parameters may sometimes differ. [/stextbox]

The process of removing such a multifunctional gel polish is exactly the same as the usual one. It is necessary to apply a remover on a cotton pad or a lint-free napkin and attach it to the surface of the nail. Further, the finger is tightly wrapped in a strip of foil in order to enhance the effect and thereby reduce the time to soften the gel polish. After 12-15 minutes, the foil with the swab can be removed, and using a metal spatula or an orange stick, you should carefully scrape off the remnants of the old coating.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Despite the fact that single-phase gel polish is considered a safe decorative coating, nevertheless, after removing the old one, you should not rush with a new one and it is advisable to let your nails rest for at least 24 hours.[/stextbox]

Also, this gel polish can be removed by other methods, for example, with an abrasive file or a milling cutter. However, these methods are quite traumatic and with little experience there is a risk of completely sawing off the nail plate.

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Top Best Brands

Based on feedback from both experienced masters and beginners in the nail design segment, we have compiled a rating of the best brands that produce single-phase gel polishes. These include the brands below.

  • Well-known representatives of this brand are the coatings “Gel Polish 1 Step” and “GelLack 3 in 1”. They are easy to work with, as they fit well, have high pigmentation and, most importantly, they do not streak. The palette of the first remedy consists of 20 different shades, and the volume of the bottle is 6 ml. The GelLack 3 in 1 palette is more saturated and consists of 60 different colors with a bottle capacity of 18 ml.
  • The most famous brand, which is considered a kind of monopolist in the nail industry market. Only the color palette includes about 120 shades, which are conditionally divided into several completely different series. In addition to the fact that Bluesky gel polishes have high durability and a relatively low price, they are also safe, since they do not contain any harmful chemical components.
  • This is a budget brand, which is characterized by the release of multifunctional gel polishes, mainly in trendy shades of red, burgundy and pink in the upcoming 2019.
  • An extensive color palette, ease of use, and the absence of a sticky layer have made Yoko single-phase coatings the favorites of modern girls.
  • The products of this brand have long established themselves not only with an extensive palette of colors, as well as high durability of the coating, but also with properties such as strengthening the nail…

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