Skin biorhythms: beauty by the hour

Almost every woman wants to look amazing. We spend a lot of money on various cosmetics: creams, masks, tonics and lotions, but for some reason, none of this often works. It’s upsetting when you apply a mask, you relax in anticipation of a wonderful result, but after washing off the mask you notice that your face is swollen or, in general, covered with spots. You can, of course, attribute everything to allergies, but often it has nothing to do with it. Who is to blame then? Everything is quite simple, nature is to blame for everything, or rather, our biorhythms. At different times of the day, our skin needs different care, and if it needs cleansing, and it is offered nutrition, then the result of resistance will be on the face. What are these biorhythms and how to follow them you will learn from our article.


First of all, try to wake up properly. The ideal time is 6 am. Nature wakes up and with it our skin. At this time, the best care will be a cool shower. The whole body will cheer up, and the skin will become elastic and toned. With its blooming appearance, it will delight you all day.

If you wake up an hour later, your face will not be as fresh. Edema, swollen eyelids, bags under the eyes one shower is not able to save the situation. We connect ice cubes prepared in advance. It is best to use a decoction of medicinal herbs or green tea infusion for this purpose. After waking up and taking a shower, simply wipe your face with an ice cube and your skin will be smooth and radiant. Better yet, don’t wake up at this time.

After 8 am, the skin becomes receptive to various agents. Clean it first with a toner or lotion, which is more suitable for your skin type. Then you can apply a moisturizer and only after that you can do makeup. If you do it between 8 and 10 o’clock. Then it will fit perfectly and will not cause irritation.

Try not to get up later than 8 o’clock. If you miss the wake up time. That swollen face is guaranteed to you for the whole day. In addition, you will miss the beauty time when you can maximize your appearance.

Of course, it is not always possible to follow all morning procedures strictly by the clock, but remember that morning cream can be applied to the skin only 10-15 minutes after taking water procedures. The body is awakened and the skin is ready to absorb and be saturated. Decorative cosmetics can be applied after the cream is absorbed after about 15 minutes.


Closer to noon, the skin begins to actively produce fat. This is especially noticeable in women with oily skin. Don’t panic. Just bring tissues and light powder with you. After wetting the fat lightly, powder your face. If possible, just wash your face and wipe the skin with tonic.



In the afternoon you can relax and unwind. Have a cup of coffee or tea. Between 12 and 3 p.m. the skin looks tired, it needs rest and spraying with mineral water, other procedures to improve the skin of the face are not recommended.

If you have the opportunity, then visit the sauna or go to the gym. It is better if you do this between 15 and 16 hours. During the day, the skin does not perceive any means, so do not even try to do anything with it until 5 pm. Use the free time of the day to go to the hairdresser or nail salon.


Starting at 6 p.m., take care of your skin. Remove decorative cosmetics. Carry out cleansing procedures, make steam baths. If you want to do a deep cleansing of your face, it’s best to do it between 6 and 7 pm. At the same time, plan epilation and eyebrow correction, as the skin reacts less painfully at this particular hour. Anti-cellulite exercises will give a good result.

From 7 to 8 pm is a great time for a variety of masks, the skin will happily absorb everything you offer it. It is worth noting that evening procedures are much more effective than morning ones, rejuvenating masks will give an amazing effect. This hour is well suited for visiting the bath and taking baths with herbs. You can combine these procedures. Apply a rejuvenating mask to your face and lie down in a bath with herbal infusion or aromatic oils.


Before 9 pm, apply a nourishing night cream to the skin. If you are over 30 and your skin needs extra nutrition, do not forget about the night cream. There is one rule, so as not to wake up in the morning with a swollen face, apply the cream an hour and a half before bedtime. By 11 pm, the body is completely ready for sleep. Take a bath with relaxing oils, brush your teeth.

You can drink a glass of warm milk with honey or a glass of yogurt, but just do not eat. Everything eaten before going to bed will lay a heavy burden in your stomach, toxic substances will begin to be released and you risk waking up with a gray face. In addition, late snacks lie on your thighs in the form of cellulite.


From 11 pm the body should sleep. All applied creams begin to work actively, it is during sleep. The body must rest. And your beauty in the morning directly depends on how full your sleep was.

Biorhythms and science

Scientists became interested in biorhythms and studied their influence on our body for a long time. After many years of work, a number of chronobiotic preparations have been created. They affect biorhythms and help the body work better.


Time zone change

Our body gets used to the rhythm of life in which we live. But what if you have to move to a region with a different time. Of course, at first your appearance will suffer, but gradually the body will adapt and your biological clock will begin to work in one rhythm with nature.


You yourself must become assistants to your biorhythms. Sleeping properly and taking care of your skin is not enough, you still need to choose cosmetics. Many women sin by taking the wrong funds in stores. Without hesitation, girls buy creams for mature skin. Of course, the cream will not harm you and, perhaps, will give some result, but then your skin will require more powerful care products. Mature women, on the contrary, need to purchase creams for their age and are not ashamed. The result is important, your skin should receive everything that it needs at this time.

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