Skirts 2022: fashion trends of the season

You cannot consider yourself a style icon if you are not interested in fashion novelties for several seasons to come: we have prepared for you everything you need to know about fashion skirts 2022. Get acquainted with the trends, update your wardrobe and get ready to conquer the world!

Strict skirt: a business woman’s musthave

It’s hard to imagine a businesswoman who only wears pantsuits. Of course, skirts should be in her arsenal! And the extent to which she follows fashion trends plays a big role in her reputation and successful career growth. Remember which skirts will be in fashion in 2022:

Straight fit models. Classic designs that never seem to go out of style. These high-waisted, knee-length skirts look great on different types of figure, suitable for both young girls and accomplished ladies. Their only negative is the often boring color scheme of gray-black tones. But fashion 2022 has turned the idea of ​​such skirts upside down. Now you can wear bright models to work, preferably with a contrasting stripe along the seam.

Pencil skirts. A great option if you are the owner of magnificent forms. The skirt, tapering to the hem, visually slims and lengthens the silhouette. Moreover, you can wear it with both high-heeled pumps and sports shoes. Pay attention to the original design of the hem: it can be lace, chinese, fringe.

Bouffant skirts. In the upcoming 2022, fashion trends dictate choosing skirts that are not A-shaped, not loose, but lush. With a lot of pleats, maybe even with a few petticoats. It’s time to make your childhood dreams come true! Moreover, the choice of colors is also very wide: from dark blue to bright red.

Beautiful summer skirts

Work is not a wolf, and you should not only care about office bows. Be sure to choose a few stylish new items for next summer. Moreover, now the choice is very wide.

Maxi. Toe-length skirts have long ceased to be an attribute of only ethnic style representatives. After all, it is very convenient, practical, and quite beautiful. And yet, esotericists claim that it is the skirt that helps a woman to be filled with the energy of the earth. And the longer it is, the more energy! In 2022, the most fashionable long skirts will be light, bright options. Preferably with a floral or geometric print.

Mini. The opposite extreme is models that cover only the hips. Such a skirt must be chosen very carefully, evaluating not only the features of your figure, but also the gait, and the circumstances under which you are going to wear this thing. Well, it is important not to overdo it with accents, because the extreme length will already attract attention. Opt for soothing shades, it is better to add colors by wearing a mini with a bright blouse.

Midi. Length to mid-calf – the squeak of the upcoming season. In general, this is due to the trend towards the return of the fashion of the 80s: it was then that such skirts were at the peak of their popularity. But if in the past forty years ago clothes were predominantly made of cotton, now the abundance of materials is amazing. A midi skirt allows you to create a fashionable look in a few minutes: complement it with a bright top, belt and ballet flats, you get a wonderful urban bow!

Asymmetry. These are definitely skirts that will not leave you without attention! The idea of ​​their creation appeared against the backdrop of the incredible popularity of one-shoulder tops. Now models of non-standard cut can be found with various decorative elements: ruffles, ruffles, rhinestones. But, in order not to look defiant, it is worth choosing a rather calm, strict top for such new clothes.

The main trends of the spring-summer 2022 season

Pleated skirts. Wonderful pleated options began to appear at Fashion week 2020. We are confident that their popularity will only increase next year. The universal length of such models is up to the knee. As a rule, they have a wide belt at the waist, you can also find overpriced options. If you are going to wear such a skirt to work or study, give preference to cream, beige and silver shades. For evening walks, you should choose more saturated shades: purple, burgundy, indigo.

Sports skirts. It is very interesting to watch how sports style develops. We are used to the fact that fitness suits consist exclusively of a top and leggings. But now it is not difficult to find options with a skirt. For example, the Adidas brand offers a mid-length skirt. Of course, it will be inconvenient to sit on the twine in it, but running is just right. Such models are also suitable for creating an image in the style of sport-chic. To do this, wear them with stilettos and a pretentious top.

Denim. Be sure to have trendy denim skirts in your wardrobe in 2022. After all, bows using denim are present in the collections of all world famous designers. You can wear such options with a cotton top, or you can impress everyone with a combination of a denim skirt with a denim vest or shirt.

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A selection of photos of fashionable skirts 2022 is impressive and inspiring – there are definitely plenty to choose from. But, going shopping, you do not need to blindly chase fashion trends. Do not forget to consider your individual style, figure and age.

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