Skinny jeans and ripped knees

Ripped knees on jeans are a real hit this year. When young people first began to appear in a bow where such jeans were present, many twisted at the temple. Over time, this part of the wardrobe began to spread to any age category. They began to wear them under any shoes, pick up different types of jackets, from leather to denim.

What kind of jeans are these and what do they eat with?

First, choose a color.

There are many options, but the most common are: black, white and any color of jeans, that is, blue.

How to choose shoes? Yes Easy!!!

If you prefer comfort and convenience, any sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats, solid sandals, and slip-ons look very stylish.
For lovers of elegance and high growth, pumps, stiletto sandals and everything that has a high heel are suitable.


Clothing is also very diverse, T-shirts, tunics, long sleeves, sweatshirts, tops, T-shirts and T-shirts. As you understand, these jeans go with everything. Blazers, denim jackets, sweaters, pullovers… The choice is so unlimited that these trousers have even become a favorite item of many celebrities.

Another plus of these jeans is that they are unisex. Yes, yes, men also walk around the streets in them. Nothing bothers anyone.

If you can’t decide on a selection of clothes, then my advice to you: ripped skinny is worn with elongated jackets, laconic blazers, double-breasted jackets in men’s style, as well as striped tops or sweatshirts in a minimalist style.

These Jeans are not only skinny, but we are specifically talking about skinny.

If this is not your option, we can consider wide leg jeans.

In principle, you can also choose any clothes. Everything depends on tastes.


It is worth talking a little about choosing where to wear them.

There are many restrictions here. Institute, dinner party, banquet, restaurant, office, work. Leave them for walks, visits to public places, park, cinema – these places will be suitable.

When is it best to wear them and when not to wear them?

This option is spring-summer, for winter and autumn it is better to choose smaller holes or avoid them altogether, otherwise you will freeze and these jeans are unlikely to become your favorite.

In conclusion, I can say that you can make stylish jeans from old and unnecessary ones. And give them the look of recently purchased.

Author: Diana Pimonova

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