Skinny diet: menu for 7, 14 and 20 days

Often we need to lose a few extra pounds so that the figure again acquires irresistible forms. And one of the fastest ways is diet. This is a very universal method that will help even in a situation where you need to lose not a couple, but several tens of kilograms.

Among the huge abundance for instant results, diets with “instant” weight loss are often used. The duration of such diets is insignificant, but the result obtained is very impressive. And one of the most popular diets of this type is “skinny”.

Initially, this diet was used by people with a lot of overweight. Its effectiveness is due to the low calorie content of the daily diet. But pretty quickly, this diet began to be popular with many people who want to say goodbye to extra pounds as quickly as possible. This is due to its simplicity and efficiency.

The essence and rules of a lean diet

In essence, the lean diet combines several diets of different duration (from 7 to 20 days). Such a diet is one of the types of rigid diets, with which you can remove the maximum number of kilograms in the shortest possible time. The complexity of this weight loss program lies in the minimum number of calories consumed during the diet.

When choosing such a diet, you need to be as careful as possible and monitor your well-being, because such a diet can significantly worsen the overall performance of the body.

Regardless of which version of the lean diet you use, the rules are always the same:

  • compliance with the drinking regime is mandatory. In addition to the foods and drinks that are prescribed by the diet, be sure to drink water without gas (at least 2 liters per day), adding lemon or grapefruit there;
  • strictly observed diet. Due to the fact that the diet is quite low-calorie, you can stick to it only in clearly specified terms. The duration of the diet cannot be increased, and it can be repeated only after 2 months;
  • smooth exit from the diet. You should get out of a lean diet gradually, because. if immediately after the completion of the diet to return to the usual diet, then the result of the diet will be quickly lost. At first, you should especially not abuse flour, fried and spicy foods. You need to get out of the diet correctly with the help of fruits, vegetables, dairy products and low-fat broths;
  • well-being control. You should always monitor your well-being. The reason for the immediate termination of the diet will be any malaise, weakness or dizziness;
  • refusal of physical activity. Do not overexert yourself and give up any physical activity;
  • healthy diet. In the presence of any ailments and chronic diseases, give up the lean diet. Before starting a diet, of course, it is better to consult a doctor; there will also not be excessive support for strength with the help of vitamin-mineral complexes.

Seven Day Skinny Diet Menu

A diet designed for 7 days contains a set of rather meager products. By following such a diet, you are, in fact, starving. Here, the main advice would be to divide the entire daily food ration into 3-4 times, thus, the feeling of hunger will decrease and the flow of the entire diet will be facilitated. The following are the products for the day included in the menu of this diet for the week (in this case, breakfast will be required):

  1. 1 liter of milk with a fat content of not more than 2.5%;
  2. about 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese and about 3-4 glasses of freshly squeezed juice (excluding banana, grape, and peach);
  3. mineral water without gas (about 1 l), while any amount of ordinary water is allowed;
  4. no more than 300 g of boiled or baked potatoes and 3-4 glasses of juice, the rules are the same as on the second day;
  5. about 1 kg of apples (can be baked) and water;
  6. boiled lean meat (no more than 200 g) and about 1 liter of juice (with the exception of grape, banana and peach);
  7. 1 liter of kefir (non-fat) and unlimited water.

Also, throughout the entire period of dieting, green tea is allowed in small quantities and dried fruit compote.

Skinny diet for 14 and 20 days

In addition to the basic seven-day diet, there are other variations designed for 14 and 20 days. Unlike the main diet, which was developed by the most experienced nutritionists, the other two skinny diets raise a lot of doubts and concerns about the safety of your body. It is very difficult to maintain this diet for 2-3 weeks, there are many different risks. Before dwelling on them, you need to think very carefully, and maybe choose a different diet, without risks to the body.

The 14 day lean diet plan:

  1. green tea (unlimited quantity);
  2. about a liter of kefir (fat content not more than 2.5%);
  3. unlimited amount of mineral non-carbonated water;
  4. a large green apple (can be baked) and water without gas in unlimited quantities;
  5. 1 liter of milk with a fat content of not more than 2.5%;
  6. still water and green tea (quantity at your discretion);
  7. again a liter of milk with a fat content of not more than 2.5%, an unlimited amount of water without gas;
  8. 2 apples (can be baked) and unlimited water without gas;
  9. a liter of kefir with low fat content;
  10. about 500 g of fresh cucumbers (about 2 pieces), water in unlimited quantities;
  11. again green tea;
  12. a liter of milk with low fat content;
  13. 3 large apples (fresh, baked);
  14. mineral still water.

Skinny diet plan for 20 days:

The list of products of the 1st week is completely identical to the diet of the seven-day diet.

  1. low-fat dairy products in moderation and steamed vegetables;
  2. no more than a liter of fresh fruit juice and low-fat cottage cheese (up to 200 g);
  3. 200 g of low-fat fish and freshly squeezed juice;
  4. boiled potatoes (4 pcs) and freshly squeezed juice;
  5. 5 green apples (can be baked);
  6. boiled lean meat – 200 g and up to a liter of juice;
  7. a liter of low-fat kefir;
  8. you can eat everything, but in limited quantities;
  9. again 5 apples, if desired, you can bake;
  10. boiled, lean meat – 200 g, fresh fruit juice – 800 g;
  11. low-fat kefir (no more than a liter);
  12. water, tea, low-fat cottage cheese – 200g;
  13. 1 apple and a liter of low-fat kefir.

How to get out of a lean diet and fix the result without harming the body

Because a skinny diet is quite low in calories, it can be observed only in a specified period of time. Throughout the diet, doctors recommend taking various vitamin and mineral complexes that support the body’s strength.

During a lean diet, it is recommended not to overexert yourself and to remove physical activity to the maximum and rest more, because. due to low-calorie nutrition, there can often be a deterioration in well-being, especially the first 3-4 days. And physical activity can be resumed after completion …

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