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Sophisticated details for a stylish summer look 2020

With the advent of warm days, more and more bright and beautiful things appear in the women’s wardrobe. Perhaps summer is the perfect time to experiment with your look: you can combine clothes of different shades, complement them with all sorts of accessories. Well-known trendsetters talked about exquisite details for a stylish look in 2020.

fashion details

straw hats

In hot weather, you can’t do without a headdress, and this summer a straw hat will be in trend. It will suit both a beach sundress with sandals, and an urban style. As for color, stylists offer a wide variety:

  • black;
  • sand;
  • red;
  • Orange.

The main condition is wide margins. It looks very stylish when the hat has uneven and sloppy edges.

straw hats

Belts and belts

Belts made in the form of chains and chains will help to give the image chic, moreover, it is not necessary that they be made of metal, any material will do. This accessory can be placed at the waist over a shirt, dress or jacket.

Rope leather straps look very unusual and original if you wrap them around your waist several times and tie them in a knot. The only condition is that it is important that the belt is matched to the color of the outfit.

belts and belts


A win-win option that will make any woman stylish is a scarf, beautifully tied around her neck. This accessory will add femininity and sexuality to the image. The scarf should be tied under the throat, it is advisable to do this in several turns.

For office style, you can tie it in the form of a tie, then it will help to dilute the strict look.


Bright and massive earrings

This fashionable and self-sufficient accessory is the squeak of fashion in the summer of 2020. Stylists say that it does not matter what shape these jewelry will be, the main thing is that they be colored. They can be used as the main accent or complement the overall image. The material is also not important: in the trend are products made of fabric, plastic and precious metals.

big earrings


Another important accessory that every fashionista should have is a bandana or scarf, because this summer a headband is considered a must-have item. She will not only make the girl more attractive, but also protect her hair from burnout.

scarf on the head

Designers offer a wide range of products, there are even elegant ribbons with luxurious floral decor, and there are scarves for young people who love originality and creativity. There are also many ways to tie, so you can choose an option for any outfit.

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