Spanish fashion: a side view

Spanish fashion has been surprising world brands for many years with its unusualness, lightness and pragmatism. Forget about the classic image of a burning brunette in a scarlet dress and a rose in her hair – in everyday life, every Spanish woman dresses the way she wants!

Curious fact. We actively follow the luxury brands of France and Italy, but in reality, the Spaniards dress us for everyday life.

It is in this country that a huge number of specialists who are engaged in the creation of practical everyday clothes for people of different ages and social groups. The most demanded is the Inditex Group holding, which includes Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius. This empire owns more than 7490 stores in 96 countries, in 156 countries the company’s products are available online.

Spaniards follow their own taste and only those fashion trends that they like! Young girls pay little attention to sophisticated classic-style outfits and rarely pay attention to brands and big names of designers. Layering and a combination of different styles are in fashion.

The most popular styles that Spaniards like to mix with the prefix casual

  • Drama (especially Grunge)
  • Sport and Sport chic
  • boho

Comfort is placed above the appearance and “branding” of things. Favorite wardrobe items for Spaniards:

  • Jeans (from skinny to wide legs)

  • Knitwear (from voluminous sweaters to dresses)

  • Leather (this trend has firmly settled in the wardrobe of almost every Spanish fashionista)

  • T-shirts and Tops ( now all marked Crop )
  • Sneakers and Sneakers ( from basic white to trendy models )
  • Dresses (especially in different prints and bright colors)

  • Skirts, especially mini and slits (regardless of body type)
  • Rough boots (comfortable, practical, grunge, especially popular with teenagers)

  • Boots-Cossacks (they wore them in 2012, they still wear them now, they put them on both in winter and summer, especially popular with all ages)
  • Decorations (many, many decorations of various styles, colors and shapes)

With age, Spanish ladies, like good wine, become more beautiful and elegant! Stylish items from brands such as Uterqüe, Bimba y Lola, Tous, etc. appear in the wardrobe.

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Shoes and bags made of genuine leather, in particular, are chosen by respectable seniors and successful business ladies to emphasize their high social status.

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I think that the main difference between Spanish fashion and the rest is that Spanish women have stopped chasing all the trends at the same time, and choose only what they really like and does not go beyond their personal comfort.

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Stylist-image maker Olga Chernysheva

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