Space manicure – trend 2020

A trendy space-themed manicure is gaining popularity in the 2020 season. This design fascinates with its beauty, so we invite you to get to know it better!



Fashion in the world of nail art is changing quite rapidly, but there are trends that can boast of amazing constancy. For example, such a long-term trend is the minimalist style with its inherent conciseness of design. The space theme can also work closely with this trend and create a simple and stylish design that is not without a twist. The most popular way to implement this tandem is a manicure with a monophonic coating and minimalistic drawings of planets and stars.

[stextbox id=’info’]The classic solution for such nail art is a spectacular union of black varnish with sparkles or a glossy top with a nude finish. Such a manicure looks restrained, but still catches the eye of others.[/stextbox]

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Full moon

Not only minimalistic images can act as a fashionable pattern in space manicure. The moon in different phases of the full moon is also considered a stylish motif. Such a pattern will look expressive on a uniform black varnish, which, by the way, is at the peak of popularity in the 2020 season.

If desired, such a design can be realized by independent forces. This master class demonstrates step by step the intricacies of drawing an image. The main thing is not to forget about the fixing coating at the final stage.


If you want to create a truly spectacular design, you can pay attention to the relevance of watercolor technique. It is she who is able to embody the mysterious overflows and transitions between shades, which are most welcome in cosmic motifs.

Many masters in the 2020 season prefer to combine watercolor technique with a transparent coating. Moreover, the second is usually placed on the base of the nail – this trick allows you to extend the period of wearing a manicure and maintain its aesthetics even as the plates grow.


Using glitter in a manicure is a great idea that can noticeably transform any familiar design. Let’s look at which decor options are especially relevant in the 2020 season. If you want to add a little holiday to a space manicure, you definitely need to connect spectacular glitter to its creation!

Rhinestones will also be a stylish decoration for space-themed designs. But it should be borne in mind that in the 2020 season it is important to use small stones in limited quantities. A win-win move is a figured display of rhinestones on one nail as an accent.

Rhinestones can also imitate constellations in a manicure – for this you need to arrange them in a certain order.

This photo shows how spectacular a space manicure can be with the participation of a gel polish with shiny particles.

Volumetric decor

It is easy to give the design uniqueness and originality with the help of three-dimensional decor. In the 2020 season, it can be beads, metallic rings, beads, decorative stones and pearls. Behind the showiness of such a manicure lies the other side of the coin – this is its fragility. Accordingly, a design with three-dimensional elements is best suited for special occasions. It is also worth considering that such a complex nail art harmoniously looks only on fairly long nails.

Matte top

Matte space manicure is another big trend of the 2020 season. As a rule, such a design involves applying a base coat in a dark saturated color – black, blue or purple. Such a palette in a duet with a matte top is able to reveal all its depth and splendor. To give expressiveness to such a coating, craftsmen usually use metallic glitter or other sparkling decor.

When creating a trendy design, the creation of laconic drawings of planets and constellations can also be used. A win-win option is to apply the motif with a contrasting white varnish. If you doubt your artistic abilities, you can use ready-made themed stickers.

Both drawings and shiny decor on a matte background can coexist perfectly in one manicure.

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Emphasis on the thumb

A stylish feature of a fashionable manicure in the 2020 season can be an emphasis on the thumb. This technique is easy to implement with the help of a drawing or decor. The rest of the nails are usually prepared for a monophonic coating, but the space style allows them to be decorated using the “cat’s eye” technique.

Space with an emphasis on only one nail looks great on short nails, because the natural length does not tolerate a complex and overloaded design.

Coated in a single color

If you want a cosmic nail design to look discreet enough to easily fit into any everyday look, you can connect a combination with a solid color coating. It is worth noting that in such nail art, varnish with both a glossy and matte finish looks appropriate – the choice directly depends on the preferences of the fashionista. Each girl also independently decides how many nails to choose for applying an accent pattern.


The gradient technique is still in demand in the world of nail design, and during its popularity it has taken on new forms. A stylish idea is the embodiment of the ombre effect combined with a cosmic effect. To make this design even more expressive, add loose glitter with a smooth stretch.


The web is listed among the leading trends of the 2020 season. This is a special technique using flexible gel polish, which allows you to create thin intersecting lines on the nails. The most advanced fashionistas quickly found out that such a novelty is easy to combine with the background of the starry sky. The main thing is that the pattern should be in contrast with the base for maximum effect.

cat eye

The cat-eye coated design is not on the top of the 2020 season trends list, but many girls still prefer it. They are easy to understand, because such nail art literally fascinates with unusual overflows and sparkling highlights. Bribes and the fact that such an effect is easy to implement at home – for this you just need to arm yourself with a special magnetic varnish. With such an assistant, you can create a unique cosmic effect on your nails in a matter of minutes.

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Tips for the perfect result

Creating a cosmically fashionable manicure at home is not such a difficult task as it might seem at first glance. If you decide on this experiment, then, most likely, the recommendations of professionals will come in handy.

  • The easiest way to create the desired coating with independent forces is to use a varnish that already contains shimmery…

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