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A monophonic manicure is concise and simple, so against the backdrop of the main fashion trends of 2020, such nail art will be extremely relevant. For those girls who want to somehow diversify the monochrome coating, the masters recommend taking a closer look at the original design options, the choice of which in the new season is quite large.


Features of a monochromatic manicure

Among the main trends of 2020, one can single out the trend towards minimalism, so a concise monochromatic coating will be appropriate and will be at the peak of popularity. This manicure is suitable for various events, because it is simple and versatile. At the same time, the right color will help complete the look, add zest and mood.

Today, business women are increasingly choosing a monophonic manicure, since such nail art harmoniously complements any, even the most strict dress code.

Another advantage of a manicure made in one color is that it is suitable for nails of any shape and length, so any woman can use it to give her hands a well-groomed and attractive look.

Using gel polish to create a manicure, nails will be able to retain their attractiveness for a long time and will be more resistant to deformation.

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Color selection rules

Fashion trends of plain manicure for 2020 have their own characteristics. They mainly consist in the choice of color and decor. As for the color scheme, here the choice is made most often, based on individual preferences, wardrobe features and the time of year.

  • If a girl likes to be in the spotlight, then she should definitely look at the dark monophonic nail art – black, blue, brown, purple, wine, green. However, we should not forget that such a coating looks best on short or medium length nails.

  • To create a calm and discreet look, it is better to give preference to a lighter coating without unnecessary decor. As a base, you can choose beige, powdery pink, blue, peach and white.

[stextbox id=’info’]The color scheme of different seasons has fundamental differences, not only in the choice of colors, but also in its saturation.[/stextbox]

  • When creating a spring wardrobe, you should look at a bright, but not very saturated palette. Suitable shades of gray, pistachio, gray-green, blue, salmon.

  • For summer, you can experiment with brighter and more saturated colors, preferring a catchy palette and even neon shades.

  • The autumn-winter palette is more restrained. In the cold season, deeper shades prevail – wine, emerald, blue, lilac, black and other colors.

Novelties in monophonic manicure

Masters of the nail art industry in 2020 offered fashionistas a lot of new and original ideas for creating a stylish monophonic manicure. It can be quite catchy, bright or gentle. Let’s get acquainted with the most trendy options.


Nude shades allow you to create the most natural and gentle manicure. Also, this nail art is practical and versatile, as it fits any look, combined with any style of clothing.


Speaking of a monochromatic manicure, one cannot but mention the red coating. Bright and rich scarlet, as well as other shades of red – wine, pomegranate, raspberry, allow you to create a memorable image. Such varnish most often does not require additional decor, however, if you really want to, you can add nails with a small amount of rhinestones.


This is another classic shade that allows you to create a stylish look. It goes well with various decor options, being an excellent base for rhinestones, glitter or foil.

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In recent seasons, matte manicure is extremely popular. Despite its simplicity, it allows you to create a very interesting and memorable image, pay attention to the nails. The combination of glossy and matte finishes within one nail art looks original and stylish. With the help of this technique, the masters manage to create a very interesting and fashionable manicure.

With sand

This option looks original and unbanal, so fashionistas who are used to being the center of attention will like it. As a basis, you can choose a varnish of any color, it all depends on individual preferences. You can also experiment with the base itself – choose a glossy or matte finish.

When the base coat is applied, you should pick up the sand and decorate one or two fingers on your hand with it. The texture of the sand may also differ – both fine powder and larger beads will be relevant.

With rhinestones

The choice of rhinestones for decorating a manicure today is extremely large. They can be of any shape, size and color. Such pebbles perfectly complement plain nails. Girls should take a closer look at the decor in the style of minimalism, when there is only one pebble in the hole area on each nail. A manicure also looks very stylish when a whole nail is lined with rhinestones.

Pebbles in the form of a strip, a combination of rhinestones of different sizes and many other options look fresh and always appropriate.


Interesting sequins of different colors and shapes can refresh any plain manicure. Properly selected decor will make the nails more provocative and elegant. Experiment with the tone of the foundation and the look of the sparkles, and you will get a trendy design that will set the mood and please the eye.

With glitter

Small sequins can add charm to any manicure. This nail art looks expensive and elegant. Glitter is perfect for decorating nails for a special occasion. By adding sparkles to only one finger, you can get an original and feminine manicure for every day.

With rubbing

Rubbing on nails has been popular with fashionistas for more than a season. After all, this design looks very interesting, allowing you to create a variety of spectacular coatings on your nails. Today, metallic and mother-of-pearl rubbing is in trend, and the coating with the chameleon effect also looks stylish.

[stextbox id=’info’]Delicate nail art using rubbing today is increasingly chosen by brides.[/stextbox]

With foil

To make a monochromatic base look more stylish and original, try adding foil to the manicure. This decor has been among the favorites for more than a season, because it allows you to create a new and unique pattern every time, complementing both everyday looks and bows for a special occasion.

With lace

Not so long ago, such an interesting variant of nail decor as lace came into fashion. To create a spectacular print, stamping is most often used. It turns out very interesting and original art, which perfectly complements the monophonic…

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