Skinny jeans: creating trendy looks for fall 2020

From the article you will learn what and how to wear skinny jeans in the fall of 2020. Indeed, in the new season, such narrow models will still be relevant, so fashionistas will need a detailed review of stylish looks for the fall.

Skinny – trendy looks for autumn 2020

The main distinguishing feature of such a wardrobe item is a special cut. Skinny jeans should fit snugly, fit your legs and be sure to be narrower at the bottom.

Despite not being a must-have for the fall season, skinnies have been replaced by raw bottoms and mom jeans, and they continue to be popular with stylists and women around the world. And if you complement the image with such tight pants with trendy items and accessories, you can get a truly fashionable outfit. You can make decorative cuts in the knee area, add scuffs to the product, or simply diversify the image with spectacular things.

For example, to make the bow relevant, add it:

  • trendy accessory of this season – a massive chain;
  • things in dark colors – you get a stylish and very elegant look;
  • voluminous top – loose chiffon blouse, oversized sweater.

Stylists warn that if you combine skinny jeans with a top that is too tight, the look will turn out to be boring and out of date.

Such skinny jeans can be used as a base for creating outfits in various styles. They are incredibly versatile and fit as an option:

  • for going to the office in combination with a business shirt or blouse;
  • for a party in tandem with a bright T-shirt;
  • for outdoor activities, paired with sneakers and a T-shirt.

Choosing shoes

Fashion experts note that skinny goes well with almost any shoe. Feminine pumps, ankle boots, demi-season boots, high-soled boots, and sneakers are perfect for creating stylish autumn looks.

  • High-heeled boots paired with skinny shoes will create a graceful and very feminine look that is suitable for creating a more delicate look. If you choose low ankle boots, they will visually lengthen your legs, especially if you choose them in the same color scheme with jeans.
  • Skinny jeans also look fashionable when paired with athletic shoes. A tandem with sneakers allows you to create a youthful, beautiful and interesting look.
  • Boots are another good option for skinny jeans. They can be anything, both on a stable heel and on a neat wedge. Such shoes will make the legs longer and the figure visually more slender.
  • Ankle-heeled ankle boots or combat boots are a great choice to pair with your skinny boots in cooler fall weather. To make the image as stylish as possible, fashion experts suggest choosing plain boots in a contrasting color. For example, with black jeans, brown shoes. A leather belt to match the shoes and a handbag will make your look simply luxurious.

Images with different models


Black skinny jeans are very popular in the fall of 2020, because they can be worn with any trendy tops, as well as combined with various shoes. They fit perfectly into demi-season outfits. The best combination option would be a lighter contrasting color – white, gray and others. Stylish look images, composed entirely in black.

[tds_note]Another advantage of black jeans is that they perfectly hide figure flaws and visually lengthen the legs.. [/tds_note]


This is not only the most common color of jeans, but also the most versatile and relevant in the fall of 2020. With these pants, you can create a variety of outfits that will look beautiful and stylish. Particular attention should be paid to dark blue models with a minimum number of decorative inserts and scuffs.


Such skinnies are also perfect for making up a fashionable autumn outfit. They go well with a black turtleneck, leather jacket, gray sweater or jacket. White sports shoes, pumps and ankle boots will be the perfect completion of a beautiful and fashionable bow.


Wear high-waisted skinny jeans with crop tops or tops tucked into the waistband for a fall 2020 look. If you complement the outfit with shoes to match the pants or just put on shoes with heels, you can visually lengthen your legs, make your figure slim and elegant.

However, overpriced models can be tricky. So, if you tuck a blouse or shirt into your pants, there is a high probability of creating additional volume in the waist area. Therefore, it is best to combine such models with a shortened top or fill the blouse partially, for example, only on the side.

We make stylish outfits for autumn

With bulky top

Skinny jeans and a voluminous top are the most stylish and fashionable technique that stylists recommend using when compiling outfits this year. For example, skinny can be safely combined with a cozy oversized sweater or the same loose jacket in a masculine style.

An excellent completion of the image will be shoes, boots or ankle boots.


Layering is one of the main trends of the autumn season. Therefore, women of fashion can safely create an image of skinny in tandem with a blouse, sweater or vest. The ideal addition to the outfit is low-cut boots with a high top or boots with a stable heel. To implement a practical bow for every day, sneakers or loafers are suitable.

Denim total bow

Another fashion trend of the autumn season is a denim total bow. Skinny pieces are great for creating a stylish look with denim shirts. This top can be tucked into pants or worn for graduation. In the first case, a wide leather belt will become an appropriate accessory. Ankle boots, heels or flats will complete the look. You can dilute the total bow with original accessories or throw an elegant light coat over your shoulders.

With folds

To draw attention to the elegance of the legs, you can simply tuck the edge of the trousers. Tall ladies can complement the look with low-cut shoes. Stiletto heels or platform heels will also look very stylish.

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The combination of skinny and knitted cardigan is the perfect option for a comfortable, practical and attractive look for the fall. This combination looks great with both flat shoes and heels, so it is perfect for making up everyday and evening outfit.


As for outerwear, skinnies are versatile and go well with things of various styles, cuts and lengths.

Stylish images can be obtained by combining skinny with a leather jacket, jacket, elongated jacket, raincoat, cardigan, knee-length coat.

To make the image more original, complement it with a beautiful hat.

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