Skirts that hide the belly

Want to pick up a skirt that hides the belly? You don’t have to hide under shapeless hoodies at all – you just need to correctly choose the product for your height, body type and leg length. Let’s try to understand the fashionable styles of skirts for women with a tummy and find the option that is right for you.


Style selection

In choosing a style, it is important not only to hide the stomach, but also to emphasize the dignity of the figure. The first thing you should pay attention to is the high waist, as the understated options will only highlight and lift the skin folds.

  • Tulip skirt not only disguise the stomach, but also increase the volume of the hips. Well suited for women with a triangular and rectangular body type.

It is better to wear such a skirt with a heel – it visually shortens growth. We recommend tucking any top into a skirt, otherwise the entire belly will be lost.

  • High waisted pencil skirt hide the stomach, stretch the figure and emphasize the calves. For the same reason, it is not recommended to wear it to women with massive calves.

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If you have a narrow waist, we advise you to wear a pencil skirt with a tight top. With a full waist, a loose tucked-in blouse will do. This skirt should not be chosen by women with too wide or too narrow hips, as well as owners of a rectangular body type.

  • A-line successfully masks the folds on the abdomen and hips. It looks elegant both in a classic and in a bright summer version.

The option below the knee visually shortens the legs, so this skirt is best worn with a heel or platform.

  • layered skirt from flowing fabric will not only hide the tummy, but also create an easy look. We advise you to choose flared elongated options below the knee.

We do not recommend massive products made of coarse fabrics – they will add extra pounds.

  • Skirt-sun or semi-sun in a bright version, it will help create a light summer or spring look, as well as add femininity to a classic style. The best length is up to or below the knee.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note: although the sun skirt is suitable for almost any type of figure, it noticeably increases the volume of the hips, especially with a short length.[/stextbox]

  • Pant skirt made of light fabric is best suited for tall girls. A flared skirt with a high waist will not only hide the stomach, but also visually lengthen the legs.

We recommend wearing it exclusively with heels.

  • Slimming skirt will help out if you need an express option. It was created to model the figure and will allow you to wear the desired skirt even if you have a tummy. The action of a slimming skirt is the same as that of corrective underwear – to tighten problem areas, hide wrinkles, hide excess weight.

Slimming skirt will help hide your imperfections

[stextbox id=’info’]Avoid year-round skirts, which, although they combine quite successful pencil and sun, will emphasize not only a full belly, but also massive calves.[/stextbox]

How to choose?

It is important to understand that style alone will not help overweight women hide their belly. Equally important are the material, color and prints.

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Do not take products with large buttons and zippers on the stomach. Be careful with large patterns: trendy volumetric floristry, animalistics and folklore motifs will only add extra volume.

Dark shades will visually make the figure slimmer. However, between a long black lace embossed skirt and a gray straight skirt made of smooth fabric, choose the second one.

Do not choose products from shiny fabrics. Fashionable skirts with sequins and large eyelets also fall into the black list.

Avoid tight knitwear and, on the contrary, too coarse fabrics that make the figure heavier. The best choices are crepe, viscose, jacquard, soft denim, as well as organic linen and cotton.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note: The long skirt is not for everyone. Even if the style of this skirt hides the stomach, it can visually shorten the legs and widen the hips.[/stextbox]

If there is a choice between too narrow and too loose, discard both. In the first case, the stomach will be visible due to strong tension, in the second case, due to baggy in the abdomen. The best option is a moderately tight-fitting thing.

Do not take skirts with horizontal stripes: they will emphasize the crease on the stomach even more. Also, we do not recommend choosing tight-fitting styles with vertical stripes. However, vertical stripes on a skirt with an A-line or sun skirt, on the contrary, look advantageous.

Fashion trends 2019

Pleated skirts are trending this season. They are well suited for medium-sized girls of low weight, but they will look awkward on overweight women over 50. Pleating will successfully add volume and airiness to girls with a triangular body type.

Look for skirts with draping on the sides or bottom: it will help divert attention from the bulging tummy. But horizontal drapery across the entire front will only accentuate the crease on the stomach.

Want to experiment? Buy a feather skirt. Its volume will divert attention from the bulging belly. It is better to choose the classic black version, because bright feathers can look out of place.

Fashionable fabric or leather inserts on the hips will not only divert attention from the tummy, but also reduce the hips. We advise you to choose options with a light main part and dark inserts.

In the trend of 2019, asymmetry. It looks great on an A-line, semi-sun and a multi-layered skirt. Knee-length options are well suited for women with inverted triangle and hourglass body types, and midi – pear and apple. Pay close attention to the asymmetry with the smell: take it only if it does not emphasize the stomach.

Stylish asymmetrical skirt in soft denim

High-waisted skirts and wide belts are back in fashion. They are able not only to hide the belly of full women, but also to make the waist thinner and the legs longer. For such styles, rough fabrics like tweed are acceptable. Often, high-waisted models are decorated with large pockets. Usually they look good, but in some cases they can make the image heavier.

This season, dark saturated colors of blue and green spectra are especially relevant. A pencil skirt in deep dark purple or classic black will look good. For festive options, orange, coral, burgundy and cherry colors are suitable. Pay attention to skirts with medium-sized smooth patterns and small polka dots.

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We offer you to look at a selection of photos of fashionable styles of skirts that hide the stomach and we hope that you will definitely find the option that suits you.


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