Sport-chic style in women’s summer wardrobe 2020

The name itself speaks of the combination of two styles in one – sporty and glamorous. The legislator of this trend is the incomparable Coco Chanel, who in the 20s of the last century decided to remove tight corsets from women’s wardrobe and introduced jersey dresses in combination with loose trousers.

sport chic

In this style, sports, training, loose clothing is intertwined with spectacular, feminine wardrobe options. A sharp contrast is created: a delicate, airy, translucent blouse – with jeans; sports tennis slippers – with a dress for cocktails; a classic skirt with a sports T-shirt, etc. The combination of the incongruous made a splash, sport-chic has become one of the most famous trends in the fashion world. The smart urban look, inspired by new ideas in sports and glamorous clothing, has become very popular. Casual looseness, combined with sexuality and teenage angularity, created a new direction in the fashion world.

A sense of proportion is the main commandment of sport-chic style

In this glamorous sports direction, the main thing is not to overdo it. Entering the image, you can show your love for sports beautifully and unobtrusively, literally with one detail. Sporty leggings or sweatpants look perfect with classic pumps, while high-top sneakers are perfect for a skinny skirt.

A sense of proportion should also be present when choosing a sport-chic color scheme. This style is characterized by rich bright colors of sports (gray, blue, red) and glamorous (purple, pink, gold, silver) currents. Three colors must be present in one image, and one of the mandatory ones is white or black. The other two colors can be any cold or warm shade, it can be selected according to the compatibility of colors. Bright fragments are in perfect harmony with the pastel colors of the main image.

combination of colors in clothes

Some stylish sport-chic looks

  1. Weekend options:
  • Sleeveless loose dress – in combination with a sports baseball cap or sunglasses and sneakers or heeled sandals, if the dress is light shades, then the bag and cap must be dark;

sport chic look

  • A tracksuit with a floral print in bright colors – combined with a snow-white top;

Floral tracksuit

  • Classic straight trousers, light jeans – combined with a bright sweatshirt and heels or sneakers. The addition will be a small handbag in the same tone with trousers;

light jeans

  • Leggings or a fluffy airy skirt – with a long T-shirt or denim shirt, on the legs – sneakers or high-heeled shoes, over the shoulder – a handbag on a chain or a clutch to match the shoes.

fluffy skirt

  1. Everyday options:
  • Top, long T-shirt in combination with a long skirt, shoes – sneakers;

long skirt

  • A romantic skirt combined with a sports sweatshirt, sneakers on a large platform or sandals with heels;

romantic skirt

  • Miniskirt – with a sports T-shirt, stilettos, sneakers, on the wrists – large, conspicuous jewelry;

Mini skirt

  • Skinny jeans or shorts with a light blouse and a bomber jacket on top.

Skinny jeans

The contrast of styles, representing the layering of levels, requires a careful approach. If the top is a complex structure, then the bottom should be as simple as possible, and vice versa.

Components of a sport chic wardrobe

Sport chic when choosing a bow is created from everyday items that are present in almost every wardrobe – you do not need to look for them in stores. This versatile style is suitable for any figure and complexion.

  • Sweatshirts, sweatshirts, bombers, hoodies – it is quite possible to put on a dress when going to a party;


  • Sneakers, sneakers, tennis slippers – in harmony with any trousers, leggings, skirts;

Sneakers with pants

  • T-shirts and tops with numbers and brands of famous brands – ideally combined with mini or maxi skirts, classic and sports trousers;

T-shirts and tops with numbers

  • Knitted sweaters, trousers, scarves and hats look warm and comfortable with shoes, elegant clutches;

Knitten things

  • Leather pants and skirts look sexy with the most delicate blouses and tops.

Leather pants and skirts

Stylish accessories

In the style of glam sport, there should be no frills in related accessories, but they must be present.

  • Baseball caps with rhinestones and embroidery, headscarves, any tones and colors.

Baseball caps and scarves

  • Colored clutches.

Colored clutches

  • Sunglasses in various shapes and sizes.


  • Large, very noticeable jewelry.


  • Large elastic bands and hairpins.


  • Bags, belts, belts made of textiles, leather, suede.

Bags, belts, belts

Sporty chic is a style designed for comfort and beauty. Do not think that everything is so simple – this direction makes a lot of demands on a fashionable wardrobe, dictates its own rules, excellent taste is required here. Sports glamor does not allow you to cross the line, you need to feel when enough is already enough. Fabrics, materials and accessories in style should be associated with sports.

This trend brings dynamism to clothing for any occasion. A simple cut is offset by an unusual combination of things and details. Choosing sport-chic as your style is a real incentive for those who want to understand the vagaries of fashion and learn how to look original in any life situations.

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