Specialized diagnostic center at the MEDSI clinic on Belorusskaya

Clinical Diagnostic Center MEDSI on Belorusskaya provides both outpatient and laboratory diagnostic services. On the basis of the Clinical Diagnostic Center MEDSI on Belorusskaya, the Center for Diagnostics and Innovative Medical Technologies was established.

The Center for Diagnostics and Innovative Medical Technologies is one of the first medical institutions in Moscow, which uses innovative technologies and the most modern equipment from Germany, the USA, Japan and Russia. There are three departments on the basis of this Center:

  • Department of Cardiology.
  • Department of express diagnostics.
  • Department of extracorporeal methods of treatment.

Bad habits, adverse external factors, stress – all this can contribute to the development of various diseases.

At the Clinical Diagnostic Center MEDSI on Belorusskaya, patients have a unique opportunity to undergo a comprehensive express diagnostics of the body in just a few hours.

MEDSI specialists determine risk factors for the development of cardiovascular, oncological and other pathologies, identify genetic predisposition to various diseases, hormonal imbalances, blood composition and develop recommendations for further prevention and, if necessary, treatment.

All necessary examinations are carried out only with the help of modern equipment of well-known world manufacturers. Highly qualified therapists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, physiotherapists and other specialists with many years of experience work at the Clinical Diagnostic Center MEDSI on Belorusskaya.

A comfortable short stay in the hospital, innovative medical technologies, high professionalism of doctors and impeccable service – all this will help make the treatment process the most effective and calm.

Legal entities have the opportunity to conclude a contract for the maintenance of their employees. As part of the service, an individual program is developed for each enterprise, which includes preventive examinations. Corporate customers who purchase a comprehensive care program in bulk receive special management offers and discounts from the medical center.

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