Skirts 2021: fashion trends of the season

From the article you will find out which skirts will be in fashion in 2021. After all, every season prepares girls for something new and interesting. And what was very popular just recently is losing its relevance today. Let’s talk about the main trends for 2021, learn about new products, see photos of stylish bows.

Skirts – fashion trends 2021

Designers have offered women of fashion a large selection of a wide variety of models. Trendy skirts for 2021 range from discreet classics like the pencil skirt to trendy modern styles like the tutu skirt and feather embellishments.

Despite the fact that mid-length skirts are especially popular today, mini and maxi models will also be among the trendy ones.

As for fashionable colors, then fashionistas are given complete freedom. The pastel palette, discreet deep colors will be relevant. To create more original and catchy looks, designers suggest looking at printed skirts, as well as models with sequins.


Tweed skirts are not the novelty of the season, but they are still very popular among both stylists and fashionistas. In 2021, special attention should be paid to models in a delicate pastel palette, as well as skirts in brighter colors. Tweed is a beautiful and noble material, but it is best suited for sewing things for the cold season.

Some fashionistas mistakenly believe that tweed skirts age the look. However, thanks to trendy colors and patterns, such models look very fresh and stylish.

See how stylish a tweed suit looks on Russian singer Yulianna Karaulova. The girl very successfully composed the image, focusing on the legs with the help of the mini length. Agree, such a fashionable outfit is perfect for going to school or work, as well as a social event.


In 2021, denim wardrobe items will be as relevant as ever. Despite the fact that things from other fabrics have slightly pressed denim products, fashionable denim skirts will be incredibly popular in the spring-summer 2021 season.

Among the most trendy denim skirts, attention should be focused on straight elongated models. This style goes well with almost any clothes and shoes, looks great with both heels and sneakers.

Let’s see how star fashionistas fit trendy denim skirts into their everyday looks. Rihanna, Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner offer a stylish total denim look. Poppy Delevingne and Claudia Schiffer wear long, straight skirts with light-colored shirts.


If you still don’t know which fashionable skirt to choose in 2021 to be in trend, pay attention to leather models. Moreover, it is absolutely not necessary to buy expensive skirts made of natural materials; eco-leather products are also suitable. Outwardly, you can hardly distinguish them, while the substitute, as a rule, stretches better and is more comfortable to wear. Leather skirts are practical, easy to clean and look stunning!

Skirts of various styles are sewn from leather. The trend is a pencil skirt, mini, wraparound, made from this material.

These skirts are worn with various clothes and shoes. The only thing stylists warn is that you should not combine a leather skirt and leather jackets in one look. As outerwear, a woolen coat or a fabric jacket is better.

Star divas are very fond of leather skirts and often appear in them both at social events and in everyday life.


Tulle skirts are back in trend. Therefore, women of fashion can safely get their favorite tutu skirts from the far shelves. Such models are ideal for creating a youthful, light and playful outfit. Also, a tutu skirt will be a great addition to your party or prom look.

With feathers

The fashion trends of past seasons have confidently moved into 2021, so skirts with feathers will continue to be extremely relevant. This finish will be an excellent addition to any summer look. Long feathers can decorate only the hem of the skirt or cover it completely. The latter option can visually add a few extra centimeters to the waist and hips, so girls with a problematic figure should be careful with such skirts.

With flounces and ruffles

This fashion trend continues to gain popularity. After all, images with skirts decorated with flounces, frills and ruffles look incredibly feminine, attractive and stylish.

Especially popular in 2021 will be models not only with an original cut, but also with an interesting print. So, a combination of various frills and colors looks very stylish, which gives the image a zest and attractiveness.


To create a delicate, feminine and very elegant outfit, light and airy lace models of skirts are suitable. Models with guipure with embossed flowers look very stylish, as well as skirts with more voluminous lace decor. Such models will be an excellent option for creating an attractive image not only for every day, but also for an evening outfit.

Stylists advise in this case not to experiment with shoes. Give preference to elegant pumps with heels. Let there be at least one style of skirt that looks better with shoes, and not with sneakers.

High waist mini

No season is complete without stylish mini skirts. In 2021, such models will also be in demand among fashionistas, especially in the warm season. Today, the trendy mini is an elegant high-waisted skirt that allows you to visually lengthen your legs, stretch your figure and make it slimmer.


This style wanders from season to season. It seems that the pencil skirt will never lose relevance. In 2021, special attention should be paid to fashionable plaid skirts. Among the most trendy options for such a print should be highlighted:

  • Prince of Wales;
  • vichy;
  • goose foot.

To find the most fashionable pencil skirt, pay attention not only to the colors, but also to the features of the cut. The most elegant and discreet looks are fashionable images with a midi-length high-waisted skirt, complemented by neat cuts or discreet button-shaped decor.

Celebrities are very fond of and appreciate this style. Many stars regularly appear in public in pencil skirts. For example, look at the image of the American model Emily Ratajkowski. The girl chose a very feminine model with a slit that attractively exposes the leg while walking. American actress Jamie Chung opted for a plaid pencil skirt, successfully combining it with a black top and combined shoes.

flared sun

Femininity, softness and elegance – these are the qualities that a skirt fashionable in 2021 should meet. Stylists recommend paying special attention to retro sun-flared models. They wear such skirts with elegant pumps and sandals, as well as trendy sneakers and boots with rough soles.


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