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“Soapy” eyebrows: features of the trend 2020

What to do when you want your eyebrows to look like Cara Delevingne, but there is no money to constantly spend money on beauty salons? Fortunately, there is a cheap replacement for traditional coloring and extension procedures – “soapy eyebrows”.

Soapy eyebrows

They were named so because ordinary soap is used to give the eyebrows the necessary volume. Moreover, this find is used not only by ordinary girls, but also by stylists of top models. They are fully consistent with today’s trend – wide, natural and thick eyebrows, as this technique greatly adds volume to them.

Where did the idea come from

To add volume, you no longer need expensive gels. Ordinary soap will help fix the eyebrows combed up. Some stylists even claim that soap holds hairs even stronger than specialized products.

The history of soapy eyebrows

Make-up artists adopted this method from film artists – make-up artists used a comb up to hide the actor’s real eyebrows, and draw new ones, of any shape, on top of them. At the same time, they were additionally masked with powder, foundation. Stylists in the world of haute couture loved the first step of this procedure because the brushed-up eyebrows looked thick and flying.

How to fix the position of the eyebrows with soap

  1. The face is thoroughly moistened with water. A little soap is applied to a dry toothbrush or a special brush for combing the eyebrows. Wet it with water.
  2. It is better to take soap with the highest content of glycerin, as it will absolutely not cause irritation on the skin. Also look for clear soap that won’t show on your face.
  3. With a brush with soap, carefully comb the hairs up. In this way, the future structure and form is created. It is desirable that the distance between them turned out to be approximately the same. It is ugly when a “bald spot” appears in the middle of the line.
  4. The next step is color correction. The necessary powder, pencil or lipstick is applied over the fixing layer. Soap does not interfere with the application of basic makeup and does not smear when using it. For greater effect, you can run a small amount of transparent gel over the finished makeup.

Soap application technique

Some prefer not to take a brush, but apply a layer directly with a bar of soap. But in this way it is difficult to dose its amount and not move the hair in the process.

When not to use

Soapy eyebrows are strictly not a long-term decoration when you need to take a beautiful photo on Instagram or briefly flash makeup. It must be remembered that stylists use them for models who only show clothes for a short time. They are not suitable for constant daily use. First, in hot weather, sweat dissolves soap, and it can get into your eyes. In addition, under soap, even the best, the skin rots, so irritation may occur.

When to Use Soapy Eyebrows

Thus, “soapy eyebrows” are a popular trend of the season. Unfortunately, they cannot be worn every day, but fashionistas can try a new way for themselves to get interesting photos or interested looks on the street.

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