Spermaceti face cream: composition, properties, application

Every girl dreams of beautiful and healthy skin. In adolescence, you need to get rid of pimples and, possibly, their consequences, maintain water balance in youth, moisturize and prevent the appearance of wrinkles at an older age. Every month billboards, booklets and television are full of news about innovations in the field of beauty. Experts in this field are well aware that in the absence of knowledge, you can make a lot of money, and they use it. Therefore, in this article we will focus on an old and somewhat forgotten tool. However, new and expensive is not always good, so today we will talk about such a forgotten facial skin remedy as spermaceti cream.

What is spermaceti cream?

Immediately it is worth dispelling the myth born by the name of the cream – the cream has nothing to do with sperm. Just two consonant words, no more. Sperm cream is a remedy known for its beneficial properties to our grandmothers and mothers. It is easy to guess that women have had a desire for beauty at all times. Since ancient times, beauty secrets have been preserved, such as washing with milk, masks based on beeswax and honey, coffee scrubs, the use of vegetable and animal fats in face, body and hair care.

Time passed, the pace of life changed, and women no longer had the opportunity to devote much time to their appearance. But the desire has always been there. And during the period of monopolization of the market as well. Indeed, the choice of cosmetics in the USSR was small, but the quality and the result after use were always on top. And the composition, as a rule, was hypoallergenic, since natural substances were used. We reveal the intrigue that is still part of the spermaceti cream.

Composition of spermaceti cream

As you already understood, the main ingredient of the cream is spermaceti. What’s this? This is a substance that is obtained by cooling liquid animal wax, located in a large fibrous sac of a sperm whale. That is, spermaceti is the sediment that remains when whale oil is cooled. Naturally, dry or overdried skin from external influences will respond positively to fat.

At the moment, you can find a spermaceti cream on the market, which will contain additional ingredients in the form of cosmetic oils of vegetable origin. Both options are good, since spermaceti independently penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it, and additional components enhance the effect.

This information could shock animal rights activists, and just impressionable or squeamish people. We hasten to reassure you – in modern production, natural whale oil is not used, the cream contains a synthetic analogue – cetyl palmitate, which is in no way inferior in quality, but saves the lives of whales.

Where is spermaceti used?

In the 19th century, spermaceti was used as a raw material for making creams and candles.

At the moment, its ecological analogue is used for cosmetic purposes, in particular, as a base in the compositions of ointments, creams and hygienic lipsticks. It is an almost universal consistency for creams and ointments, since both require the need for a fat base. Depending on the required spectrum of exposure, the amount of spermaceti in the composition and excipients changes.

Application of spermaceti cream

In principle, spermaceti cream is suitable for any type of skin, however, for some it will bring more benefits. For example, the cream will be best absorbed by dry skin, as it contains a lot of fat, which is exactly what this type of skin lacks.

Excellent use of spermaceti cream will affect aging skin, which loses elasticity – whale spermaceti has an amazing chemical composition, which allows you to quickly restore the appearance of the skin and rejuvenate it. In this case, the cream is advised to apply at night, on the entire face, not excluding the area around the eyes and lips.

And, of course, spermaceti cream will be indispensable during the rain, snow and wind. It will create an imperceptible film on the skin, which will prevent chapping and moisture loss. To prevent dry skin, the cream should be applied to exposed areas of the body (face, hands) 20-30 minutes before going outside. Before leaving the place of application of the cream, blot with a napkin to avoid greasy stains on clothes.


  • High fat cream. The cream will be ideal for dry skin.
  • Suitable for any skin type. The cream will moisturize dry skin well, and oily skin simply will not take more moisture than it needs.
  • This cream can replace expensive imported anti-wrinkle products – spermaceti will help smooth out wrinkles that have already appeared, and prevent the appearance of new ones.
  • The cream can be used during the winter holidays to avoid chapping. In this case, the cream is suitable for any type of skin. It can also be used throughout the winter, not only during outdoor activities. They can also lubricate delicate baby skin.
  • Price. Even if this remedy turns out to be unsuitable for you, it will not be a great grief, since it is very inexpensive.
  • The cream can be used not only as a face care product. Its oily consistency will be perfectly accepted by the neck, décolleté, hands, lips, and other parts of the body that need intensive hydration.
  • The cream does not cause allergies – only in case of individual intolerance to the components. The technology for the extraction and processing of spermaceti dates back many decades, and the process of making the cream does not require the addition of additional chemicals, which are allergens.
  • The cream can be used not only as a cosmetic product – it speeds up the regeneration process, relieves itching after an insect bite and helps to cope with the pain of sunburn.


  • When applied in the summer, it can create a feeling of discomfort.
  • The name evokes not the best associations.
  • Having become accustomed to light and pleasantly smelling facial skin care products, not everyone accepts heavy and oily creams. Here is the choice of the degree of naturalness of the product.

Considering the pros, you can put up with the cons. Although, of course, to each his own – the current market is represented by a huge selection of products, and each buyer will find a tool that suits him in every way.

Based on the results, one can understand why spermaceti is used by many import and domestic firms. I would like to note that having so many advantages, spermaceti cream is very affordable, and this makes it a must-have in every, if not a cosmetic bag, then a first-aid kit for sure. Summing up, we remind you that the best spermaceti cream is perceived dry, age or…

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