Slimming shirts

A properly selected slimming shirt will not only hide figure flaws, but also help create an interesting business or casual look. The choice of such a shirt depends not only on the type of figure, but also on the material, color, and style of the skirt or trousers with which you are going to wear it. Let’s try to figure out which shirt options are best suited for overweight women.

Choosing a shirt model

Today’s fashion and a wide range of design solutions will allow you to choose the perfect shirt for both work and evening outings.

Consider popular models:

  • Loose fit

It has been in trend for several seasons. Naturally created vertical pleats slim and elongate the figure. Such a shirt will hide not only a full tummy, but also massive arms. Elongated options look advantageous. You can find a model with an elongated back or interesting asymmetry.

[stextbox id=’info’]Tip: An oversized white shirt will make you look slimmer when paired with trendy jeans. Do not combine it with classic trousers or flares. [/stextbox]

  • “Bat”

Sleeves-wings, passing into the sides, will help to hide the fullness of the arms, the lack of a waist and extra folds. Such shirts with a V-neck, lack of prints and decorative inserts look advantageous. It is good to wear such a model both with classic trousers and with a sun skirt and even shorts. However, keep in mind that this style visually reduces growth, so it is better to wear it with a heel.

  • With smell

Such models will successfully highlight the chest and hide extra folds. Well suited options with a high waist, diverting attention from the stomach. Summer models of shirts with open shoulders are interesting, which will expose the collarbones and shoulders, while hiding unnecessary details. Wrap shirts are a winning option for both young plump women and women over 50.

Peplum wrap shirt

  • Basque

It will make the image feminine and hide the extra volume in the area of ​​the sides and abdomen. We do not recommend choosing a short protruding peplum, which will look like a shortened ballerina’s tutu. Take a closer look at models with a peplum from the waistline to the base of the femur. Also, the peplum will smooth the transition to massive hips and make the figure more streamlined.

  • elongated

We are talking separately about elongated shirts for obese women that slim them, because they suit almost any type of figure. Elongated options will successfully hide the stomach, the transition to wide hips, and also harmonize the proportions of the figure as a whole. Paired with a stand-up collar, V-neck and high heels, they will elongate your figure and help you create an extravagant look.

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Color and material

The best materials are viscose, chiffon, silk, knitwear, linen and cotton. If the fabric is too thin, we advise you to wear a basic shirt under it so as not to expose unnecessary folds. If there is a choice between artificial and natural fibers, choose the second: this way the skin will breathe and perspiration will decrease.

If you choose a product with a large pattern, especially polka dots, make sure that the pattern is not distorted or overtightened in certain areas, as this will emphasize skin folds. However, if the choice is between large and small peas, choose large, because the second is more difficult to find a suitable slimming bottom.

[stextbox id=’info’]Please note: we advise you to avoid models with horizontal drapery and wide stripes: they will add extra volume. [/stextbox]


Options with fashionable lace inserts look elegant. Winning models with lacy loose sleeves. They will divert attention from full hands and create a romantic, gentle image. In addition, the lace does not stretch on problem areas.

List of actual colors of shirts for obese women:

  • Black and dark blue;
  • Dark green;
  • Red (but not shiny);
  • Burgundy;
  • Pastel shades.

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How to choose a shirt according to the type of figure?

Fat women have different problem areas: abdomen, hips, shoulders, arms, waist. In many ways, weight predisposition determines the type of figure. Let’s figure out which shirts are best suited for different types.

  • Pear. Owners of massive hips and narrow sloping shoulders need to emphasize the top of the shirt to balance the figure. Choose loose fit options with large pockets and other decorative inserts on the chest. A good option is the bat style. Beware of the length to the middle of the thigh: this way you will emphasize the overweight bottom.

  • Apple. For women with a weakly defined waist, it is most important to lengthen the figure, highlight the shoulders and hips. We advise you to choose options with standing sleeves of a straight cut or with a peplum. A V-shaped neckline will look good, lengthening the neck. Pay attention to elongated options and models with a high waist.

  • Hourglass. Women with such a figure are lucky to have magnificent breasts and wide hips with a relatively thin waist. Therefore, fitted options, and basque, and oversize are well suited to them. You should not take baggy shirts, as they, on the contrary, will hide streamlined shapes.

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  • Triangle. Broad-shouldered women are advised to wear asymmetrical shirts with “softening” bat or butterfly sleeves. You can choose an option with dark inserts in the upper part, which will visually reduce the chest area. Green light for models with an oval neckline, red for models with a V-shaped neckline. The latter, although they lengthen the neck, put an extra emphasis on broad shoulders.

[stextbox id=’info’]An interesting idea would be a fashionable poncho shirt that will help hide full arms. Avoid flashy colors and large prints because they will focus attention in unwanted places. [/stextbox]

  • Rectangle. For full women without pronounced curves, it is better to abandon the fitted options. We advise you to stop at oversized shirts with a free cut, as well as interesting models with decorative inserts. Elongated options and asymmetry are well suited.

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As you can see, it is not so difficult for overweight women to choose a shirt that will slim them. The main thing is to rely on your parameters, not be afraid to change style and try something new.

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