Sports style 2023

The sporty style of 2023 offers fashionable and practical ideas for modern looks. Read about the leading trends and main novelties in our latest review!

Trendy colors

The main trend of the sports style of the 2023 season is considered to be a bright and juicy palette for a great mood. The priority is yellow, pink, red, orange, blue and green colors of sportswear. The most daring fashionistas try on the latest in color blocking style and find themselves in the spotlight.

Among the basic colors in fashion, beige and gray tones are a practical solution for comfortable everyday life.

Of the calm, but interesting tones in the fashion of the 2023 season, cold blue, olive, lilac and sandy colors of sportswear are noticed.

In women’s sportswear 2023, inscriptions have become decorations. A trendy print may contain a motivating slogan or brand logo.


Ready-made sportswear sets are the perfect solution for stylish everyday life. In 2023, the pairing of loose-fitting high-waisted palazzo pants and a crop top will be a particularly fashionable ensemble – a great duet to accentuate the figure.

Tracksuits 2023, consisting of a hoodie or sweatshirt and joggers, are always in trend.

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Sets inspired by retro aesthetics are a stylish novelty for the 2023 season. Bulky polyester sweatshirts or velor ensembles with greetings from the zeros are triumphantly returning to fashion.


Fashion joggers 2023 with elastic bands are synonymous with comfort and relevance. Stylists include the style in the everyday capsule, because sweatpants are indispensable in comfortable bows for every day.


Loose sweatshirts in solid colors or with slogans are the next essential part of the 2023 sportswear range.

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Comfortable cycling shorts will be a fashionable addition to your favorite sweatshirts. The specified bottom will create a stylish bow paired with an oversized elongated top.


In the sports capsule of the 2023 season, hooded hoodies also beg. The actual oversized fit will allow you to calculate the most trendy model. The indispensability of a hoodie is on top, because this element of clothing fits not only into a sporty style – modern women of fashion skillfully combine hoodies even with a trouser suit and win!

Cropped sweatshirts

Crop sweatshirts deserve the attention of fashionistas who are not averse to emphasizing a beautiful waist. Pair this top with high-rise track pants and shorts for a stylish look.


The 2023 women’s sportswear line features a wide variety of basic tops. If you want to emphasize a beautiful figure, bet on a cropped style and ribbed fabric. This top will make friends with joggers and will become a stylish component of multi-layered sports ensembles.

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Comfortable straight-cut dresses are considered an interesting novelty in sports fashion 2023. The main must-have is models with creative cutouts that emphasize the figure.


Practical overalls have become a stylish novelty in sports fashion 2023, which save fashionistas from the tedious selection of tops and bottoms in the image. The most practical choice is a cut with a shirt top and a high waistline. This style favorably corrects any type of figure and looks relevant.


The sporty style in the 2023 season deserves the attention of fashionistas who prefer spectacular and at the same time comfortable looks. The secret of a successful ensemble is simple – you need to dare to combine sports attributes with things of a contrasting style. For example, in the 2023 season, you can experiment with joggers by complementing the bow with a jacket or heeled sandals.

Sportswear 2023 for women is designed to diversify the usual images, making them more comfortable and stylish. Take on new styles and colors to look fashionable even on a morning run!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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