Sports swimwear – trend 2019

Sports one-piece swimsuits today have become one of the leading trends in modern beach fashion. In this regard, designers vying with each other present all new models of such outfits, the most interesting of which we will consider later in our article.


Current trends 2019

Sports swimwear is no longer an outfit designed exclusively for sports, so they can be worn not only in the pool, but also on the beach. In addition, they are easy and comfortable, as they fit the figure tightly and, unlike classic styles, do not cause discomfort while wearing. As for the design, in the upcoming summer season, in addition to plain options, the following models of women’s sports swimwear will also be in trend.

  • Multicolored. This summer, in the segment of beach fashion, outfits that are very bright and full of all kinds of prints will be relevant, which could not but affect sports swimwear. Cheerful polka dots, an uncomplicated multi-colored stripe and a mysterious animal print will successfully dilute and transform even the most restrained model. But the real hit of the upcoming season was the options for sports swimsuits with print blocking.

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Important! Print blocking is a combination of several completely different prints in one design at once, which can be seen in the photo examples given in our selection.


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  • Bright colors. The absence of any decor is the main characteristic feature of sports swimwear. However, this does not mean that these models are boring, as in the latest collections products of very bright and saturated colors were presented. Turquoise, red, blue, green, plum, orange and fuchsia will help create a catchy beach look that will definitely not go unnoticed. As an exception, only beige or white models are allowed.

  • In retro style. High swimming trunks can also be present in the styles of sports swimsuits. As in standard versions, swimming trunks can reach both waist level and much higher. But the side cutouts in such models should be as high as possible.

  • Ombre. Swimwear embellished with soft transitions of colors is another trend of the coming season. At the same time, combinations can be either classic, for example, blue-blue or black-and-white, or more contrasting.

  • With long sleeves. These are very non-standard models, which are now becoming more and more popular. An exquisite long-sleeved top fastened with a metal zipper, buttons or without any decor at all will be a rather unusual addition to a beach bow. In addition, swimsuits with long sleeves are also practical, since it is impossible to burn in them.

  • Asymmetrical. Models of separate women’s swimsuits with one strap are a novelty of 2019, which is also used in the design of sports beach outfits. As for the design, it can be both simple products with a minimalist design, and printed options, decorated with a zipper or contrasting edging.

Very beautiful swimsuit

  • With a belt. Such a decorative accessory as a belt today has become the main component in the design of sports swimwear. After all, in addition to giving originality to the outfit, the decor, so informal for a sporty style, also helps to visually adjust the figure and highlight the waist line. The belt itself can be made from the same material as the swimsuit itself or from a completely contrasting one, for example, plastic or silicone.

Trendy styles of separate sports swimsuits

Based on the latest fashion trends, we have identified a number of styles of sports one-piece swimsuits that will be incredibly popular this summer.

  • Bikini. This is one of the most popular models, which has recently begun to be designed in a sporty style. Tight tops with one or several thin straps and high-waisted bottoms are simply made for girls with a beautiful toned figure. The design of such products is predominantly minimalistic and only contrasting edging can be used as decoration.

  • Tank. A top with thick straps that tie at the back of the neck and looks more like a T-shirt, with wide bottoms in a high or mid-rise form a versatile duet that is suitable for girls with any type of figure. In addition, in such a swimsuit it is very convenient to play beach volleyball or ride a water scooter without fear that the bodice will fly off.

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  • Bando. But this is the absolute opposite of the previous style, since the bandeau sports swimsuit can be called one of the most “unreliable”. Indeed, due to the lack of straps, this model does not hold the chest well, in this regard, this outfit is not suitable for girls with a large bust.

  • With cups. A sports swimsuit with a bodice with dense foam cups looks no less original. Basically, this style is presented in a plain or printed design. As for the bottoms, there are no special restrictions here and both sexy thongs and discreet high-waisted retro models are allowed.

  • With shorts. Another no less popular model of separate sports swimsuits, which has been relevant for more than one season. Brazilian shorts are still in fashion, which are simply designed to create a sexy beach bow.

Practical swimsuit

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Interesting! Classic shorts, as well as high-waisted models, are ideal for overweight girls, as they have a corrective effect and visually slim.


  • With thongs. A wide sports top or bustier, as it turned out, looks very impressive in combination with thin thongs. Mostly, such swimsuits are presented in monophonic laconic models with a simple design, in which only decorative inserts made of mesh or contrasting fabric can be present as decor. Unfortunately, this style is suitable only for thin girls.

  • With a skirt. This is a very unusual model, the main highlight of which are swimming trunks, designed in the form of a miniskirt. The cut of such a bottom can be anything, from straight to sun-flared with warehouses.

How to choose a sports swimsuit: tips from stylists

In order for a sports swimsuit not only to be the ideal basis for your beach bow, but also to last as long as possible, it is very important to consider the recommendations below when choosing this outfit.

  • If you are planning to combine beach holidays with swimming in the pool, in this case it is better to choose swimwear models made from fabrics that are not “afraid” of chlorine. These include polyester and lycra. But it is better to refuse cotton options.

  • For…

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