Soft lifting – non-surgical plastic

Today, many rejuvenation techniques do not require the use of anesthesia, do without traumatic intervention and further rehabilitation period. One of these magical procedures is softlifting – an effective and painless procedure.

Sooner or later, every woman begins to notice on her face the inexorable signs of impending aging. Of course, wrinkles, a double chin, a blurred oval of the face and bruises under the eyes do not add optimism to anyone, since in our age of advanced technologies, everyone has a real opportunity to enjoy their reflection in the mirror for many years, remaining young and beautiful.

Today, the skillful hands of a plastic surgeon literally work wonders, turning back the clock, and some modern rejuvenation techniques do not even need anesthesia, do without traumatic intervention and a further rehabilitation period. One of these magical procedures is softlifting – the latest minimally invasive anti-aging technique that has gained immense popularity in Western countries and Europe.

This advanced technology, as well as classical contouring, involves the use of fillers – preparations based on hyaluronic acid. However, unlike other methods of injection rejuvenation, softlifting provides a much greater effect in combination with less traumatism. This becomes possible due to the introduction of fillers into the deep layers of tissues, and not subcutaneously, which provides instant facial rejuvenation that does not require subsequent rehabilitation.

For each area of ​​the face, the surgeon selects a preparation of different density, which ensures the best effect that lasts up to 12 months. The whole procedure takes 20-30 minutes and does not require any preliminary preparation. To inject the drug into the tissues of the face, the surgeon uses special flexible needles with a rounded end – cannulas, and the hole for the exit of the filler is located on the side. All this helps to prevent damage to tissues and blood vessels and, as a result, to avoid bruising and bruising after the procedure.

Softlifting is recommended for all women over 30 years of age. With the help of this procedure, it is possible to cope with nasolacrimal wrinkles under the eye, correct the nasolabial folds, the shape of the lips, raise the corners of the mouth, get rid of the “flews”, outline the cheekbones and chin. It should be noted that one of the advantages of this technique is the absence of obvious signs of surgical intervention, which will avoid annoying questions from friends and colleagues. Your skin becomes naturally radiant, healthy, firm and youthful – what else can every woman dream of?

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