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Isn’t it true that in the battle for beauty, all means are good? Some desperate beauties in pursuit of perfection are even ready to go under the surgeon’s knife. Stop and think. There are a huge number of more humane and pleasant ways to be beautiful. First of all, beauty is naturalness, harmony and moderation. If you want to be slim and beautiful, do not rush to the surgeon, try softer body shaping products, such as a slimming patch.

Plasters for various medical purposes have been used for a very long time, about 3000 years. Even in ancient Egypt, medicines were used in the form of a patch, because this form is very convenient. I would especially like to say about the traditions of oriental medicine, which is becoming more and more popular. Traditional detox and weight loss patches should not be considered “cheap Chinese handicrafts.” These are funds with a good reputation and sufficient history. And the quality of the product is determined by the manufacturer, regardless of the country.

Transdermal patches

Plasters in general are the most rapidly developing dosage form. In particular, patches are used to transfer drugs to diseased organs through the skin without damaging it. This is the so-called transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) – the drug is slowly released and absorbed into the blood through the top layer of the skin.

Today, painkillers, cardiovascular, hormonal and anti-nicotine drugs are produced using TTC technology. Information about the creation and use of a “transdermal patch” to reduce appetite has not yet been confirmed by official medicine and needs to be verified.

But given that this method of transporting drugs through the skin is only about 20 years old, we can hope that it will be improved soon. And we will be able to do without painful procedures when the drug is injected into the body

In the meantime, it’s too early to talk about TTS in relation to slimming patches. This is not a cure for obesity, but just an aid in the fight for health and beauty.

How the patch works

The active substances enter the body directly through the skin, and not through the gastrointestinal tract, they are not affected by enzymes and gastric juice, they enter the cells through the intercellular fluid, accelerating the metabolism directly in the problem area, while the lymphatic system is activated, the system blood circulation, the breakdown of fats increases, swelling disappears. The body is cleansed and loses ballast in the form of toxins, water and excess fat. This can happen even without increasing physical activity and a strict diet, only due to the action of active ingredients.

What is the slimming patch made of?

The composition of the patch, depending on the preferences and capabilities of the manufacturer, may include:

  • kelp;
  • Chinese camellia;
  • Hoodia Gordonii extract;
  • guarana;
  • fucus finely bubbling;
  • pepper extract;
  • caffeine
  • extracts of oriental medicinal herbs and some other components.

Who makes it

This market segment is filled with a large number of manufacturers from many countries: USA, France, Italy, Korea, China…

We list the most famous companies among Russian consumers:

  • Lusero (Italy) kelp and camellia cope with fat deposits on the abdomen and reduce its amount throughout the body.
  • Slim Patch (USA) – Tibetan herbs actively destroy fat, have a positive effect on blood circulation. This patch is enough to use during sleep.
  • JenFe (USA) – forskolin, goa extract and green tea extract enhance the effect of the patch.
  • Soso (China) – Pennsylvania sedge and orris root help to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Haogang (China) – as many Chinese medicines are used to influence the acupuncture point in the navel This patch has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory system, breaks down fat, removes excess fluid from the body and cleanses it of toxins and toxins.

How to use the slimming patch

Very simple. Stick the patch on clean, dry, undamaged skin without signs of diseases and fungal infections and leave it there for the required time (from 20 minutes to 24 hours depending on the type of patch, its composition, the recommendations of the manufacturer and your doctor or fitness consultant ). Change the patch daily during the course, sticking the next one on the next problem area. The duration of the course is from 2 weeks to a month.

To combat pronounced cellulite, you can use two patches at the same time, but no more. If necessary, the course can be repeated after 4-6 months. It is not advisable to continue the course for more than 30 days.

The patch is recommended to be used as part of a weight loss complex, including cleansing the body, sufficient physical activity, a balanced diet, and the required amount of water.

Pros and cons

The undoubted advantages include convenience and ease of use, the absence of a harmful effect on the digestive organs, safety for health, subject to the recommendations.

The disadvantages are the rather high price and not always satisfactory results.

To whom it is contraindicated

Nursing mothers, pregnant women, children under 14 years of age, people with impaired thyroid function, diabetes, kidney failure, allergies to any components.

Do you need a slimming patch? Consult with a specialist, weigh all the pros and cons.

The patch will not give the desired result without effort, especially if you have a significant degree of obesity. Get ready to take action in the fight against excess weight. And only at the end of losing weight, use patches to make your figure and skin perfect. If you decide to use this method, buy patches from well-established manufacturers. Tune in psychologically to get the effect and be beautiful and healthy!

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