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Spectacular cutouts and necklines in fashionable summer clothes 2020

Summer 2020 is expected to be really hot: fashion trends offer the most daring and sensual clothing models. In the current summer collections, a bet is placed on sexuality and originality, especially when it comes to necklines and necklines. This summer, they become the main “chip” of the whole image and emphasize female beauty as much as possible.


Must-have summer season 2020: square neckline

This summer, the collection of summer clothes is impossible to imagine without dresses and blouses with a square neck. It perfectly emphasizes the fragility and elegance of the shoulders, visually enlarges the chest and emphasizes the collarbones. The most trendy models are dresses and blouses with a square neckline and puffed sleeves. In addition to the image, designers call for the use of flounces, frills and lace.

square neckline

Genre classic: V-neck

The V-shaped neckline is always in trend because of its versatility. It visually slims the figure, stretches the neck and hides massive shoulders. And most importantly, such a neckline is ideally combined with almost all types of jewelry and accessories, whether it be a thin chain, a choker, a massive necklace or a skillfully tied silk scarf. And a slightly deeper V-neck draws men’s eyes to a beautiful female breast.


Asymmetry rules the show

Trends in the fashion world are betting on originality, moving away from standard forms. Fashionable summer collections offer to pay attention to clothes with an asymmetrical neckline. It can be a neckline with a strap on one shoulder, a V-shaped version with a shifted center, or even a fancy curly neckline. The asymmetrical neckline is perfect for cocktail dresses and romantic blouses and shirts.

asymmetrical neckline

For a special occasion: emphasis on the back

For a romantic date, going out or a festive celebration, an open-back neckline is ideal. A deadly sexy neckline will emphasize a slender figure, especially if it is complemented with an elegant chain pendant along the length of the back. The main thing is not to spoil the image with protruding underwear. It is better to refuse it altogether or use breast pads.

open back neckline

open shoulders

Square, V-shaped, asymmetrical neckline and open back neckline adorn the most trendy models from the summer collection 2020. However, that’s not all: lovers of experimentation can pay attention to models with a wrap neckline, off-the-shoulder Angelica neckline or a sexy version “a drop”. And do not forget about jewelry that will create a special mood for the whole image and emphasize individuality.

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