Sport chic 2021: fashion ideas

The sport chic style that is relevant in 2021 opens up many opportunities for women in the combination of clothes from the wardrobe. This style implies a combination of sports and feminine things in one image. Its great popularity is due to the fact that it has many advantages – the images are beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

Distinctive features of sport chic

In the sport-chic style, as already mentioned, two seemingly incompatible styles are combined. Therefore, when assembling a bow, you need to try hard to make it look really appropriate. Sport chic is easy to recognize as it has some very distinct features. It is dominated by layering, combinations of shades and textures, as well as lightness and relaxation.

The items most commonly found in this style are sweatpants, jeans, crop tops, sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and even heels. Just don’t confuse things for sports (leggings, running shoes) and things from the sport-chic category. Backpacks, waist bags, glasses, baseball caps are used as accessories. Characteristic colors are more restrained shades – black, gray, white. But things of very bright colors are often used as accents. Possible in this style is the use of interesting prints (most often these are stripes) and even sports inscriptions.

If you want to try on sport-chic, then take care of a well-groomed appearance. Light makeup, beautiful, styled hair, manicure – these are mandatory attributes. But, everything should be as natural and restrained as possible. When we, for example, go to the gym, there is no need for all of this, which is another difference between these two areas.

Sport chic 2021: fashion ideas

In 2021, every woman can create a lot of sport-chic looks if she has some basics in her wardrobe. They can be combined with each other and select the most successful combinations. We included the basics:

  • Wide T-shirt, T-shirt or crop top. They can be plain or with inscriptions and numbers.
  • Pants are necessarily sporty. It is best if they are free and with stripes.
  • Sports dress – it can resemble an elongated sweatshirt or T-shirt.
  • Pleated skirt or midi skirt with a straight cut.
  • Hoodie, sweater and bomber jacket.
  • Classic coat or trench coat.
  • From shoes – white sports sneakers, classic shoes.

To make your images as natural as possible, it is better to buy things in classic and pastel shades. Bright details can only slightly dilute the bows.

Here are some of the best sport chic looks for street style in 2021:

  • A very good combination is a classic cut pantsuit, crop top or T-shirt and white sneakers. Such an image is suitable as a business one, but it will definitely be very comfortable for you to spend the whole day in it.

  • Pleated or any other midi length skirt looks good with a hoodie – classic or elongated. As shoes, you can take sneakers or shoes with heels.

  • Cargo pants, T-shirt and heels together create a very effective and feminine look. Try a new combination and see for yourself.

  • A hoodie worn over a dress, paired with heels or sneakers, is another original and stylish look.

  • The combination of a pantsuit, a classic coat or trench coat and white sneakers looks elegant.

In autumn and winter, you can use a sweater, hoodie, sweatshirts as a top in sport-chic style looks. In the summer and spring of 2021, light skirts, dresses and shorts will fit perfectly into sport-chic bows for women. When you use layering in your looks, make sure that it is present either at the top or at the bottom of the outfit. Otherwise, it will give the impression that you put on everything that was in the closet.

These ideas are just a small part of what you can generally come up with within the sport-chic style. If you understand the basic rules for combining things, you can create many dissimilar images.

Introducing accessories to bows

To complete the sporty chic and make it more interesting, just add accessories. The skillful use of various additional accessories will give the same chic to a sporty look. In no case do not use any jewelry made of precious metals and stones for such purposes, because they have no place here. It will be good to use sunglasses and plastic jewelry.

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When choosing a bag, opt for a comfortable backpack, a belt bag or a large bag with some interesting print. A discreet clutch will also be useful in some bows. If the whole image is designed in soothing shades, then an accessory like a bright-colored bag can successfully dilute it.

Hats will also come in handy, so try using baseball caps, bandanas and beanie hats in your bows.

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The best thing about how sport-chic looks fashionable in 2021 is the photo. Here you can see how to combine things in the most successful way to get a really stylish and original look. Introduce the above items into your wardrobe gradually, and you will definitely fall in love with them soon.

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