Sport-chic spring 2021: stylish but warm outfits

Sport chic is a style created not by designers, but by ordinary women who want to look stylish and fashionable, but at the same time free and relaxed. Every year this style is gaining popularity, and spring 2021 is no exception.

Coat with sneakers

The classic version of sport chic is sneakers with strict outerwear. This season, a similar combination is also in vogue. A coat, raincoat or trench coat with voluminous sneakers or sneakers will look relevant and fashionable.

You can complement the outfit with plain sweatpants or jeans.

Sneakers for such a “bow” are better to take pastel colors, but the presence of a platform or high backs will not hurt the image. Sweatpants this season are also different from the usual ones, more and more often stylists prefer pants in soft colors: black, brown, khaki, beige, white.

Pants with stripes and heels

The favorite “look” of many Hollywood celebrities is still relevant this season, only the color scheme has changed.

Pants with stripes, hoodies, leather jackets and strict boots with heels, in the same color scheme – the squeak of fashion this spring.

A warm tracksuit is an outfit in itself, you just need to choose shoes and accessories for it. Pumps go with everything and under pants with stripes on the side too.

“Non-evening” dresses

Knitted dresses with a hood and a pocket at the waist this year appeared in the lines of many designers. Such outfits represent comfortable femininity – exactly what many want.

The length of the product can be different – from mini to maxi. In addition, designers complement them with various kinds of decor: stripes on the sleeves, a stylish inscription and the name of the label on the back or chest, a belt, a zipper.

For a cold spring, dresses are complemented with a raincoat, a leather jacket or a cropped down jacket. And in warm weather, it will create a fashionable look in combination with shoes and accessories.

In addition to all the obvious advantages of such an outfit, a sports dress is democratic in choosing shoes. It looks great with sneakers, boots, heels or platform shoes, berets and crocs.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

For several seasons in a row, a combination of a hoodie with an unsportsmanlike skirt and high-heeled shoes has been in fashion.

This season, hoodies are generally a separate trend. All styles and colors, combined with classic trousers or a pleated skirt, they will make the look not only fashionable, but also warm.


Sport chic is not about going to the gym. This style involves the presence of makeup, manicure, styled hair and, of course, accessories. After all, it is not for nothing that they say that the whole thing is in the details, and in fashion they play an important role.

One of the trends this spring is caps. Denim, cotton, leather or knit – any variation is acceptable. Caps can be rhinestone, embroidered or labeled, but they are still the perfect addition to the sporty chic style.

Another highlight of this style is sunglasses of an unusual shape. In the spring, this accessory is extremely relevant, so designers advise not to forget about it and choose geometric, sports or cat-eye glasses in 2021, with black or colored glasses.

As for bags, here, as with shoes, there is a sea for imagination. Belt bags or backpacks on one shoulder are also relevant. But sport chic is so eclectic that even a lacquer clutch in combination with a sports dress will become a bright accent of the image.

In order to be stylish in spring, but at the same time not to freeze, you should choose a sporty style for yourself. It will allow you to look at the standard wardrobe from a different angle.

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