Spectacular design of sharp nails

We have collected the most relevant and beautiful design of sharp nails in 2018 in one photo selection of new nail art products. If you are the happy owner of just such spectacular nails, it’s time to pamper them with a brand new manicure. Nail art trends this season are so diverse that any fashionista will definitely have plenty to choose from.

Stylish manicure on long sharp nails

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What you need to know when deciding on sharp nails

Manicurists simply adore long and sharp nails for the scope of imagination that they give when choosing a design. On this form, you can embody all the most daring ideas of nail art. However, this manicure has several features. Be sure to take them into account when deciding on a bold and spectacular form of marigolds.

Long nails – room for creativity

  • To embody any design on such nails, and especially complex ones, you will have to be patient and time. This manicure requires a responsible approach, because the drawing of all the details must be carried out with special diligence.
  • Do not forget about the sense of proportion when choosing the length of the nail plates. Of course, fatal long nails are spectacular and stylish, but they are quite difficult to walk with. This length is a big load, so the nails can break. A girl with such a manicure will be forced to give up many chores and homework without gloves.

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Fashionable sharp nails are not suitable for all girls. If you have thin fingers, it is better to abandon this idea in favor of oval nails.


  • Owners of short fingers are also ideal for the oval shape of nails, and sharp and square would be inappropriate.
  • Think about whether you are ready for the attention that stilettos guarantee. And the looks riveted to graceful handles with such a spectacular manicure are provided. The owner of a fashionable and daring nail design should be a self-confident person. However, if this is not enough for you, a manicure on sharp nails will add perseverance and strength of character.
  • Experiments with an acute form can only withstand strong and healthy nails. But brittle and fragile ones may not even pass the test of shape correction.


Choose a form

Fashion trends in each season dictate popularity not only for manicure design, but also for actual nail shapes.

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Note! The sharper the angle you choose, the higher the risk of breaking your nails. Moreover, the mistress of excessively sharp nails is not protected from household injuries and scratches.


Ultra long pointed nails

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  • Delicate and soft almond-shaped nails have not lost their popularity for several seasons in a row. This is the best compromise between showiness, safety and restraint. The shape of the almond nut suggests a smooth narrowing and the absence of a sharp and dangerous angle.
  • The creative shape of the pointe shoe is loved by many fashionistas because of its originality. This is a fashionable combination of square shape and sharp lines. You can also come across the name ballerina – this is also about this cool shape.
  • The sharpest form is the peaks. Of course, it cannot boast of convenience and practicality. But it is distinguished by a shocking look and extravagance. 2018-2019 seasons with a focus on naturalness do not rank this form as fashionable. However, if a girl wants to surprise and delight regardless of trends, this is her option.

Fashionable nail shapes

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Design Ideas

You are looking for ideas for the most stylish design of sharp nails in 2018 on our photo novelties. Choose the most beautiful manicure and be sure to repeat it on your nails.


  • A great team would be sharp nails and a cat-eye design. Mysterious play of colors look luxurious and resemble the texture of precious stones. Usually such a design looks self-sufficient on its own, but for a special occasion it can be supplemented with additional decor.

Cat eye manicure on sharp nails

  • If you dream of sharp nails, but the natural length of the nails does not yet allow you to realize this idea, choose metallic varnishes. They visually lengthen the nail plate, make it narrower and sharper. In addition, this is one of the main trends of 2018. An addition to the metallic effect can be rubbed with a chic sheen or pieces of foil.

Rubbing on sharp nails

  • Practical girls will certainly appreciate aquarium nail art. Drawing imitating diving under water looks fascinating and beautiful. Moreover, it boasts durability. Due to the transparent background, the nails grow almost imperceptibly.

Aquarium foil manicure on long sharp nails

  • If you are looking for a stylish design of sharp nails for the 2018 season, then take a look at the photo with the latest knitted technique this winter. This manicure looks incredibly cozy and feminine. It is ideal for the first cold weather and does not lose its relevance throughout the winter. And in Russia, as you know, it is long.

Knitted manicure – original design of sharp nails

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  • The flawless geometry on the nails is in perfect harmony with the sharp shape of the nails. Firstly, their length allows you to create a variety of patterns. Secondly, lines in any direction and triangles successfully complement the shape of the nail plate, adding originality to the manicure.

Geometry on sharp nails

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  • Gradient nail design is welcome this fashion season. A smooth transition from one color to another will look equally aesthetically pleasing in both calm and bright shades. An appropriate and elegant accent in such a manicure is the decor of 1-2 nails as in the photo. As decorations, you can choose microbeads or small rhinestones.

Gradient on two nails in tandem with stylish decor

  • Style, nobility and luxury – all this is about matte manicure. The velvet texture harmonizes perfectly with the sharp shape of the nails, creating a truly impressive design. A matte finish will drown out even a bright shade and ennoble a manicure.

Bright matte manicure

  • Sharp nails of medium length are presented by new products in red shades. Due to the simple plain coating and moderate length, this design looks discreet and is suitable even for everyday life. In addition to rich red, shades of burgundy and marsala are popular with fashionistas. The most spectacular manicure is considered to be red nails with black decor.

Red polish nail design

  • The classic jacket takes on a new incarnation on sharp nails. You can experiment with variations of the familiar French design without fear of overdoing it. The most stylish ideas will be thickening the smile, its different position and shape, adding patterns and…

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