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Sports dress: summer 2020 trends

Despite the need to stay at home, people still continue to exercise in the fresh air. Therefore, sports dresses do not disappear from the windows of clothing stores. They are actively sold due to the comfort of wearing provided by the material (knitted fabric).

sport dress


As some days in the first half of June 2020 turned out to be quite hot, there is a strong demand for dresses with short sleeves and a hollow border to the knees, and sometimes to the hips. In some of the models, the sleeves are so short that they look like t-shirts or even bib tops, known in the common people under the nickname “alcoholics”.

fashion sports dress

Those who prefer to cover their arms and legs are also not left out, because long-sleeved clothes with three-quarter sleeves are no less popular with buyers.

If we consider the styles of sports dresses that are considered fashionable this summer in general, then they are very diverse. For example, those who like to play sports and at the same time dress beautifully often wear dresses that look like shirts, sundresses with elements of the ancient Greek costume – tunics. If you do exercises in the fresh air in the cold season, dresses with hoods and pockets will do to help keep your head and hands warm, and at the same time carry something with you.

dresses with hoods and pockets

Oddly enough, sports-style dresses can be used not only for their intended purpose. The exercises that you can do in them do not end with charging. In such clothes you can dance. For fashionistas about to get married, they can even serve as a good wedding outfit.

sports style dresses

Colors and patterns

Cold and warm tones are almost equally popular. For example, shades of blue, light pink or red.

dress color

On the shelves of clothing stores there are also dresses dyed in neutral colors (such as gray, white or black).

black dress

Red dress

When it comes to colors and prints, sporty dresses look quite modest. On them, you can most often see stripes, numbers (as on the uniform worn by football players) or logos of manufacturing companies. They are usually applied by Adidas and Nike. Lines on striped clothing are arranged vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The choice depends on the shape and taste preferences of the buyer.

striped dress


Best of all, sports dresses are combined with high heels, sneakers and sneakers.

sneakers under the dress

The latter will make it look like an athlete and a woman dressed in a long-sleeved suit.

sports look

As you can see, in the summer of 2020, both short and long-sleeved dresses are in trend. They can sometimes be sewn with additional details.

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