Sperm Allergy: What you need to know

Probably no topic raises as many unresolved questions as an allergy to sperm. Some even argue that this is a prerequisite for infertility, some cite horrifying statistics, and someone generally denies the existence of such a phenomenon. If earlier, there were doubts about the existence of an allergy to sperm, now it has been scientifically proven by numerous studies of scientists.

Back in the last century, in the 50s, there were cases when women were allergic to sperm. However, at that time, these cases were not even considered by scientific medicine. Nobody really paid any attention to this problem. However, over time, the frequency of such cases began to increase. This process was influenced by an increase in allergy sufferers in general, and a sharp deterioration in the environment, and a general deterioration in the health of the nation. The sharp deterioration of the ecology on the planet has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of allergens, and seminal fluid has become one of them.

Let’s take a good look at this issue.

So what do you do when a semen allergy problem crops up between you and your partner?

Sperm is, at the biological level, a protein foreign to a woman, which theoretically can cause allergies.

Sperm allergy is the most common allergy, with all its traditional manifestations: itching, burning, irritation, redness, and sometimes swelling of a woman’s genitals. Signs usually appear right after intercourse, or 15-30 minutes after it. Very rarely, a lightning-fast reaction occurs, causing fever and urticaria, sometimes to the point of loss of consciousness and swelling of the whole body, leading to serious consequences and complications.

It turns out that sperm allergy still exists, but the possibility of encountering it is negligible, and is no more than 0.01% of cases.

In all other cases, the so-called “sperm allergy”, there is poor hygiene of the couple before intercourse, immoderate ardor in sex, lack of lubrication or sluggish sexual infections.

Sometimes the semen contains substances associated with the intake of certain pharmaceutical drugs by the man or some allergen product that the man eats.

It is believed that the risk group includes women who are already allergic to something. And it is impossible to say exactly under what circumstances and which woman will have such a problem. However, if this happens, then do not despair.


The easiest way to avoid a semen allergy is to use a condom every time you have sex. But it should be remembered that if once there was already a reaction to sperm, then any next, unprotected sexual intimacy will lead to the same allergy. And if the sperm gets on other parts of the body, then urticaria may develop and even swelling may appear.

Can sperm allergy be cured?

Even if you are faced with this problem for the first time, do not immediately despair. As usual, you should first consult a doctor for advice.

The doctor will definitely determine the cause of your uncomfortable condition. To do this, you should pass tests for the presence of latent infections. To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to visit an allergist and a urologist. A doctor may perform a skin allergy test to accurately diagnose semen allergy.

Usually, the doctor prescribes the same treatment as for the usual manifestations of allergies: stop contact with the allergen (use of a condom), take antihistamines.

There is another method called ISGC, the so-called specific immunotherapy. The essence of this method is that for two to three hours, every twenty minutes, a certain amount of sperm from her sexual partner is injected into the woman’s vagina, all the while increasing the concentration and amount of sperm. There is already evidence of the positive effect of such immunotherapy.

Only a qualified doctor can establish the fact that a woman is allergic to sperm, based on clinical manifestations, blood tests and an allergy test.

Foreign approach to the problem of sperm allergy

American doctors advise checking couples for compatibility even before marriage. But perhaps this method cannot be called a way out of the current situation. It is impossible to change dozens of partners in order to choose a partner that is compatible with you. That’s bullshit. But what about then, love, warm, trusting relationships that appear in a couple, long before sex. It would be more correct to look for options that will help you get along with a person close to you both physically and mentally.

The opinion of psychologists

If the body reacts to the problem with an allergy, it means that there is some kind of protest inside the person, which is most often not realized by the person.

Sometimes, you can encounter manifestations of an allergy to sperm if a man, on a subconscious level, is unpleasant for this woman (rejection of sexual intimacy with him in principle, resentment towards men). A woman may crave to have sex with this particular man, however, her body will say otherwise, while accepting intimacy as a process of destruction.

The true reasons for rejection include: bad relations between parents, mental trauma that men inflicted on a woman at a young age. Any such reaction should encourage a woman to stop, think and honestly answer some questions: do I trust him and our relationship and, in general, how do I feel about my partner?

Try to work through these questions on your own. And, if desired, you can always contact a specialist. As a rule, when communicating with a psychologist, such situations emerge that a woman has long forgotten about, and she did not even think that this could lead to allergies.

A woman needs to forgive the man who hurt her, get rid of the fear of relationships with men and, finally, sort out her feelings. And maybe you can forget about the allergy to sperm forever.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Only a qualified specialist (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) can make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations on nutrition and training, and also control the treatment process (weight loss, training), focusing on a particular person and based on his individual characteristics.

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