Sports dresses: fashion models 2020

Sports dresses in 2020 are not only very fashionable, but also extremely beautiful, comfortable and practical. They are present in the wardrobe of a huge number of fashionistas who value not only attractiveness, but also comfort in clothes. Thanks to the variety of styles and styles, sports dresses perfectly complement various looks. From the article you will learn which models you should pay special attention to, what to wear with and how to combine such dresses.

The benefits of sports dresses

Dresses in sports style have a number of features and advantages in comparison with other similar outfits:

  • Comfort and practicality. Thanks to the features of the cut and the selection of fabrics, sportswear is always comfortable. Such a dress allows the body to breathe, does not constrain movements, does not wrinkle, does not interfere with walking.
  • Seductiveness and sexuality. Despite the comfort of dresses, designers offer a wide variety of colors, textures and decorative elements, with which the outfit allows you to create a feminine and very attractive outfit.
  • Originality. Thanks to an interesting and extraordinary appearance, sports dresses will certainly attract the attention of others and will not allow the girl to stand aside.

Another indisputable advantage of a sports dress is its versatility. After all, it is suitable for women of various ages and builds.

Classic styles are best suited for slender girls with an athletic physique. However, thanks to the inexhaustible imagination of designers, today there are many models that look great on women with various shapes.

Therefore, overweight women can also experience all the benefits of sports dresses, because fashion 2020 has prepared many successful styles for them. Puffy beauties should pay attention to outfits with a dedicated waist area, for example, using a contrasting stripe. This print will visually make the figure slimmer and lighter.

Actual styles

If you think sports dresses are unattractive, then you are not familiar with fashion trends for 2020. Thanks to the efforts of designers, such outfits have undergone many changes and have become completely different from their predecessors. Today, women of fashion can independently choose an outfit for their type of figure and individual preferences.

For summer

Sportswear is perfect for summer. In this case, preference should be given to products made from natural materials that allow the body to “breathe”. Among the current models, special attention should be paid to dresses in the form of T-shirts or T-shirts.


This dress is distinguished by the presence of a collar, buttons and short sleeves. This style fits perfectly on any figure. A sporty polo dress is comfortable, it does not interfere with active movements, so it is perfect for ladies who are not used to sitting still.


In the last few seasons, sports dresses with a hood have gained particular popularity. Due to the variety of models, fashionistas can choose the most suitable option, depending on the season and their own style of clothing: with different lengths of sleeves, open or closed shoulders, etc.

Lots of variations. An integral attribute is the hood, which makes the outfit as stylish as possible, and the image is incredibly spectacular.


Thanks to the variety of colors, patterns and prints, sports dresses attract the attention of both conservative and original personalities. The former choose calm monophonic options, while active and extravagant ones prefer more catchy outfits in a cage, polka dots, with prints in the form of huge numbers or letters.


A tunic dress is a great option for the warm season. This model does not interfere with active movements and looks great on any figure. You can wear a similar outfit on its own or combine with other things, for example, leggings, tights, a belt.

With pockets

Many models of sports dresses are equipped with practical and convenient pockets. One of the latest trends is dresses with multiple pockets. Such models are called safari. They not only look stylish and original, but are also a very practical piece of clothing.

Dress shirt

This dress is extremely popular among both designers and fashionistas. It will allow you to create a beautiful image, correct figure flaws, emphasize dignity. And all due to the fact that the shirt dress does not have a clearly defined waistline, so women can highlight it on their own with a neat strap or stylish belt.


Despite the fact that such models fit snugly to the figure, they do not restrict movement. Designers offer many variations of such outfits – with and without sleeves, of different lengths, so every fashionista will be able to independently choose the product that suits her best.


A dress-sundress in a sporty style is without a doubt very comfortable and practical. When sewing such products, various fabrics are used, so you can wear them not only for a walk or the beach, but also for a party and going to the movies with friends. The image is light, delicate and very feminine.


The oversized style has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row and is very popular among women. Such models look very interesting on thin women, while oversized sports dresses for plus-size ladies only visually add extra pounds.

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Actual colors and patterns

There is no single recommendation for choosing the color of a sports dress. It all depends on personal preference. However, first of all, fashionistas need to pay attention to the following color schemes:

  • neutral gray;
  • classic black and white;
  • red;
  • blue.

[tds_note]As for the print, the strip is the most relevant. And in the trend any options for such colors. Girls choose the width and direction of the strip, depending on their own taste and body build.[/tds_note]

fashionable length

You can also experiment with the length of fashionable sports dresses for the summer of 2020. After all, the trend is a variety of options.


Sports style mini dresses can often be found on the runways of famous designers in 2020. They allow you to create an attractive and very feminine outfit.

Middle length

Midi is the most insidious, but no less fashionable length. The thing is that such dresses can fall just below the knees or end in the central part of the lower leg. The length should be selected based on the individual characteristics of the figure, otherwise you can visually make the legs thicker and the figure disproportionate.


Dress in the floor allows you to feel as comfortable and cozy as possible. It is able to adjust the proportions, visually stretch the figure, make it more elegant. Wearing such a sporty maxi dress is better…

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