Sparkling manicure with rhinestones 2023

Sparkling manicure continues to excite the hearts of fashionistas. And no wonder, because the crystals laid out in intricate patterns look luxurious on the nails, without exaggeration. But, if earlier this decorative element was included exclusively in evening and solemn images, today glitter has become part of everyday, sports and even business fashion. What will surprise us with manicure with rhinestones-2023? Let’s talk about the latest design trends.

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Beautiful manicure with rhinestones: design ideas 2023

Brilliant decor is whimsical, as it requires an ideal base under it. It is not allowed that the nail plate was unevenly filed, had chips. Cuticles should look neat, and gel polish should lie flawlessly even. After all, rhinestones will definitely draw attention to hands and manicure, and therefore it is worth striving for perfection. As for the length and shape, there are no restrictions at all. Crystals will emphasize the beauty of both a short square, and a medium oval, and a long pointed nail.

The following is a list of modern design ideas.

  • With dedicated hole. This is a kind of reverse french. Lay glitter or metallic rhinestones in a single row along the cuticle for a stylish nail art look that will look great in any setting. In addition, the hole can be distinguished by fixing the crystals with a triangle or a semicircle. This design is relevant not only for manicure, but also for pedicure. Take note of this ahead of the summer season.

  • figurines. Transparent and multi-colored, large and small rhinestones allow you to bring any design idea to life. In 2023, it will be especially popular to lay out a variety of figures from stones. For example, butterflies, dragonflies, stars and snowflakes, flowers, hearts, a crown, bows, berries and fruits. Opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy – a huge amount. This nail art will look very entertaining.

  • Striped. Fashionable manicure with rhinestones-2023 is more inclined towards minimalism than pretentiousness. And this makes it even more popular with modern women. It is enough to lay out a laconic strip of stones along, across or obliquely one nail, so that nail art acquires sophistication and sophistication. A graphic manicure can even be worn to the office, especially if you choose a nude or pastel finish as a base.

  • Arcuate. Pretty uncomplicated design, which is positioned as the novelty of the season. Crystals are laid out in a semicircle or arcuate, but not across, but along the length of the nail plate, or at an angle. It looks fresh, neat, fashionable, stylish. And again, no pretentiousness – everything is extremely tasteful. Just what you need to complement the image of a modern lady. If desired, rhinestones can be combined with miniature pearls.

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  • total chic. In 2023, minimalist nail design is in trend. However, this does not stop many fashionistas from completely covering some nails with rhinestones. And this is also quite understandable, because it is difficult to resist the luxurious brilliance of crystals. As a rule, such a bold and catchy nail art complements evening bows. But, resorting to it, it is important to remember the sense of proportion. Do not combine this design with sparkles.

  • colorful crystals. Do you want to see a light, bright spring design on your nails? Then turn to multi-colored rhinestones. They will be a good alternative to drawings, kamifubuka and foil. Green, pink, ruby, blue, yellow crystals will noticeably enliven the image, make it more memorable. You can place colorful pebbles on both nude and bright tops. The design will turn out successful on both short and long nails.

  • French. The traditional jacket is also perfectly combined with a brilliant decor. Moreover, many women of fashion highlight directly the entire free part of the nail with rhinestones. Reception is simple, but interesting in its own way. However, more often than not, crystals simply become part of the design. They are fixed at the hole, along the diagonal of the nail or at the very border with the “smile” line. Such nail art can be safely included in the wedding images of the bride.

  • For sharp nails. The pointed shape of the nails is a popular fashion trend in the 2023 season. And a manicure with rhinestones will look especially impressive here. Collect some intricate pattern from crystals, or lay them out in a “snake” along the entire length of the nail. You can get by with a path of small crystals that runs along the perimeter of the entire hole. Feel free to show your imagination to get the design of your dreams.

As for suitable shades for covering marigolds, there will also be plenty to choose from. An incredibly luxurious and solemn design will turn out if you place rhinestones on a burgundy or dark green background. For stylish club and cocktail looks, choose black gel polish. A rhinestone manicure on a red or bright blue background will help draw attention to your person. For business bows, choose a nude palette, and for laid-back summer ones – yellow, pink, blue shades.

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A bride’s manicure with crystals can be done in white, cream, powdery, pearl colors.

Manicure 2023 with rhinestones is a luxury that every woman can afford. In the photos presented in today’s review, you can consider the popular types of design in more detail.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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