Skirts that make the look more expensive

Skirts that can make the image more expensive and more noble – this is not a myth, but a reality! From today’s article, you will learn which models you should pay special attention to achieve the desired result.

Fashionable models of skirts that can make the image nobler and more expensive

Each of us wants to look attractive, stylish and charming, regardless of age and budget. Stylists know a few secrets when choosing skirts that can easily cope with the task and transform any outfit – from everyday to formal. In addition, a properly selected model can not only make the image more expensive, but also transform the figure, make it visually slimmer, hide flaws and emphasize advantages. So, let’s see which skirt models you should pay attention to on your next shopping trip.

To the smell of light tones

A model with a smell of light shades can transform any look, make it expensive and at the same time easily mask figure flaws. Such a skirt will be a real find for young girls and women over 50 who prefer feminine and elegant looks with a touch of piquancy. In addition, a light wrap skirt is incredibly practical, as it can easily complement everyday, business and evening outfits.

Also, stylists pay attention to the magical properties of such models of skirts. They hide figure flaws very well, such as a protruding belly, extra pounds on the hips.

Red pencil”

Red color has always been associated with wealth and luxury, so a skirt of this color will certainly add chic and make the image more expensive. Some consider this shade to be quite daring, but it is he who can transform your ensemble. The pencil skirt itself fits perfectly on almost any type of figure, emphasizes the dignity and femininity of the silhouette. When choosing a skirt of a similar cut and shade, be careful with other details, they should be more restrained tones, for example, white or beige.

Leopard pleated

Pleated skirt of medium or maxi length in leopard print is a very successful combination that will certainly add luxury to the image. In such a model, you will certainly not go unnoticed, and demonstrate to others your impeccable taste and ability to understand fashion and style. In addition, a pleated model will allow you to mask figure flaws, if any.


A leather skirt is an automatic claim for luxury and elegance, because such material looks rich. Choose models of noble shades: burgundy, dark green or black. Pay attention to trendy pencil styles, to the smell, with a high waist. Complement your trendy look with a neat, discreet blouse or jacket – this is the perfect combination that is suitable for various occasions.

Checked midi

This is another version of the skirt that can make the image more expensive and more attractive. Stylists say that such a coloring easily fits into the images of girls of any physique. The most trendy option is a small cage in combination with a medium-length skirt with a straight silhouette. This model is ideal for both business and everyday looks, adding luxury, originality and attractiveness.

Pleated midi

A mid-length skirt is a universal model that suits all women without exception and can be combined with almost any top: a shirt, a blouse, a simple white T-shirt. Such a skirt looks especially stylish in the warm season, because it is in such weather that the most luxurious pleated options made of satin, silk and chiffon are appropriate.

In addition, such a midi model visually lengthens the legs, narrows the hips, emphasizes the waist and thin ankles. With such a skirt, the image is elegant, sophisticated and expensive.


A model of this cut perfectly hides minor figure flaws. Monochrome, non-printed options, for example, white and beige skirts, look the most expensive and chic.

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Despite the fact that the peplum is not at the peak of popularity today, it never goes out of style. Stylish and original beauties always return to this detail, especially those who want to create a truly spectacular and luxurious look. To give an image of high cost, choose models with basques in rich tones. Wear this skirt to work, to a holiday and even a simple meeting with friends.


Lightweight, weightless, iridescent fabric is ideal for the warm season. This skirt looks simply luxurious, especially when worn with a jacket and heels. Such a model perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hides the flaws. Stylists advise choosing silk skirts below the knee length, combining them in one look with discreet T-shirts and sneakers – you get a very stylish and modern outfit.

“Sun” from natural fabrics

Such a model perfectly emphasizes the length and slenderness of the legs, breaks off extra centimeters in the waist and hips. To give an image of luxury and wealth, choose a skirt made from natural materials, such as cotton and linen.

We hope that thanks to our article, you can easily choose a skirt that can make the image more expensive and luxurious.

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