Spider web nail design

The design of gossamer nails has firmly established itself as a universal tool for creating luxurious nail art. Graceful thin lines perfectly complement any look, make it fashionable and bright. It can definitely be called the trend of the upcoming 2019.


What is a miracle gel?

Spider gel is a type of gel paint, thanks to which you can draw lines and patterns of any complexity on your nails. Its peculiarity is in an unusual consistency – very viscous and thick. They nicknamed him so because of the intertwining lines that clearly resemble a web.

Gossamer and french

Popular in 2019, the spiderweb nail design greatly facilitates the process of creating even the most complex-looking manicure. Once you get this gel on the brush, you can create straight and twitchy lines with a flick of the wrist. The best solution for fans of clear geometric patterns!

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What are the benefits?

  • Just. The gel is incredibly easy to use. To decorate the nails with a cobweb, you do not need the ability to draw thin and perfectly even lines. Additional tools are also unnecessary. One has only to dip an ordinary thin brush into the gel paint, place it on the nail plate and stretch the horizontal and vertical lines as your heart desires. And artistic talents and skills are not required here. Lines are created smooth due to this “stretching”. No wonder the people called him a toffee. Then it is enough to dry all this beauty in a lamp – and the image is ready!


Drawings made with paste

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! In too warm rooms, the gel web may become thinner, causing the lines to break. In this case, you need to put a jar of gel in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes.[/stextbox]

  • Fast. With its help, you will not need to sit at the master for 3 hours to achieve the perfect result and jewelry accuracy. If you’re designing your own, the gossamer gel will also save you a lot of time. This assistant will do everything for you – you won’t have to correct flaws and irregularities. The result and the clarity of the lines will surprise. This is incomparable with drawing lines with gel paint.

  • Design variety. You can cross the lines, change the thickness, combine any colors and completely surrender to the hands of fantasy. With it, you can create dozens and even hundreds of nail design options! And any geometric pattern will be on your shoulder. In addition, a photo of a nail design with a cobweb will clearly help you decide on the option you like. For every taste and color.

Gossamer and kamifubuki on a nude background

  • Economy and reasonable price. To apply the pattern, you will need a minimum amount of funds on the brush – accordingly, the consumption is minimal.

Cobweb on a soft pink coating

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The gossamer gel will delight you with the absence of a sticky layer. It can be applied on top or any gel polish. You won’t need to cover it.[/stextbox]

Textured stripes

Gloss and matte finish

Instructions for action

Your nails are one of the first things people notice. Neat hands and nails with an elegant design always speak of grooming and femininity. A fashionable manicure with a cobweb in 2019 will become a valuable assistant in creating a beauty image. But first, it would be nice to figure out how to use it correctly.

Stripes and kamifubuki

Neat manicure with cobwebs and rhinestones

  • First, we carry out the usual processing of the nail plate. We devote time to the cuticle, go through the buff for degreasing.
  • We distribute the primer and wait for it to dry.
  • We apply the base and polymerize it.
  • Apply gel polish according to the manufacturer’s instructions, dry it completely in a nail lamp.

Combination of stripes and neutral solid color coating

Stripes can be placed in any direction

  • We got to the most interesting – we begin to decorate! We dip a thin brush into the gel-cobweb, capturing a small amount of the product. We put a point where the painting line will go from. We begin to pull the thread in the right direction, while not touching the nail plate. This is the very “stretching”, thanks to which the lines remain even. When the line is drawn, cut it off along the edge of the nail, or finish with another point (if we draw the pattern further in the other direction).
  • Dry the pattern in the lamp for about 2 minutes.

Striping process

Stripes on a bright background

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea! To create a spectacular abstraction, put on a protective glove and dip your finger in the gossamer gel. Then close your fingers and slowly spread apart. Before your eyes, threads will be created that will need to be placed on the nail plate. It remains only to remove the remnants of the material from the skin around the nail and voila![/stextbox]

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Evening design options

For every fashionista

For lovers of minimalism, you can create an unobtrusive design in black, gray, white and colors close to them. And those who are thirsty for experiments and colors should experiment with a gel of brighter and more catchy colors. Fortunately, the palette allows.

The gossamer design complements itself and looks very elegant. But there is always room for experimentation! Eclecticism has not been canceled, and it is still in trend – do not be afraid to try to combine different styles and create something original. For example, create a cobweb with a classic jacket, moon manicure, foil design.

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Stylish gossamer design

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A very effective option is to combine the design with cobwebs and rhinestones. Or use glitter. It will add a touch of sparkle to any everyday manicure. There is always room for creative ideas. Create your own exclusive style to admire your nails every day. Don’t we all want to feel chic every day and for no reason?

A variety of colors and ease of use make this gel an indispensable tool for creating a luxurious manicure. Having appeared not so long ago, he managed to win the hearts of many masters and their satisfied clients. In 2019, a trendy spider web manicure will help you create the most spectacular designs for your nails.

Gossamer on the background of a hologram coating


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