Sports shoes: fashion trends 2021

In 2021, sports shoes take a very important place in women’s fashion looks. Sneakers and sneakers have long migrated from the category of shoes designed exclusively for sports to the category of casual stylish shoes. Therefore, let’s figure out which models of sports shoes will be in trend in 2021.

What sports shoes will be in fashion in 2021

Jeans, T-shirt and sneakers are the most popular and very comfortable outfit, which is often preferred by girls. But, the main trends of the new season offer to wear sports shoes in a much larger number of bows. It looks very organic with dresses, trouser suits, skirts and coats.

The fashion trends of 2021 in the world of sports shoes are represented by the following models of sneakers:

  • Snickers. A very attractive and popular model of sneakers among women, which is always at the height of fashion. These shoes have an impressive range of colors and are also often decorated with interesting decorations.

  • High. These sneakers finish a little higher than the classic models. This year they are presented in a wide variety and in different shades. They are easy to pair with both fitted jeans and culottes.

  • retro models. Returned from the past, retro sneakers have taken high positions among fashionable sports shoes. They are offered to be worn with bright high socks, because this combination looks the most harmonious. Add jeans, an oversized coat, a large bag, a scarf and you’re done.

  • Unisex. These models differ in that they look equally good on both men and women. Usually they are performed in discreet colors, not burdened with unnecessary details, that is, stones, sparkles and rhinestones – this is not all about them. The images with them are moderately restrained, but at the same time very interesting.

  • On the platform. First of all, you need to pay attention to these models for girls with short stature, as well as for those who love smart casual style. Beautiful, stylish and sustainable sneakers are combined with jeans, and with a business suit, and with a skirt.

  • Sock sneakers. These models have been in trend for more than a season, but still do not lose their popularity. They are very light, so they are more suitable for the warm season.

Each described model is interesting in its own way and will definitely fit into one of your bows. Therefore, do not limit yourself in shoes and buy several different options at once.

Other trendy sports shoes in 2021

In addition to sneakers, other shoes from the sports category will also be fashionable in 2021. These are sneakers and slip-ons. Sneakers have a flatter sole, and their uppers are mostly fabric. In the new season, in popularity, sneakers are not inferior to sneakers at all. New trendy models were presented in both classic and very bright colors. You can also combine sneakers with different clothes – dresses, skirts, jeans and suits.

Slip-ons are also in demand among girls. These sports shoes in 2021 will help girls create a lot of fashionable looks. In classic slip-ons, the top is represented by fabric, but this year in the collections you can find models containing patent and embossed leather, as well as guipure. When choosing a color, you should not have any problems, because there are a lot of models of completely different shades. Summer models are full of bright colors from the flower and berry range. And as a base, you can buy all the same white or black options.

Actual colors and prints of sports shoes

The color palette in which sports shoes are presented is very wide. For example, when choosing sneakers as a base shoe for different looks, stop at white. These monochrome sneakers are an undying classic. They can be worn with almost any outfit, and each time they will look special in an image.

No less fashionable are the classic black, gray and beige shades. Black and white models, beloved by many, are very popular.

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Bright shades also surprise us with their diversity. The collections of world designers in 2021 are dominated by sports shoes in the following trendy colors:

  • blue
  • green;
  • purple;
  • pink;
  • red;
  • light green;
  • yellow.

In one model, several shades are often combined that look harmoniously with each other. All also at the peak of popularity are models that have inserts in golden and silver colors, as well as various rivets, Velcro and other decorative elements.

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If you want to add color to your life, then pay attention to trendy sneakers in acid colors. Most of all they are suitable for socks in the warm season. Combine them with bright clothes and create original and casual looks in this way.

Shoes with prints are also very common. The most popular designs are flowers, geometric shapes, abstraction, and animal prints. But, with a leopard or snake print, be careful and consider successful combinations.

All the photos of fashionable sports shoes that are presented here give you an idea of ​​​​what exactly will be relevant in 2021. In addition, here you can borrow some ideas of ready-made images, the success of which, perhaps, you did not even know before.

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